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Stuck in a rut? The Only System You Will Ever Need to Get Unstuck*

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1 System-30 days, one fast track technique to "Shake It Up" and break the bonds that are keeping you stuck in a rut.

Have you ever felt no matter what you do it feels like you are in a remake of Groundhog Day where nothing ever changes. You are not alone! Well, never fear, Kellie is here because I am about to show you the only strategy you will ever need to get unstuck.

After all, I have a PHD in getting ‘unstuck"--You will learn all about smashing patterns and old cemented neuron pathways that are keeping you stuck in a rut.

One system and 30 days is all it takes. Does this sound familiar: picking the same type of “wrong partner” over and over again; binging on pizza or a jar of peanut butter after an argument; getting trapped in that stinking thinking whenever things go wrong. You see, what happens is, during life, we pick up habits, take on points of view, fall into a routine or ritual that appears to be working for us. We gradually start to repeat these thoughts, behaviors and activities over and over again, until they become as familiar as our favorite pair of jeans or cozy clothes. Good and bad. Everyday things such as our morning cup of coffee,

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brushing our teeth or driving to work end up becoming habitual, something we do on a daily basis. Even that gallon of ice cream or whole bottle of wine after an argument becomes a habit. After a while we don’t even think about what we are doing. Our mind and muscle memory goes into autopilot without us blinking an eye.

For example: You get in your car to start your morning commute to the office or drop the kids off at school. You start driving, get distracted, and then all of a sudden you end up at work or in front of the kids drop off zone. With ZERO recollection of how you got there. That is the automatic neuro-system kicking in taking over your consciousness and directing your actions. You have done it a million times. You could do it in your sleep. Our bodies take over and do what we have done a thousand times. Autopilot. Like a well-worn path in the road. Your tires find the worn path and slip into the rut comfortably with ease and grace!

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Think about the last time you rode a bike in the country or on the side of a road. Wasn’t it easier to slip right into that rut in the middle of the path rather than the path less traveled -meaning the hard, uneven dirt? It takes a lot of work and many bike trips to create a new path. Isn’t that an easier way to go? To stay in the rut? To stay the status quo? It is the same thing with our brains. Except we create a different type of rut: a neural pathway rut from every day human behavior. We naturally, without thinking, go down these neural paths at least a million times. Why? It is what we are used to. The path has already been laid out and it is the path of least resistance. So, what does all this mean?

Your neural ruts are keeping you stuck in life. We are going to smash and shatter old existing patterns that keep you stuck to get you unstuck! How do we do that?

Well, actually, you are the one doing the doing, and that is by following a simple system I have developed called Shake! Shake is simple.

Do something different every day for 30 days with a purpose. Intentionally take on different physical tasks that can also stimulate your senses to shake things up, clear the fog and get you going again! There are 2 rules: Pay attention to your intention. Purposefully be aware of what activity you are doing and the reason you are doing it! To break old patterns and start something new! The second rule? Have fun with this! As Taylor Swift says, shake it off!

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So, here we go. It starts off with a little Shake! 1. Stand up and just shake it off.

2. Place water at your bed side and drink it first thing in the morning. To shake it up add lemon and swap it out with orange, grapefruit, lime, mint, cucumber, cinnamon or clove

3. Change your coffee or tea to a new brand or flavor

4. Drink with the opposite hand.

5. Change your toothpaste.

6. Drive a different route to work or school.

7. Take a different path on your morning walk.

8. Run/Walk on your next exercise walk: 30 seconds run, 4 minute walk.

9. Swap out your 1 hour of weights to 20 minutes of High Intensity Training.

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The key is to shake it up! Do things differently! This helps to remove the cobwebs in the brain, clears the fog that has been slowing you down and your eyes start to see again. REALLY SEE. 10. If you take a shower, take a bath and vice versa.

11. Sleep on your back instead of your stomach.

12. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

13. Ride a bike. If you don’t have one, borrow your neighbors. The secrets to change patterns is to SHAKE IT UP! 14. When standing in line at Starbucks or a grocery store, jump up and down on your feet, in little hops, like you are on a pogo stick.

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15. If you listen to music while driving, shake it up. Listen to news and vice versa.

16. Go to bed an hour earlier, or later.

17. Wear a different fragrance. NOTE: To make things interesting, if you are near a department store, go in every day lunch hour, before work or after work and try a different one every day to really shake things up. Your olfactory sences tirgger an emotional response. Wearing a different fragrence every day will tirgger different feelings, which, will SHAKE IT UP FOR YOU! 18. If you take the elevator, take the stairs...great to whittle your waistline. If you already take the stairs—good for you keep it up! For you to shake things up, take the elevator, just once!

19. Try sprouted bread, instead of whole grain.

20. Change your laundry detergent. The different smell on your sheets, clothes and pillow cases will help to shake away old patterns.

21. For a real treat, go horseback riding—be like the

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characters in the movie Avatar where they connect their braided hair with a connection adapter in the horses mane and become one with the horse…touch him, feel him, be aware of his energy. Feel his every move with you. Let your mind focus on the horse and the experience.

22. Go to the pet store and walk around animals.

23. 1-2x a day...simply shake it off! If you forgot how to Shake, take a look at my video one more time.

24. Change the time of day you work out. And if you have yet to get on the work-out band wagon, get on it!

25. Road Trip—have a leisurely drive and take in the sights.

26. Art Museum-spend an afternoon soaking in the

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masterpieces. Let the art fill your senses and your emotions.

27. Shake up your early morning routine (i.e., make-up, tooth brushing, face washing, coffee drinking, breakfast eating, bed making, getting dressed-shake up the order).

28. If you walk around in your pj’s or sweat pants all day, shake it up and substitute with shorts, jeans or leggings.

29. Fill a sink with cool water – not enough to drown in! - and just lower your head fully into the water for say 20 seconds – sensory deprivation is the idea – it will clear your mind and refresh your senses - do it again if you enjoy!

30. Make a list of what you would do if you won the lottery – then pick one of those things you can actually work towards doing! There – I am sure you can come up with some more and I would appreciate it if you would pass them on to me so I can share! Just drop me a line kellie@kellieolver.com

Until Next Time, Kellie

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