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Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells?*

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No, Marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells.

Medicinal marijuana- also called Cannabis - is actually brain protective and has amazing anti-aging and wellness benefits for the brain as well as the entire body.

Now, before we dive into the rest of the article, I suggest you read about the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Simply click on these words: druggie vs medical marijuana to gain access.

Now, back to medical marijuana and not killing brain cells, but supporting brain health.

Surprisingly, the claim, marijuana being brain protective, isn’t vague, [1]it is endorsed by science. It alleviates many ailments affecting your brain - both physical and psychological.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University concluded that low doses of THC can actually HALT brain damage. You can read all about it here.

Besides marijuana minimizing brain aging, marijuana has many positive health and wellness benefits for the rest of the body.

I’ve listed down some of them below: • Say goodbye to anxiety with marijuana! Excess of everything is bad so, I won’t recommend you trying to overdose yourself with weed. But a moderate amount of it can do magic in alleviating anxiety. It reduces stress levels and helps you in keeping a cool head. No wonder people are obsessed with getting stoned! [2]Science has also endorsed this positive role of marijuana in reducing stress. But how does it do that?

Weed affects a system in your brain called

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"Endocannabinoid System". This system is involved in regulating your anxiety levels. Marijuana manipulates it into releasing chemical mediators that alleviate anxiety and you feel peaceful! • Get rid of migraine once and for all! Migraine is a torturous condition and it feels like your head will explode with pain! It emerges due to spasm of arteries in brain, following an over-relaxation. But marijuana can save you from this hell! Yes, marijuana has been used as migraine treatment since centuries! Canabinoids present in it are 100% EFFECTIVE! And another bright side is safety profile.[3]Research also shows it reduces migraine frequency. So, marijuana alleviates migraines with limited side effects yet amazing efficacy! • Marijuana slows down aging! Anti-aging effects of marijuana are extensive. And by extensive, I mean it affects your whole body!

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Let’s talk about brain first. It literally winds your aging clock back and manipulates your brain into staying young! Aging of brain is usually associated with deterioration of memory, reduction in attention span and cognitive decline. Degenerative diseases come with the package too. But medicinal marijuana eliminates it all! It helps in preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Tourette’s Syndrome. It releases brain derived neurotrophic factors which promotes generation of new brain cells. [4]Science has also confirmed its role in Neurogenesis. It also impacts Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of brain and release transmitters that speed up anti-aging effects! Next comes your SKIN! It’s impossible to miss out on skin while talking about anti-aging. Your skin is first organ to manifest aging changes in form of those nasty wrinkles! But marijuana has a solution for you! Endocannabinoid System (ECS) present in brain has special effects on Histiocytes (cells present in skin layers). Changes in this system with aging lead to hazardous effects on your skin. This is where marijuana arrives to put a leash! It positively affects ECS and slows down aging process of skin. So, drooping and sagging due to low elasticity levels don’t arrive quickly! What about other cells of the body? Marijuana doesn’t let any cell of your body feeling left out.

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It affects them all and keeps them safe from aging! But how does it happen?

CANNABINOIDS! These compounds present in weed are anti-oxidants. They neutralize free radicals and improve health of your mitochondria. Resultantly, your body stays young for a long time! • Your Ritalin consumption stays under control! Are you worried about popping Ritalin all over your exams session? Ritalin is a drug used to deal with focus problems. It has good efficacy but side effects come with the package too and over consumption of Ritalin isn’t advised. But marijuana can help!

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Now, don’t take it in excess because I’m talking about medicinal amount of marijuana. It has a unique ability of increasing your attention span and improving your picking power. Isn’t it exactly why you take Ritalin? [5]Science has proven its efficacy too. It has hundreds of unique chemical compounds which affect your brain positively. That’s why it can be used in ADHD without doubting its efficacy! • Seizures stay out of the picture! Anti-seizure medications have so many side effects that using them becomes a nightmare. But I’ve a better solution for your seizures- MARIJUANA! Marijuana has strong anti-spasmodic action so it alleviates seizures- both frequency and severity. Its safety profile is encouraging and even [6]science has endorsed its efficacy. • It’s good news for cancer patients! Marijuana has a profile of being a mild onco-protective

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agent but best is yet to come! Its higher efficacy is for cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is treatment for cancer but it comes with its own side effects. Vomiting, nausea, hair loss, mood swings and whatnot! But you know what can ease this journey for you? Marijuana! I know it feels wrong but it isn’t! Marijuana helps chemotherapy patients broadly. Some of them are listed below: • It reduces nausea induced by chemotherapy • It helps in losing weight gained during chemotherapy • It helps in lifting mood and increases feeling of well-being • It helps in sleeping • It relieves pain • Fatigue fades away • It relieves constipation and improves sexual health Yes, this was what I meant when I said broadly! Your gut wants weed too! Marijuana helps your gut in staying healthy! It’s an anti-spasmodic so keeps gut movements smooth. Nausea stays out of the picture. But the most attractive benefit of medicinal marijuana is its role in alleviating Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It’s a severe illness of your gut characterized by nausea, diarrhea, pain and vomiting. [7]Study shows that marijuana is effective in treating Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome. So, undoubtedly you gut needs marijuana too! Till next time Kellie Growing Younger Every Day

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