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5 Real Life Strategies To Get Rid of Inflammation Naturally*

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To live an ageless, robust, disease free, pain free life we need to keep inflammation in our body to a low level.

Inflammation is a warning sign and triggers your bodies built in Dr. McCoy to fix itself. But we seem to have lost that ability, especially as we age. You can learn more about inflammation, both chronic and acute, in my article "Inflammation: A 5 Alarm Fire" by clicking here.

Sure you can take pills, but I know some of these pills are taxing your body’s organs. And who wants to take another pill? Aren’t you suffering enough from pill fatigue? I mean, how many pills are you taking already? 10? 20? 30?

And that is why I wrote 5 Real Life Strategies To Get Rid of Inflammation Naturally. My life as an anti-aging expert has led me to know that there are natural ways to get rid of inflammation.

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There are so many factors that make us age faster and ungracefully. The biggest culprit: Inflammation, also known as the "Silent Killer". There are simple, everyday things we can easily do that can dramatically minimize if not expunge inflammation from our body once and for all. The natural strategies include sleep, good nutrition, Anti-Oxidants, cutting out the sugar and of course exercise. So, let’s begin with one of my favorites and number 1 on my list of real life strategies to get rid of inflammation naturally is Sleep! Sleep is a great real life strategy to wipe out inflammation naturally.

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A good night’s sleep has become a luxury to most of us these days. Relaxation is so hard to come by as well. We focus on getting a lot of things done instead of taking the time to give ourselves some rest. So we stress a lot and stress can cause a lot of bad stuff to happen to our body. Sleep helps lessen the inflammatory stress hormones in our body therefore lessening inflammation. After getting that long awaited 8-hour heavenly sleep, fuel

Sleep - Kellie Olver

your day with good nutrition.

Good Nutrition is number 2 on the list of 5 real life strategies everyone should employ and is also a great natural way to get rid of inflammation.

Anti-Aging Collagen Boosting Grocery List

This means cutting down (or better yet, cutting off) on fast and processed foods. These foods are laden with inflammation-causing ingredients. These can be harmful chemicals, trans-fats, or preservatives. When you do your grocery shopping, search for healthy food shops in your area and try them out. Trust me, if you go with healthy foods, you will feel the difference in as short as a week’s time.

FDA Bans Trans Fats by Kellie Olver

Good nutrition also means choosing nutrient dens foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. An anti-oxidant rich diet is right up there with the best of the best every day strategies to get rid of inflammation naturally and so much more. You have found that shop that caters to all your healthy food choices. Now take the time to do a bit of learning about which foods are rich in anti-oxidants, our third of 5 Real Life Strategies To Get Rid of Inflammation Naturally.

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Anti-oxidants basically fight off free radicals that cause harm to the body. They do all kinds of good things to the body and this includes anti-inflammatory effects. Another big inflammation causing ingredient is Sugar. And sugar is number 4 on the list of 5 strategies to lower inflammation naturally.

Cut sugar out immediately to get rid of inflammation and lead a healthier life. Go deeper into the details of the food you take in especially its glycemic index level. Reducing your sugar intake can lower inflammation – not to mention lower your risk on life-threatening diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Is Sugar Bad for You by Kellie Olver

Lastly, number 5, sweat it out every day. That’s right! Exercise! It’s tested and proven that exercise is one of the best

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anti-aging and healthy regimens you can do. It is a great anti-inflammatory warrior. Our body can expel the unpleasant stuff in our body through sweating. Getting at least twenty minutes of exercise every day will help you look and feel younger.

If at all possible, try high intensity exercises as this will double the wonderful effects of exercise in your body. Not only will it give you faster fat loss but so much more.

To make this easy for you, I have made a little cheat sheet for you, which is my DIY High Intensity Interval Training cardio routine. It's free. All you have to do is click on the image below where you can access it yourself.

Kellie's HIIT Routine by Kellie Olver

So there you have it. 5 Real life, simple changes you can do to get rid of inflammation naturally. Even if you don’t think you have inflammation, adopt these 5 real life inflammation fighting strategies into your lifestyle. You will feel better, look better, heck, you might even get smarter, as your brain could benefit from all the positive real life change as well. After all, getting healthy and beautiful is always a pro. Till next time, Kellie

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