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5 Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes - How to Stay Cool!*

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Natural Ways including food, supplements and exercise to keep the flash out of the hot, stay cool and keep perspiration at bay. I remember my first period. I remember my last. Glad it is over. Every month, what a chore. What's next? Welcome to men-o-pause and sudden flashes of heat and waves of perspiration. How's a girl to stay cool?

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More than 7 in 10 of us will experience hot flashes in the years leading up to menopause and beyond so says experts at the North American Menopause Society. As much as we women find our periods bothersome, the thought of hot flashes isn’t easy for us either.

Now, to be totally transparent, I have never had a hot flash. (I chock that up to my ageless nutrition lifestyle which includes an ageless nutrition diet, including collagen boosting foods!)

But I have witnessed first hand my mom and many of my female friends and family go from feeling burned at the stake to being drenched by rivers of perspiration running down their face and and arms. Throughout the years, I have watched friends try various pills and bio identical hormones for hot flashes which they promptly discarded. To them, the risk outweighed the reward. As a naturalist, and one who has spent her entire adult life using herbs and remedies for healing, I believe I would have done the same thing.

And that is why all my friends came to me to get relief from their hot flashes. They knew I could and would find some natural remedies for hot flashes that that would bring relief from the heat! And I did!

I researched everything there was on nutrition as well as plants and herbs to see how they impacted hot flashes. I conferred with my homeopath and naturopath to come up with the best remedies for optimal hot flash relief. I got out my mortar and pistol and ground up fresh and dried herbs, seeds and plants! I would make potions or better yet, I would create baggies of herb concoctions and send them off in the mail with a silver tea brewing basket. It was quite the site!

Good news was, everyone got relief from hot flashes.

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Today, I still make menu recommendations as well as natural plant remedies to quell hot flashes and send them out to my family and friends!

So, I’ve compiled a list of five of my best natural remedies and practices you can all use to alleviate the heat.

My list of 5 Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes are easy and scientifically backed so you can be sure about their efficacy. And they have been test driven by my friends! What else do you need? So, check them below. 1. Take a Healthy Diet

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Two crucial pieces of information for you: Which foods should you avoid? And which foods should you prefer?

First, STAY AWAY FROM SPICY EATERIES! They do nothing helpful for your hot flashes! In fact, they trigger them and you become vulnerable to sweating and flushing. Same goes for dairy and meat products. Opt for healthy diet that can ease some of the aggrivation during this time.. Now, what is a healthy diet? Proteins are one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet and supports hormone secretion.

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Menopause means reduction of estrogen secretion in your body. So, any food that promotes or provide Estrogen will be your friend in this journey!

Diet rich in Phytosterols (organic vegetables and fruits) also helps in balancing hormones in your body. Add Omega-3 to this list as well.

Long story short, your diet should contain essential vitamins and minerals. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and excess cigarettes because these are aggravating factors! 2. Natural supplements Thanks to Mother Nature, you have some natural supplements for these nasty hot flashes! There are many out there claimed as remedies for hot flashes but I’ll list those which are endorsed by science. They are: • Soy:

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Japanese women rarely face dilemma of hot flashes and Soy is the reason! Soy is used as a staple food in Japan so menopause comes easy on them. It has Isoflavones, which are loaded with Phytoestrogens i.e. Plant Estrogen. Other constituents include Diadzein and Genistien. These isoflavones help in covering up for estrogen deficit in your body and hot flashes stay out of picture. [1]Science has also proven that SOY WORKS! So, add Soy Beans or other soy foods in your daily diet for mild estrogen effects. • Black Cohosh: Black Cohosh is a magical tonic for menopausal

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symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and irritability! [2]Black Cohosh reduces hot flashes by 26% in menopausal women! The reason of this effectiveness is presence of plant estrogen in it. But the main question is how can you consume this plant? You can’t eat it in raw form! Here comes the solution. Black Cohosh is available in capsule, tablets and root form that can be consumed in tea! So, make yourself a Black Cohosh Tea and say goodbye to hot flashes! • St-John’s Wort:

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The Journal of Menopause endorses the connection that St.-John’s Wort can minimize the amount and ferocity of hot flashes over time. They also used the word DRAMATICALY reduce. How so you say? The herb soothes your blood vessels to do what they are supposed to do: function properly so our bodies own natural warm blood doesn’t go rushing to the skin when estrogen levels drop.

Recommended dose from The Journal of Menopause: 900mg, 3xday. • Flaxseed: Although evidence for flaxseed being effective for

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alleviating hot flashes is limited yet, it’s not a lost case. It contains rich amount of Omega-3, which is a great tonic for hot flashes. So, make it a part of your diet and experience a menopause minus hot flashes! 3. Reduce your stress levels Some habits like drinking excess coffee, alcohol and wearing polo neck are involved in eliciting hot flashes but stressful life plays the most important role.

Yes, stress -both physical and emotional- gives you the toughest time in an approaching menopause.

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[3]Researchers believe that stress triggers hot flashes! So, KEEP A COOL HEAD - both emotionally and physically. The rationale behind stress being a notorious trigger factor for hot flashes is secretion of epinephrine in your body. It’s your fight and flight hormone! So, it manipulates your body into dilating your blood vessels, increasing blood flow. More blood flow to peripheral areas, more heat dissipation and hence HOT FLASHES! An effective idea for dealing with stress is performing mindfulness-based stress exercises. These workouts make you capable of being less reactive to a stressful situation. Resultantly, hot flashes reduce to minimal. [4]Science has also endorsed mindfulness-based stress exercises for hot flashes! 4. Perk up your Vitamin E intake Experiencing hot flashes every few hours particularly in a

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summer season is a very painful experience for women. That’s why I would call Vitamin E your savior because it arrives right at time to put your misery at end. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and studies have shown that it’s highly effective in reducing hot flashes. On a related note, Vitamin E also eases oxidative pressure on your body, which ultimately slows down your aging clock. So, Vitamin E alleviate both problems (menopause and aging) simultaneously. Owing to its high yield benefits, Vitamin E is highly recommended as off-the-counter remedy for hot flashes! Supplement your diet with foods containing this vitamin but more feasible idea is to choose vitamin supplements constituting large amount of Vitamin E. 5. Exercise and Yoga - Way to Go!

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You complain about hot flashes, I say SWEAT THEM OUT by exercise! It may sound oxymoron reducing hot flashes with a sweat session on treadmill but it happens! Research has shown that [6]exercise has promising outcomes related to hot flashes. It not only reduces their onset but also impacts their severity. Experts reckon that reason behind this effectiveness is release of Serotonin and Dopamine in the body. So these ‘happy hormones’ are in fact on a mission of making you a happy woman in this miserable phase of life! And you don’t have to tire yourself in hectic workouts to gain results. A moderate cardio session for 30 minutes daily is sufficient to kick out hot flashes out of your life!

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