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Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Him and Her!*

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Valentines is about the "L" word! The best way to get both in the mood? Chocolate! Discover the physiological and psychological reasons below!

Ever picked your brain as to why your partner always wants chocolates on Valentine’s Day? It’s something more than a ritual or symbol that a heart-shaped chocolate box stands for. It’s about SEX! Yes, chocolates act as an aphrodisiac hence perking up your sex life. In this article I will put to bed, (sorry, couldn’t resist), the reasons why chocolate is indeed an aphrodisiac and go over all the AMAZING anti-aging and health benefits of chocolate. Does chocolate act as aphrodisiac? YES! It has aphrodisiac properties. And this reputation of

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chocolates dates back to Mayans! Anyway, this trend of chocolate being associated with sex and power descended down the history lane and in the twentieth century, science entered into picture! That’s how things got spiced up and popularity of chocolate’s sexiness skyrocketed. [1]Science has claimed chocolate has positive impacts on women’s sexual health! How does chocolate act as aphrodisiac? I’ll categorize these effects in two classes. 1. Psychological 2. Physical Psychological effects: Let’s deal with Psychological effects first. I’m sure anyone who loves chocolate can relate to what I’m going to state here.

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Imagine a heart-shaped dark chocolate melting in your mouth. This creamy, rich piece loaded with sweetness and cocoa butter, coating your tongue is nothing less than a sensual experience. Isn’t it? It has a sweet, yummy kind of pleasure. This is what I meant by psychological effects of chocolates. It’s also a mood booster because it secretes happy hormones in your body - I’ll tell you about these more in physiological effects so keep reading! This sensual deliciousness of chocolate is what supports its case of being an aphrodisiac. So, if you want to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for both of you, let your partner experience the deliciousness and sexiness of chocolates! 7 Physiological effects: You might think chocolate consumption and health is oxymoron but it isn’t. 1. CHOCOLATE KEEPS YOU HEALTHY! And not only

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diseases-free healthy but also SEXUALLY HEALTHY! And this claim is backed by science!

Physiological effects of chocolates are immense and some of them are involved in its aphrodisiac effects. These are listed below. 2. It increases blood flow to sex organs: What if I tell you chocolate is a toned down Viagra®, Ok, I will. Yes, it is! But how is that? Chocolate contains L-arginine. L-arginine is a precursor of Nitric Oxide (NO). Now what are these fancy things anyway? Nitric Oxide is a molecule present in your body and it’s a potent vasodilator. When you eat chocolates, you actually supplement your body with L-arginine that ultimately converts into NO. So, NO increases blood flow to sex organs and sexual desire amplifies. Your satisfaction level also rises, leaving a long lasting impact. Isn’t it how exactly the mighty Viagra® works? Since I’m on the topic of Nitric Oxide, let me tell you chocolates can help you in achieving your anti-aging lifestyle. L-arginine present in them converts to Nitric Oxide and this in turn slows down aging. So, amazing sex and long life! Say hello to happiness!

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3. Chocolate is Comforting. Chocolate is a popular comfort food. Ever wonder why it is used at such massive scale? It reduces stress by releasing Endorphins. Endorphins are chemical substances called neurotransmitters, released in your brain. These neurotransmitters tweak down stress and ease pains. They also give you a feeling of euphoria. But story doesn’t end here! 4. It releases torrents of love hormones: Along with these, chocolate releases Phenylethylamine (PEA). This is the same chemical substance that floods your brain when you’re in love! People without dates? Don’t feel bad because you have chocolates to make you feel “being in love”. PEA also acts like amphetamines - Yes, same amphetamine that you pop into your mouth for relieving anxiety. So, peaceful state of mind and love hormones rushing in your body- a perfectly packaged aphrodisiac! 5. Stimulates Happy Hormones Serotonin and Dopamine are other chemical

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neurotransmitters released while eating chocolate. And Serotonin is a happy hormone in your body. So, happy hormones and PEA along with other chemicals act as stimulant and increase your libido. They also enhance feeling of well-being and joy. 6. It acts as a stimulant and boosts energy levels: I love chocolate because they satisfy my midnight cravings. I can bet many other have same reason to be chocoholics. Chocolates are best comfort food. That’s why you should add them to your Valentine’s Day gift basket.

There’s another reason too. Chocolate has many stimulants like Theobromine and Caffeine. Both these stimulate nervous system and induce excitement! 7. Eating chocolate also improves stamina

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Chocolate is packed with many energetic molecules like carbohydrates and fats. But wait! There’s more! If you’re worrying about fat profile, don’t! Chocolates have no cholesterol and their fat content constitutes good fat that are cardio-protective! Amazing, isn’t it? So, there you have the rationale to put chocolates in your gift basket!

Don’t reject this idea only because it’s mainstream or pointless in your opinion. It’s absolutely worth it! It has scientifically backed reasons and you have read them all above.

So, grab a box of chocolate now and get ready for a memorable make-out session on this Valentine’s Day. Till Next Time Kellie

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