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Change Your Life: Inner and Outer Transformation the Kellie Olver Way Part 2*

Change Your Life:  Inner and Outer Transformation the Kellie Olver Way

How to reclaim the real you, your real soul and your true designed life purpose.

In the first part of our Inner and Outer Transformation series, we gave away the secret! The way you want to appear to the outside world, and the success that can go along with that, is inside of you (and me and all of us!).

Now we are going to speak about the`bridge` between the 'Outside You' that you want to be and express to others in the world, and the`Inside You` that is key to it all. `The Inside You` is the collection of your feelings about yourself, the world, and how the world perceives you. There's lots of`keywords` in that sentence so let's take it apart. So, really, The Inside You is a collection of `stuff`.

This stuff is a mishmash of knowledge, opinions, biases and fears that collectively create the starting point for how we think about anything. So if your`stuff` is well informed, nonjudgmental, and tilted towards a positive view of the world, you can approach new challenges with a `can do` attitude.

If not, you don't.

You can see why those who have had an abusive or disadvantaged upbringing are often troubled in life: the starting point for every decision for them is negative.

And you can see why you need to inventory your `stuff`- you want to make sure you are starting from a constructive position and if necessary, you need to `take out the trash` - the stuff in your head that is negative that does nothing to help you move forward. FEELINGS ABOUT YOURSELF

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`Feelings about yourself’ - do they really matter?

Oh yes, they matter more than anything – but do we ever really contemplate them? Do we ever really sit down and assess how we feel about ourselves? And are those feelings ‘fair’, or more importantly, useful, to helping us get what we want and need in our lives? Sit down with a blank piece of paper and just bullet point all the thoughts you would have if honestly answering, ‘what do I feel about myself?’ Some of us may need outside help (a friend, a counsellor, even) to do that but whatever it takes, give it a try. Remember: this is not ‘truth’, this is not who we actually are, but it is what we are putting out into the world based on imprinting (received from parents, grandparents, siblings and friends) plus anyone else out there who has an opinion and was so kind to share it with you. THIS is what and who you are unconsciously presenting to the world. What I am suggesting we do is weed out the negative aspects of our self-perception, and turn weaknesses into strengths. This is quite a process but it alone will change your life! FEELINGS ABOUT THE WORLD ‘Feelings about the world’.

Do you feel ‘the

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world is a bad place’, today's world is set up to fail; 'today's world, it is unrealistic to even have happiness'; ‘most people are not good’, ‘only the rich and lucky get ahead’, and thoughts like that? If you do, you are A.) not really correct – there are bad people but many more good ones – and there are many many ‘rags to riches’ success stories; B.) not constructive, because if you take the position that everything is stacked against you, you will not be willing to take the chances and actions to make the changes needed for transformation to a better life. Regardless of what you think about the world, a key to moving forward is to find the best world you live in and bring it into your life.

Find the positive, find the progressive, and tap into the energy that the good in world can bring into your own life. THE OUTSIDE YOU: HOW THE WORLD PERCEIVES YOU

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‘How the world perceives you’– we are so driven by what other people think and what we think they think! This is something we have to get on top of! For one thing, it does not matter what others think of us (otherwise known as other people’s opinion (OPO) ) as they are not living our life.

If we let other people’s own ‘stuff’ impact us, we are doubling our own challenge. We have to deal with our own inner issues let alone tackle someone elses! For another, often our guesses about what other people think of us are actually wrong. What happens next is that we end up mistaking casual comments or unintended slights for deeply felt opinions.

It’s our life to live – let them live theirs and move on from truly negative people – they have more problems than you do and until you are truly strong in yourself, you cannot help them – they can only drag you down. So! Here is the way to think about the bridge from today’s you to tomorrow’s success: What you are today is mostly what is inside you — based on your past including the influences of others — as it comes out when you deal with the world. INNER AND OUTER TRANSFORMATION SUCCESS

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You cannot change the world (yet!) but you can change everything about you that holds you back.

Your internal assessment is the first step to achieving that goal and obtaining your inner and outer transformation.

Inventorying that ‘inside you’ and turning the dials from negative to positive in every aspect will absolutely and quickly change your perception of life, and your success in it, for the better – guaranteed! Everything in the world was created, after God finished with it, by humans, who, get additional support and help from Him along the way. Everything created by humans began as a kernel of thought and then expressing that thought with the spoken word.

Along with that came the thinking and then the speaking: "I don’t care what anyone else thinks is possible, this is what I want to create and make happen, and I am going to do it." Think about it: look at a cathedral, or the pyramids, or a jumbo jet – before they ever existed who would have thought they were possible. But we did it – and you can to – anything you really set your mind to... YOU CAN MAKE HAPPEN!

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It all starts with a thought. But first, you must be able to hear the thought.

To hear the thought, you must have the ability to receive the thought, listen to it and then understand it clearly in order to take action upon it. The way to do that is through a thorough understanding of the inside you and the influences of OPO which placed the subconscious internal roadblocks thus preventing the outer transformations of both you and the world.

Then reclaiming your authentic self. The real you with the real soul (and let's not forget personality) plus your true, designed purpose to carry out.

You got the power. It is inside you already. All you have to do is re-remember it, tap into it and take action!

Give it a go. Your internal assessment is tops on the list and your best buddy to achieving your inner and outer transformation.

Till next time Kellie Olver

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