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Sea Lettuce: #1 Deep Sea Secret to Firm and Tighten Saggy Skin*

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As Sebastian in The Little Mermaid would put it – "such wonderful things surround you… under the sea!" . Well, beauty experts and professionals have found it’s exactly like that. They’ve found natural ingredients under the sea to incorporate in beauty products and one of which is sea lettuce. And I am going to give you a Sea Lettuce DIY recipe to create your own beatuy treatment at the end of the article.

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But before we move on to my article titled Sea Lettuce: #1 Deep Sea Secret to Firm and Tighten Saggy Skin, let me share a bit of background on sea lettuce first...

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Sea lettuce is part of the seaweed family. Its scientific name is Ulva Lactuca, also known as Green Laver. It is primarily shallow water seaweed.

It's color is pale green when the plant is young and turns into bright green when matured. You’ll mostly find it sticking to rocks, reef flats, shells, or floating in the sea. It may look gross when you see it on a beach somewhere but this plant holds many potent ingredients to firm and tighten saggy skin. So how does sea lettuce go about that? Firstly, sea lettuces are high in Antioxidants, Vitamin A, and Essential Fatty Acids. And in case you’ve forgotten, these are the 3 components in getting your skin’s elasticity back.

This will regenerate the skin’s damaged cells and lessen the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. And what do you know – it also helps in production of collagen, the component that firms and tones the skin. Hard to believe you can get so many great anti-aging benefits from sea lettuce. I mean, sea lettuce is something you eat in salads or something you avoid when you are swimming in the ocean because it feels so yuckie against your skin.

Had I known sea lettuce has so many benefits, I would have swam right into it as I was body surfing in the Pacific Ocean rather than avoiding it! Your skin will also be suppler because it ups the blood flow to the surface.

Excess skin is one of the major causes of saggy skin. For weight loss beneficiaries, this is a common problem.

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So, your first thought would be cosmetic surgery when it comes to getting rid of this skin right? That need not be anymore.

Now we have sea weed wraps that will help with body contouring such as tightening of saggy skin. It assists in shaping the saggy skin by direct immersion of vitamins and minerals.

Ok, but since getting treatments like body wraps can be expensive, why not try to make it at home?

Try out this recipe below:

½ cup sea lettuce (powder is used in this recipe because it’s easier to come by that fresh ones. You can even order this online like this product from Nutricargo or this one from Kalyx), 3-4 tbs of your favored oil, warm water, plastic wrap, and towels. You can also add 2-4 drops of essential oils if you like.

What you need to do:

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Mix all ingredients together until you get muddy paste. Texture should not be watery.

If you don’t have a spa bed, it’s best to stand in the shower during application to your saggy skin parts because this can get messy.

Wrap in plastic those body parts with sea lettuce mixture.

When done, lie down on a towel and use another one as a blanket (make yourself a towel sandwich!) as this will make you sweat. Sweating will boost the skin detox process.

A warm shower cleanse after 20-30 minutes will seal the deal for your skin.

This recipe is also ideal as a face mask. But you should leave this on your face for 15 minutes then rinse off. That’s it! I hope my post Sea Lettuce: #1 Deep Sea Secret to Firm and Tighten Saggy Skin has given you some insights on how sea lettuce can benefit your skin. And beautify it! There are so many products that offer sea lettuce benefits you can choose from. Read the label prudently and decide on the best on for you. For those with existing skin allergies, best consult with your doctor before trying out any sea weed based product. Till next time, Kellie

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