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Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips: Expert Advice Keeps You Stunning All day*

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Top Tips on what NOT to do to make sure your skin looks amazing all day and into the night When you think of February I’m sure the first thing that comes into your mind is Valentine’s Day. Besides every day, Valentine’s day is the BEST day to show your love to your partner, family, and friends. So how do you get ready for the big day? You want to look your best and this is where many ladies, young and old, get into trouble and end up with a disaster. That is why I am giving you expert advice to keep you stunning all day. Valentine’s day beauty tips are focused around things you should NOT do in the days prior and the day of if you want to keep yourself looking great for the celebrations! So first on the list for Valentine’s Day skin care, How to

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look stunning all day requires you stick to your regular skincare and beauty tricks. Don’t go trying new products just for Cupid’s holiday! We tend to panic during special occasions that we’ll just about purchase the entire beauty shop to get that beautiful and flawless skin. Beauty expert says: If you change products abruptly, you might irritate your skin. And skin irritation can change from redness to rashes in a matter of minutes. Now who wants that on heart’s day? If it has been working for you, stick to your usual skin care routine. After all, if it’s not broken, why fix it? Keep your pocket full and NOT empty. Avoid purchasing skin products that are very expensive for one time use only (this is very much applicable to all other special occasions). If you want to invest in skin care, do it on products that are for long term use – with less harmful effects on your skin (and the environment!) like natural & organic alternatives. Although it is a special day and only comes once a year, you really don’t have to break the bank for that short period of time. You can look and feel younger without breaking the bank.

So you can multi-task at home and at work. Now let your skin care work the same way. As much as possible, DO NOT buy a product that has a single purpose. Look for stuff that can be used for many things. Like I said, Valentine’s Day is important but it is still just one day… and can sometimes be just for a few hours... or lunch... or dinner... you get what I mean! You can get pure oils like Jojoba Oil and it can be used both as a moisturizer or a bath and massage oil. Lastly, I’m pretty certain when excitement is high

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(especially if you have some romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day) we just tend to go around in adrenaline high the moment we wake up. We forget the healthy stuff we’re supposed to be doing routinely. One of which is keeping hydrated. Alright, I’m going to say it again: DO NOT forget to hydrate! Artificial moisturizer and caking up on makeup for dinner will not always hide that dry and flaky skin. It oftentimes just makes it more pronounced. Drink plenty of water all throughout the day. Ok, so go on and get your killer outfit in place. Lay out your accessories and plan out your hair and makeup. And apply these points in my article Valentine’s Day Beauty: Expert Advice Keeps You Stunning All Day-so you can enjoy this special day with beautiful, glowing skin. Till next time, Kellie

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