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Senile Dementia: Risk Reducing Miracle Nutrient Discovered!*

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My mom has Senile Dementia. Let me tell you one thing: it’s certainly not something you would not like to grow old with. For those of you who don’t know about this condition, let me put things for you in plain terms. Senile Dementia is when you get forgetful while growing old at an accelerated rate.

Enter risk reducing miracle nutrient: Quercetin to Your Rescue! Based on the research I have done, I only wish I knew about Quercetin a long time ago. Things could have been different.

However please read on, as I am sure you will find this article most enlightening as we discuss the tell tale signs of senile dementia, give you hard core science from the National Institute of Health and the National Center for Biotechnology Information that supports Quercetin and it's positive effects on memory, senile dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, as well as identify 5 AFFORDABLE Quercetin Rich Foods that everone can get at their local grocery store!

How to Tell if You or a Loved One has Senile Dementia? Can you do something about it before it actually happens?

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A lot can go wrong if you or a loved one has this condition. But, at least two of the following need to be present to label the condition as senile dementia[1]. • You start to forget things, even important ones. • Your ability to focus gets hampered significantly. • You start facing difficulties communicating with others. • The vision deteriorates quickly. • There is a significant clouding of judgment and reasoning.

Hmmmm, sounds like a lot of people I know! But remember, accelerated rate is the key factor here! Is this your destiny to grow old like this? Or is there any way you can avert the danger? Don’t lose hope! Researchers have been working hard and perhaps they’ve found something that would save you from this dreadful condition! Miracle Nutrient Risk Reducer Discovered! The story of an Aging Brain! The basic culprit behind Senile Dementia, in most cases, is increasing levels of oxidative stress. Although genetics have a role too, but oxidative stress due to toxins coming from your environment is the center-piece of the disease process. First thing first; what is oxidative stress? Think of oxidative stress as toxins building up in your body. These toxins come from the food you eat, water you drink and air you breathe in. Your body turns these toxins, coming from the environment, into highly reactive molecules. These molecules then attack your body tissues, disrupt their natural processes and eat them from within. Your brain, being the most sensitive part of your body, is most susceptible to the effects of oxidative stress. Your brain consists of individual cells called “Neurons”. Unfortunately, your Neurons have a limited potential to divide. Unlike most of the other body cells, they don’t divide. So they die, never to come back again! Your brain cells start to die at an accelerated rate with age. Increased oxidative stress adds fuel to the fire and speeds up the process even further[2]. With all this going on, you lose a significant number of brain cells and end up with nasty Senile Dementia. Quercetin to Your Rescue!

Photo by Enrique Castro-Mendívil at https://www.flickr.com

The solution to the problem seems straight forward. Just stop oxidative stress and you’ll defeat this foe. But the real question is how? How can you do that? The one word answer is “Quercetin”. You see the bright fruits and vegetables and always admire their beauty? Quercetin is one of the chemicals giving fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors. Quercetin belongs to a group of chemicals called “Flavonoids”. Flavonoids are the most potent naturally occurring anti-oxidants known[3]! Antioxidants are your body’s first line of defense against oxidative stress. These chemicals neutralize the toxic effects of oxidative stress and give you countless - literally countless - health benefits. From high cholesterol to cancer prevention, the health benefits of Quercetin (and other Flavonoids) are truly mind boggling! When it comes to your brain health, there is nothing that can work as great as quercetin. Researchers have always hailed quercetin for its ability to keep your brain healthy[4]. It keeps the blood towards your brain running and keeps diseases away from it. But is it any good when it comes to Senile Dementia? The answer is “Yes”!

Although we still need to know a lot about how quercetin helps with dementia, but preliminary studies and their results are simply amazing. Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that quercetin is an extremely effective agent against Senile Dementia. It stops the disease process and may actually “reverse” it[5]. Similar results were obtained in a Japanese research where researchers found that brains of subjects given quercetin showed little or no signs of dementia[6]. How good is that? Researchers believe that these abilities of quercetin are mainly due to its ability to neutralize building oxidative stress in your brain! So maybe you’ve found the ingredient that can keep you forever young and sharp. Sharp is the new SEXY! Top 5 Quercetin Rich Foods This, certainly, is going to be the next question in your mind. “Where and how am I going to get quercetin? Do I need to eat some pills for that?” That’s natural to think that something this magical would definitely come as pills. There is no other way for such thing to exist! But, let me tell you one thing; nature has a cure for everything! Why eat pills when you can benefit from nature’s store? Go natural! According to nutritionists, the daily recommended intake of quercetin is somewhere between 25 to 50 mgs.

Here is the list of Top 5 Quercetin Sources with their Quercetin Contents per 100 grams.

• Capers (raw) - 234 mg • Radish leaves- 70 mg • Cilantro – 53 mg • Red onions – 32 mg • Kale- 23 mg

Nothing fancy in these veggies. All very affordable and easy to access at virtually any grocery store in the world.

Who would of thunk it that the addition of 5 salad ingredients can keep your brain healthy and may even thwart off senile dementia with their rich levels of naturally occuruing quercetin. Of course, always check with your physician. Ask your doctor about the availability of medical grade quercetin and to compare to natural sources.

Please understand, this article is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any health condition or disease. Do not stop your medication under any cirmumstance without medical approval.

But heck, do try these veggies. And start at an early age. Show your parents and grandparents you love them by treating them to quercetin rich foods.

I mean, after all, what do you have to lose, except your mind and your memory.

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