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How to Have a Successful Life Now - 2 Secrets to Success!*

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I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. I am highly motivated.

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In personal as well as professional endeavors, I have seen successes, I have seen failures. And it was my limiting beliefs, especially my fear of not being good enough, that brought me both.

Believing I was a mistake and had no right to be on the planet drove me to extremes to prove myself, thus, bringing on much success. My limiting belief of not deserving such success brought failure. During the successes in my career, I also had a desire to stay humble, and in so doing, I found myself discounting my achievements. I used limiting belief word such as “Oh, it was no big deal” or “I got lucky” and “Anyone could have done this”. These limiting beliefs are the kiss of death. And the words I used to discount my achievement were the magic spell that put things into motion. I was putting the brakes on success’s momentum and preventing future success from happening.

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Limiting beliefs, spoken or thought, are the real enemy.

What is a Limiting Belief?

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A Limiting Belief is a way of thinking that limits a person’s belief in their own potential. This is where changing the way you think about things, or mindset shifts, come into play. It is not usually based in reality but is generally the result of a bad experience or a negative input from someone else. By accepting someone else’s negativity as truth, a person ends up believing there is something they cannot do, cannot achieve. This can end up permanently limiting their quality of life and their satisfaction with life. The fastest way to change limiting beliefs is to stop thinking and start speaking! Speak life giving words rather than life depleting words. Funny thing is we are trained to be doctors and lawyers. We are not trained how to think or how to speak. Instead we are run ragged by a runaway mind that has taken on other people’s opinions, most of which are a train wreck waiting to happen. We shy away from words to encourage a successful life and instead speak defeat rather than victory. We attract our own failures. Words can change your life! Once I realized my limiting beliefs were not the truth, and

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it was the limiting beliefs that were the true saboteur, everything changed.

I devised as strategy to banish my limiting beliefs forever.

I created a program to train my brain to think differently.

I started using life giving words and focused (thought about) on what I wanted, rather than what I had. I put my attention on my intentions, on my future dreams, and spoke as if already had them. Everything in my life improved: my health, my fitness (both emotional and physical) and my success rate.

THE WORDS YOU USE BRING YOU SUCCESS OR FAILURE Your words can heal or hurt you. Your words can heal or hurt others. They can imprison you or liberate you like a free bird. They can start wars or fill history books with love stories that generations will cherish.

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Words are what the Big Guy used to push the button that started the world. Words are what Merlyn the Magician used to create magic!

Words are what you can use to cast a spell on yourself, and with the right words spoken, that spell will lead you to a place you always wanted to be! A place where you feel EMPOWERED! A place where SUCCESS awaits you! A place where life is HAPPY and ACCOMPLISHED!

Moral of the story? Be purposeful in what and how you think as well as the words you use when you speak.

How words set you back? If you surround yourself with negative words, the outcome will be off-putting. These words will so subtly set you back, you won’t even realize it. The reason is that negative words induce secretion of stress hormones in your body. These are gloomy neurotransmitters so what good can you expect out of them!! They hamper your logic centers! Negative words dictate negative actions and lead to

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unconstructive outcomes in your life! Your head fills with self-doubt and your perception about others become unreasonably destructive. Is that what you want- a bitter life with conflicts clogging your head? Of course not! So, breathe in positivity, exhale it and you’ll start experiencing positivity in your life! How positivity can liberate you- the science behind it. Worry comes naturally to us! We are hardwired to it because it’s a survival strategy to stay safe from a threat. That’s where our rationality needs to enter the picture and save us from the overpowering negative effects of this evolutionary trait.

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[1]Researchers say words can change your brain. Positive words stimulate your frontal lobes and activate motivational centers of your brain. Yes, POSITIVE WORDS CAN IMPROVE YOUR COGNITIVE FUNCTION! They keep you going forward and build resilience. They cultivate positive outcomes and boost positive self-image! Earth’s magnetic field picks up vibrations of our voices. It acts as huge transmitter and brings back words we utter! So, whatever you say, will come back to you. Make sure it is positive! What are positive and negative trigger words? Words and thoughts are like magnifying glasses you use to reflect on your life. If you cling to negative trigger words, you’ll see your life filled with unhappy incidents. All because words have power to discourage or dismiss someone!

These are a few negative trigger words or phrases I recommend you remove from your vocabulary: • I doubt • Impossible • I cannot • Not now • Not this time • It’s too late • Should • Shouldn’t • Can’t • Won’t • No • Yes, But.

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Conversely, you can turn these words into positive ones and wield success! You can inspire and motivate yourself. All you need is to replace the negative words by words like: • I’m sure • It’s absolutely possible • I can • Right now • Yes, this time! These words are just few examples. Why don’t you right now put pen to paper and write down your own words or phrases!

Sit down and think about all the negative words - spoken or unspoken - write them and then read them aloud! You’ll feel how they perpetuate a lack of enthusiasm in your life. Make a pledge to get rid of them once and for all! Write some positive trigger words to replace those sabotaging your life and START ACTING NOW! (Yes, not tomorrow or today, right now!!) How limiting beliefs affect you? Your beliefs are what define your personality and your success rate. You derive

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your actions in accordance to them! They can hold you back or set you free (yes, they can control you!!). It’s not unnatural to fall prey to limiting beliefs - those which hold you back. Good news is your mind is your friend and you can make it function on your own behalf! So, manipulate it into cultivating liberating beliefs! These are some of the limiting beliefs that can interfere with your success: • I don’t deserve this • I’m not capable enough to accomplish this • I’m not motivated enough • I don’t have time or resources to do this • I’m hopeless and stuck • I’m too aged old to do this • I’m not pretty/educated/intelligent enough Do you see how these kinds of beliefs can hamper the success in your life!

Make your own list of limiting beliefs and start changing them! Grab a pen and paper and write down some of your own limiting beliefs now.

Pay attention how many times during the day you think or speak these limiting belief statements. Notice your use of negative trigger words in your limiting belief statements.

Be vigilant in conscientiously changing your words and thoughts. Start speaking life giving words rather than life defeating words.

In no time whatsoever your limiting beliefs will be replaced with limitless beliefs and you will see a huge shift in how you think. And how you feel.

Plus a major upward swing in your success markers, both personally and professionally.

So, in conclusion, how to have a successful life now is all up to you. The 2 secrets to success are very straight forward:

1. Get rid of limiting beliefs

2. Speak words that bring victory instead of defeat

I am sure you have picked up some more of my secrets to having a successful life. In fact, this article is chock full of them.

One last thing, the next time you want to say, "OH, it was no big thing", please change your words to "Thank you very much". You deserve it!

Till next time. Kellie Growing Younger Every Day

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