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5 Foods to Get Rid of Your Dreaded Turkey Neck*

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If we lived in a perfect world, we would be ageless well into our 80’s. Problem is, we don’t and many of us start showing the signs of aging as early as in our 30’s. And your once smooth neck starts to develop into the dreaded turkey neck.

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As a woman and an anti-aging expert, I know what causes the loose skin that brings on that wattle in the turkey neck. I also know how to tame that turkey! How so you say? With food. Food is your number one weapon to fixing what ails you. Including your turkey neck.

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I’ve also compiled a list of real foods specifically targeted to help win the battle of the dreaded turkey neck that emerges due to aging. Now think twice before you waste your time looking around for turkey neck remedies. Because the solution lies with an inside approach first! And in your kitchen! And the grocery store! 1. Flaxseed Oil:

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Up till now you have known Flaxseed Oil as a remedy for hot flashes. But, here comes another perk of consuming Flaxseed Oil- no turkey neck! Yes, flaxseed oil is one of the main foods to fight your turkey neck. It has rich amount of linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid. This fatty acid has great healing powers for dry skin. Dry skin is more vulnerable to aging and resultant sagging. So, FLAXSEED HAS ARRIVED TO HELP YOU! It also nourishes the skin, moisturizes it and keeps it healthy. Add flaxseed oil to your diet and get rid of wrinkling skin. 2. Carrots:

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Rabbits love Carrots, right? I tell you they know a secret that you don’t! Carrots keep you young! This vegetable is loaded with Carotenoids- a pigment with anti-aging properties. Carotenoids are potent anti-oxidants. So, free radicals produced in your body as a result of metabolism, are neutralized by it. Since these free radicals are involved in the aging of skin, their controlled production prevents aging. Resultantly, your skin stays wrinkle-free and turkey neck never kicks in! Sweet Red Pepper, Watermelon, and Sweet Potatoes also have Carotenoids so in case you don’t like carrots, these can come at your service! 3. Olive Oil:

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We all know how food drenched in Olive Oil has cardiovascular benefits but I’m here to tell you greater news: OLIVE OIL ALLEVIATES TURKEY NECK! The reason of including olive oil in foods that fight turkey neck is its ability to reduce photo-damage. Ultraviolet radiations in environment damage skin cells and cause premature aging leading to neck wattle. But olive oil has arrived!! Olive Oil prevents photo-aging by reducing photo-damage and [1]this claim is backed by science. 4. Sunflower Seeds:

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Sunflower Seeds are skin protection bombs for you! They are loaded with Vitamin E which is a potent anti-oxidant. So, it’s that free radical story all over again! Vitamin E fights damage inflicted by these reacting species and aging stays out of the picture. Hence, turkey neck stays out of equation! Sunflower Seeds also nourish deep skin layers. [2]Some studies show they are even more beneficial than Olive Oil in keeping skin wrinkle-free. 5. Aloe:

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Internet is flooded with benefits of Aloe on skin but who knew it could lose weight as well? [3]Research shows it reduces body fat. This is what we call a DOUBLE TREAT! Why? Weight loss brings on loose skin. Espeically in an older individual. Your turkey neck is due to fat deposition or sagging skin. Here's the good news. Many, many many people believe that Aloe, when taken internally, actually helps to rebuild collagen. And when you rebuild collagen, you achieve a firming and tightening effect on the skin.

That’s why I’ve put aloe in my article about foods that fight your turkey neck. So, Add aloe in your dietary intake and watch the wattle walk out the door and leave the building! Just like Elvis, baby!

And there you have it! All the way through the list of 5 Foods That Get Rid of the Dreaded Turkey Neck. So lets recap: Flax Seed Oil, Carrots, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seeds and Aloe. All easy to access at your grocery store and all a tasty and healthy treat to your diet!

So, say good bye to the wattle and say hello to showing off your neckline once again! Oh, and please stay tuned. If you are looking for fast action in getting rid of the dreaded turkey neck, I am writing another blog on surgical procedures to wack the wattle! I think you will really like what is coming up! Till next time Kellie Growing Younger Every Day!

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