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Definition of Motivation by Kellie Olver*

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Motivation is a force that makes you work to achieve something that you always wanted! An inner voice that stimulates you to work for your dreams! I know sometimes it is hard to get motivated and stay that way. Especially as we get older. So right off the bat, I want to motivate you by giving you my step by step formula on how to get motivated and stay motivated for life! All you have to do is click on the box below to gain access to the FREE Cheat Sheet that spells it all out.

Stay Motivated for Life by Kellie Olver

Continuing along, motivation is also an urge to gain something that drives you to work for your dream!

It’s a behavioral attribute that lets you or any individual act in certain way that is favorable for the desired outcome.

Now, what the heck is a drive and how does it differ from motivation?

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Drives are what come natural to you. They are embedded in your instincts! The drive of hunger, thirst and sleep and sex is not motivation. These are your basic needs! Motivation is what you design for yourself! Yes, motivation doesn’t come naturally from your instincts. It’s not a part of your nature or biology. That’s why you have to struggle to keep up your motivation. It gets affected by environmental and psychological factors. Why you need Motivation after all? Motivation is one of the fundamental forces that drive your life. You define your goals and work for them! But for working you need an urge! That urge comes from motivation. It brings you personal satisfaction and sense of well-being. It saves you from anxiety and fear of failing in life because when you work for something that you love, sense of achievement stays at peak. Motivated people are happier with their life and impact their surroundings positively. How to keep the Motivational Levels up?

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Motivation comes from inside of your brain and heart! Your brain has a rewards and punishment centre which helps you weighing the consequences of working for something you love! So, the key here is to designs the goals which you find interesting. This gives a huge boost to your motivational levels. If you don’t love your job, it will be hardest for you to get up in the morning and head to office. So, set your goals according to your interests and reward system of your brain will stay activated always. Fear of failing also plays role in keeping the urge alive. It reminds you of negative consequences of being unproductive and directs you into working for your goals. Sense of purpose and autonomy is another factor that keeps you going. It also comes from inside. Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning and make a life. This motivates you to struggle and get rid of un-productivity. [1]Science also claims that intrinsic motivation impacts efficiency of an individual. So, listen to your inner voice and work for what you want in your life. Get up in the morning, eat your favorite breakfast and go for job close to your heart! This will keep your productive and motivated! And if you forgot to download my FREE cheat sheet with tips to stay motivated for life at the start of the article, you can download it in the box below…I keep my motivation cheat sheet right by my computer so whenever I need a bolt of motivation, it is right there when I need it!

Stay Motivated for Life by Kellie Olver

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