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Caffeine Free Energy Boost - 6 Ways To Boost Your Energy Without Coffee*

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You start your day like SUPERWOMAN but by noon you want to crawl onto a bed and sleep for a week. Naturally, the first thing you’d reach out for is a fresh cup of coffee but you know coffee doesn't agree with you. So you ask yourself how do I get energy without coffee?

Even though you know coffee has many anti-aging benefits including living a longer life, you realize this quick fix doesn’t last as long and worse, is not good for you.

So, how do you get the boost without the juice?

Read below to discover the Caffeine Free Energy Boost: 6 Ways to get energy without coffee.

1. Lets start with Keeping the Lights On

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Keeping the lights turn on in your house or office is one of the fastest ways to get energy without coffee!

Don’t work in the dark as it will only encourage you to fall asleep. If you can find a natural source of bright light, the better it is for you.

Brightness gives your mind and body the boost of energy they need to be alert. 2. Proper Posture Maintaining proper posture is another great way to get energy without coffee.

When you work, sit properly. This means sitting up straight and not slouching in your chair. You’ll get tired easily because of the unnatural slope your body is positioned.

It will also hurt your back if you do. Sitting up straight will make you give you the energy boost because of the better blood flow going through your system. 3. Color Therapy Experts say looking at green or green light can deliver energy in a gentle natural way without the use of caffeine.

Green is a refreshing color so when your eyes

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are tired, it is advised to look at something green for about 10-20 minutes.

This means color can affect your mind and body’s moods.

Red is another great color to look at to get more energy without coffee. Red is the color to look at to help people center on detail-oriented errands. 4. You’ve Got to Move It, Move It

Triple K is an all natural stimulant free metabolish booster

Want more energy without coffee? All you have to do is get up from your desk or couch every hour or so and move your limbs. Or go for a walk around the house or back yard.

Stretching for a few minutes will not hurt, either.

This will help your blood going and will give you that energy boost that you badly need. If you do yoga, tai chi, or the like, by all means go ahead and practice some moves for a few minutes when you need the extra energy boost.

To help you out, I have created a cheat sheet listing 5 simple yoga poses you can do at your desk. Simply clickon the box below to gain access to the FREE guide!

5 Yoga Poses You Can do at Your Desk

5. Change the Scenery

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Being cooped up for hours on end staring at your computer is not a good thing for your body.

Step outside and talk a 5 minute walk perhaps. A change of air will do your mind (and lungs) some good. If you’re lucky enough to walk out on lush greenery, take a lot of deep breaths to refresh your body. Nature is the best caffeine free energy boost you will ever find.

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6. Have a Glass of Water

Believe it or not, drinking a glass of water is one of the fastest ways to get energy without caffeine. Why? Water delivers oxygen and sometimes, all we need is a good gulp of fresh air (oxygen) to get more energy!

Bottom line, is that tiredness can be sign of dehydration.

When your are tired, what do you do? That's right, you YAWN, to get more oxygen. And water is made out of HYDROGEN and OXYGEN! You are giving your body more oxygen through water!

A perfect pick me up and a great substitute for that 8th cup of coffee at the end of the day.

These are quick and easy tips to do to get your energy without coffee and keep your energy level strong during the day.

Try any one of these 6 tips out the next time you reach for that latte.

I hope my quick tips for an energy boost will work out for you as they have for me. Till next time, Kellie Growing Younger Every Day

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