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Osteoporosis Exercises: Hop Your Way to Increase Bone Density*

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Remember the time when you used to play hop scotch or jump rope? It’s time you start doing that again because I’ve an astonishing secret to reveal. Hopping is a great osteoporosis exercise as hopping increases your bone density! Yes, it saves you from osteoporosis which is no less than a nightmare.

In this article we will address why bones loose density, how hopping helps, reveal the best way to hop and give a few lifestyle solutions that can make a big difference in keeping your bones strong!

Let's begin! I’ve always seen aging, particularly postmenopausal women complaining about weak bones and frequent fractures. That’s why I decided to write some tips for those who are either passing through this time or at a risk of weak bones. TRY HOPPING EXERCISES! First of all, they are fun and ohh so different than typical resistance training. Now for the details. Why your bones lose density? Calcium and phosphorus are main markers for healthy bones. The more they accumulate, the denser your bones are! They strengthen them and you take these minerals with your diet. Some factors that contribute in losing bone density are: • Estrogen - Estrogen present in women's body plays a vital (yes, VITAL!) role in maintaining bone mass. It

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regulates metabolism which results in deposition of calcium in your bones.[1]Research has proven its ability to prevent bone resorption as well. Now you know why post-menopausal women suffer from weak bones! They have low estrogen levels.

• Diet - Diet low in calcium lessens bone density.

• Vitamin D - Vitamin D comes from sunlight mainly and it’s responsible for calcium metabolism of body so deficiency of Vitamin D plays a significant role.

Source: OWN

• Smoking

• Alcohol intake How hopping helps you?

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[2]Research shows that hopping exercises tremendously increase bone density! The rationale is simple enough! The more you work out, more your bones are used. These exercises manipulate your bones into increasing their density. Hopping exercises particularly move your hip and leg bones and lead towards a dense skeleton. Your bones gain strength till 30 years, after that they start dissolving. So, if you’re younger than that, start hopping now to increase your reserves. But if you’re older, don’t feel left out! You can, in fact you SHOULD, hope too because it prevents risk of osteoporosis. What is the best way to hop? Add some hopping into your daily routine. The most effective way to hop is to jump 10-20 times in two sets. That means you have to perform sets of 10-20 jumps twice a day with an interval of 30sec rest between them (if you perform them simultaneously). Do it and you’re all set to perk up your bone health! [3]Research has proven efficacy of this method. Earlier in age you start, more beneficial results are likely. So, START HOPPING NOW! Jumping rope is a good way to get your hopping in. And it's fun! Or, you can simply HOP!!! What other ways can help? Some other ways you can increase your bone density are listed below: • Take calcium rich foods- Almonds, green leafy vegetable (broccoli, spinach etc), bananas, tofu etc.

• Take Vitamin D rich foods- Liver, egg yolk, dairy products (low fat milk, yogurt, cheese etc.) • Limit your alcohol consumption • Avoid smoking

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