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F**k it Strategy!*

F***k it Strategy! - Kellie Olver

How getting into the the F*#K IT! Zone pushes you past boundaries and propels you to success.

Forest Gump taught us “Life is a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get”. Indeed, you don’t know what will unfold in your life but what you need to extract out from this lesson is that “Life is a box of chocolate!” it comes in different flavors, both happy and sad ones. It becomes hard to focus on half-filled glasses, when failure seems to come so easy and life is messed up.

But you can control things by focusing on what you want rather than what you already have, using faith filled words, choosing and speaking words that describe your desired outcome, staying positive and most importantly, staying determined! Staying determined and positive isn’t easy always

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because many times we just feel like giving up and saying YOU KNOW WHAT! That’s when you really need to say it the most!

You need a f**k it strategy!

You might be thinking I’m making some kind of childish joke but believe me when I tell you, it actually works! I’ve used it personally and it’s effective. There was a time I when I felt really stuck and I used to get really upset. Nothing was working. Until one day something happened. I snapped. I uttered the words! And surprise, I went into action. Now, as a woman who understands the power of the word and how they can bring you success or failure, profanity is not in my vocabulary. However, when I said the F-Bomb, it felt like a catharsis to me. It put me into unstoppable action. I didn’t care about what anyone thought nor said. At this point, I had thought enough. No more. Time for action. Right then and there I made a f**k it strategy for myself. One I could use constructively to get my issues resolved. And believe it or not there are a lot of other folk out there who believe in this technique and created their own F-bomb strategy as well! Just google it! So, whenever a problem comes up or you feel doomed, just say it! And say it like you mean it. When you are finally at the F**k it place, you will only need to say it once. This force will be with you and drive you past the hurdle despite that feeling of giving up! Does f**k it strategy work? Yes, IT WORKS!! It’s not a simple swear word you utter uselessly. It’s a strategy that drives you forward! IT CAN TRANSFORM YOUR WHOLE LIFE!! Feeling depressed or frustrated is completely

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understandable. We, as humans, are vulnerable to negative emotions and giving up for some time. But I can give you a wonderful tip and that is MAKE IT YOUR INSPIRATION!! Use this minor setback to recharge yourself. Just say F**k it! Tell yourself you can do it! YES, YOU CAN DO IT! It’s like regaining your strength and fastening your seatbelt to face the problem head on after a mini-break. Concentrating on the future can build up fear in your mind. It holds you back and does nothing good! So, say F**K it and focus on present. Use your energies to work in the moment at hand. Raise your foot and put it in front of the other. No will power required here. You are driven by your inner force to take initiative. If you don’t feel like doing it, say f**k it and do it anyway! How F**K it strategy works?

• It acts as a catharsis:

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Anyone would tell you that when frustration builds up inside you, spewing it out loud is the best therapy! Saying F**K it vents out frustration and you feel better. Swear words have a negative reputation but don’t let this get to your head. I’m telling you [1]science has proven that swear words actually relieve pain. Yes, this is how powerfully they act as a therapy. They relieve stress! Their cathartic nature helps you in getting back your rational power, which gets hampered by negative energy. So, anytime you’re stuck in a problem, just say F**k it and start working for it- Yes, working is also important. • It makes you feel in charge! Saying f**k it helps you in regaining your authority! It

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makes you feel everything is under control. That’s why you need it when you feel helpless and giving up! Remember that humans have ability to do wonders! All you need is to use your inner force in right way. That’s not possible without a calm mind and f**k it strategy helps you in keeping your head calm. It makes you realize you’re in charge! YES, YOU ARE IN CHARGE!! So, use f**k it strategy to take control! • It makes you feel strong! Saying f**k it every time you’re doomed gives you strength. And believe it!

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You feel motivated enough to get over that nagging problem once and for all. This is the kind of motivation you need in your life! Using f**k it strategy will make you resilient in face of troubles. You won’t break down the minute any problem hits unexpectedly. You’ll be determined enough to get rid of any illness, toxic relationships, academic failures and what not. You rejuvenate your energy levels by uttering these words and your confidence level skyrockets!! And if you think you can do something, you’re already halfway there. IT’S YOUR TURN NOW! We have already established that f**k it strategy works! And it has many perks, all leading to more progress in your life. It’s truly a life changing philosophy! Embrace it to get maximum output. Yes, it’s your turn to take an initiative and introduce this strategy into your behavior! Make a mind note to say f**k it every time you feel disappointed. Get into the Zone! Utter these words and provoke yourself to take a step forward. Take one step at a time. Forget the future! Live in moment and overcome the obstacle at hand first. Own the f**k it strategy! Every time you feel under-confident say it. Every time someone tries to tell you that you can’t do something, say f**k it! Every time you are dimed to rock bottom, say f**k it! Every time you feel your life is out of control and fear is clogging your head, say f**k it! And CHARGGGGGEEE! In short, start using it right now and get a key to peaceful life!! Till next time, Kellie Growing younger every day!

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