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Get Rid of Your Turkey Neck with or Without Surgery*

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Turkey Neck or Neck Wattle is a dreadful feature to have. It ruins your every good photo! But where does this sagging neck come from? Multiple reasons I say! Aging being top of them. With age, your skin loses its elasticity and droops down. Genetic factor also plays its role. Another cause is sudden weight loss or gain.

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Whatever the reason may be, a treatment is desperately required. This article is at your service to provide you with all possible solutions for turkey neck- surgical and non-surgical both! Surgical Procedure: Let’s deal with surgical interventions first. You don’t have to go through a complicated or invasive surgery to get rid of turkey neck. So, no need to imagine dreadful scenarios! It’s a simple, straight forward procedure called NECK LIFT!! (It lifts up your neck after all). Why people opt for neck lift?

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It’s a legitimate question that why choosing a surgical procedure when you have other options available? The answer is simple. It’s less time consuming and more yielding! If you are in let’s-get-it-over-with-right-now mode, surgery is the option for you! You don’t have to be patient and follow a routine consistently to get rid of your wattle. Your surgeon will do it once and for all. What does it do for you? Neck lift surgery has emerged as a revolutionary cosmetic procedure for people with turkey neck. When my grandmother was struggling with a neck wattle, there was no neck lift to ease her pain! When my aunt wanted to get rid of her turkey neck, the only plastic surgery procedure available would leave her with a “Z”, like the mark of ZORO on her neck. But we are lucky to live in this era of cosmetics revolution. Now, neck lift can rejuvenate your appearance by eliminating your wattle neck! In this process, excess fat is removed by liposuction. In some cases, excess skin is also removed and muscles are repositioned. This repositioning tightens the loose skin and turkey neck gets resolved! How is neck lift performed?

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Neck lift surgery is done by a professional surgeon. Although it’s a simple procedure, you’re anaesthetized (you can forget about any kind of pain!!) during the surgery. Incisions are given but they are not invasive. So, you can shred this fear too! Usually small incisions are given behind ears and under the chin. Excess fat and skin is removed according to requirement of each patient. Muscles are resurrected if needed. Skin is stitched back and wound heals within days. What you need to consider before neck lift? First, you need to find out that do you need neck lift? If you’re between 40-80 years of age and have turkey neck, you are a candidate for neck lift! Then you need to educate yourself about this procedure and this article can help you with that! You need to find yourself an experienced and reliable surgeon. Discuss you queries and notions with him and explore your options. Set your goals and potential output expected from neck lift. Let him help in choosing the type of anesthesia you want.You’re all ready for a neck lift! And most important, SHED YOUR FEARS! Neck lift is completely safe! Non-surgical procedures: Here comes a way that doesn’t involve any knife or surgeon. You’re the sole game player in it! Non-surgical procedures include exercises and appropriate skin care regimen. The detail of each procedure is given below: 1. Neck Exercises:

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All hail to a solution that can address every misery associated to your body-EXERCISE! Neck exercises can help you getting rid of turkey neck too! Any neck exercise builds your muscles, subtly strengthens them and stretches loose skin. It also improves circulation and helps you gain firm appearance. Moreover, [1]anti-aging effects of exercise can’t be denied because they are backed by science. So, neck exercises play crucial role in shedding this aging give-away of neck wattle. Some neck exercises that you can perform are given below. All of them are SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE! For best results, try in combinations. • Lie down on the floor and lift your head off it. Turn your neck towards right gently. Pause it there for 30 seconds. Now turn it to left and keep it there for 30 seconds. Relax it down to the floor again. Repeat this many times.

• Do a chewing gesture while kissing the sky! Yes, this works! Stand still and lift your chin like you’re kissing the sky. Your neck muscles get stretched. Keep your mouth close and do a chewing action with your teeth repeatedly.

• Tilt your neck like you are looking at a ceiling. Press your tongue against roof of your mouth and perform swallowing action. Turn your head to right and swallow for 30 seconds. Then repeat this with your head turned left. Precautionary Note: Don’t jerk your neck suddenly while doing any of these exercises. If you feel pain, stop immediately and contact your doctor. 2. Skin Care Regimen:

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Cosmetic industry never fails you! It always comes down to cosmetics to address your skin problems and turkey neck is one of them. [2]Science has also emphasized on importance of skin care strategies. Turkey neck is the result of skin losing its elasticity with advancing age. So, a properly designed skin care regimen aids you in getting a firm appearance. • Anti-aging creams are formulated to tighten your sagging skin. They also reduce wrinkly appearance and [3]science has endorsed them extensively. Such creams have the ability to boost elasticity of skin and rejuvenate it. So, anti-aging creams for wrinkles can do wonders!

• Using a moisturizer helps in preventing turkey neck! Moisturizer provides sufficient nutrition to your skin and maintains its elasticity for a longer time. Neck skin has fewer oily glands than your face; so, it getting dry and wrinkly is predictable. That’s why you need to grab a moisturizer.

• An appropriate skin scrub will ease away dead cells and keep aging out of the picture. So, you need to add a scrub in your skin care products and use it often. Till next time,


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