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Walnuts: Get a Dose of Healthy Benefits from Walnut Nutrition*

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Anyone can tell you that walnuts are delicious! But I’ll reveal a secret that is rarely known-walnut being one of the healthiest foods. It is loaded with nutritious elements and has been serving mankind for ages. You can get a huge dose of anti-aging healthy benefits from walnut nutrition. Walnut is a brain food! Yes, have you ever noticed its shape? It looks like your brain. Why won’t it be beneficial to it too? Walnut is your brain’s buddy and it improves cognitive function. But health benefits from walnut nutrition doesn’t stop here. As I said, walnuts are one of the healthiest foods around! Read on for details! 1. Walnuts protects your heart:

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Walnut has powerful heart protecting elements! And I’m not making a vague claim here. [1]Science has proved its efficacy in improving cardiovascular health. Wondering why it does that? There are plenty of reasons. • Walnuts have ‘good fats’ in them that lower blood cholesterol levels. HDL (a good fat) reduces the incidence of plaque formation and your heart health stays top class!

• Walnuts are involved in maintaining integrity of endothelial cells- cells present in your blood vessels. Yes, blood vessels come under cardiovascular system and impact your heart health. So, healthy blood vessels equal to healthy heart!

• Walnut has promising outcomes on cardiovascular health because it is loaded with Tocopherols, Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Phytosterols. All these have different ways to fix your heart diseases! 2. Walnuts are your brain’s support system:

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The functioning ability of brain declines with advancing age. But I’ve one solution for you: GO NUTS!! As I’ve said earlier, walnuts love your brain! Why won’t they? They even look like your brain! [2]Research supports that benefits of walnuts for brain are extensive. Walnuts have Polyphenolic Compound in them which affect brain in following ways: • They enhance inter-neuronal signaling in brain, improving its functioning ability. So, you can get more intellectual with walnuts!

• They increase neurogenesis- production of new neurons.

• They destroy toxic proteins that might accumulate in your brain!

• Incidence of neurodegenerative diseases with advancing age also decreases if your diet is rich in walnuts. There’s a tip for you here: ALWAYS EAT WALNUT SKIN! Yes, significant amount of Phenolic Compounds are present in walnut skin. So, wasting it would deprive you from a lot of health benefits! Another magic tonic present in walnuts is MELATONIN! Melatonin helps you in fighting stress and getting better sleep at night. So, have peaceful nights by going NUTS!

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3. Walnuts fight cancer:

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Benefits of walnuts are not ordinary! You can fight cancer with a walnut rich diet! Yes, bioactive constituents present in walnuts have tendency to prevent cancer! They have special effects on mammary glands so breast cancer stays at a distance from you. [3]Research has provided us enough data to support this claim! 4. Walnuts unwinds your aging clock: Designing an anti-aging lifestyle? It’s incomplete without walnuts! Anti-aging properties of walnuts lie in its anti-oxidative powers. Walnuts are rich in Vitamin E that controls your free radical damage. These free radicals can’t mess with your cells and aging stays at a bay! Another reason walnuts can reverse the aging clock is that they have melatonin. Now, you may know melatonin as a skin pigment but it does something more than this. [4]Research says melatonin present in walnuts reduces oxidative stress in your body. In fact, it increases anti-oxidative capacity of your blood. This leads to slow aging process and you stay young for a longer time! So, as I’ve stated already, get a dose of healthy benefits from walnut nutrition! 5. Walnuts prevents diabetes:

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Walnuts are amazingly effective in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes! Yes, now you can satisfy your sweet tooth without being afraid of getting diabetic because WALNUTS are here for you! [5]Research has proven efficacy of walnuts in lowering the risk of diabetes. 6. Walnuts protects your skin: Walnuts have a whole package of skin perks! • Vitamin B present in walnuts has an excellent ability to tone down stress. And do I even need to tell you how a peaceful mind gives a glow to your skin? It prevents the onset of wrinkles and fine lines, slowing down aging process of skin.

• Walnuts are loaded with anti-oxidant compounds

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and Vitamin E is on the top of this list. This vitamin soothes oxidative stress and rescues skin cells from falling prey to aging!

• It lightens your skin complexion and alleviates dark circle. Yes, you can finally say goodbye to those nasty enemies of yours!!

• Walnuts have omega-3 in them that has an ability to retain moisture. This keeps your skin hydrated and nourished enough to stay supple and young! 7. Walnuts help you in managing weight: [6]Research shows that walnut nutrition helps you in weight management. Now that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it? Walnuts have high amount of fat, yet they manage weight. The reason is ‘good fat’. They have HDL present in them which lowers cholesterol levels and doesn’t cause weight gain. So, there you have it! Plenty of proof that you can Get a Healthy Dose of Benefits From Walnut Nutrition! So, add walnuts to your diet now and enjoy these perks! Till Next Time Kellie Growing Younger Every Day

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