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Medical Marijuana vs. Druggie Marijuana*

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Why Medical Marijuna “Treats my Ailments” and is Better than Recreational Marijuana.

Worried about your weed consumption? Don't be.

Marijuana is an effective plant for treating various ailments including glaucoma, arthritic pain, cancer and other disease directly related to aging. Including wrinkled skin!

Recently the debate was going on and still goes on about legalization of marijuana and that forced me to research on it. The pros of using marijuana are REAL! But here’s something that needs to be cleared up: The marijuana that you use to get high is different from medicinal marijuana. This article will deal extensively with facts about Medical Marijuana vs. Druggie Marijuana and prove many of your notions wrong! And once you finish reading this article, you will come to the same realization as I that medical marijuana is one of anti-aging’s best friends targeting brain aging, Alzheimer’s, skin aging and chronic pain.

Let’s first start with how weed works in your brain?

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Recreational and medical marijuana have different properties. Both come from marijuana plant but their chemical composition is variable. But before I head towards explaining their difference, you need to understand how weed works. Let’s deal with recreational marijuana first. Yes, I’m talking about weed that gets you high. Ever wondered why it does that? Weed contains a pleasure chemical called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that manipulates your brain. But how it does that?

Does Marijuana Kills Brain Cells by Kellie Olver

THC is a psychoactive compound! [1]It makes your brain secrete dopamine and dopamine is the happy hormone of your body! It gives a feeling of euphoria and pleasure. The reason why brain secretes dopamine is because it resembles a protein molecule present in your brain naturally. This protein molecule binds to receptors on your neurons and stimulates dopamine secretion. THC mimics this action and gets a key to open the door of cannabinoid receptors. Once this lock opens, dopamine comes out flowing! So your brain gets filled with happy hormones! Once you get this excessive dose of neurotransmitters, everything around you looks positive. The dull seems hilarious and food leaves the most delicious taste in your mouth! Now you know why people go frenzy about a joint after a long tiring day! How medical marijuana differs from druggie marijuana?

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Now comes the question of medical marijuana vs. druggie marijuana! Top of the list is that medical marijuana doesn’t get you high! Medical marijuana does contain THC but it has large amounts of canabidiol too. Cannabidiol is one of many compounds present in cannabis plant (marijuana). Cannabidiol is unable to get you high because it is structurally different from the molecule that can bind dopamine receptors. In short, it can’t open the lock of dopamine secretion and many other neurotransmitters! Hence, it doesn’t implicate a possibility of drug abuse! In fact [2]scientists believe it can CURE marijuana ADDICTION! (Double treat, isn’t it?) THC is also present in medical marijuana but its quantity is lower than in recreational weed. Now that I’ve ruled out the possibility of drug abuse for you, there’s another perk of medical marijuana. [3]IT TREATS MANY AILMENTS! (Keep reading for more on this). Why medical marijuana is better than recreational marijuana?

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Recreational marijuana has a bad reputation owing to its addiction profile. That is a given. However, let’s say for one moment that it isn’t that bad. I will agree that excess of anything is destructive and I’ll never advocate dependency. But THC present in marijuana has some medical benefits. So, if you use it smartly, it can be manipulated into your favor. Moreover, it can be given to patients with chronic pain problem to make them feel pleasant. [4]Science supports this claim too that THC helps in relieving pain! So, I agree that recreational weed has some perks. But when it comes to medical marijuana vs. druggie marijuana, medical one wins the game! The reason is what I’ve said earlier that medical marijuana also has THC in lesser, or should I say, appropriate amount. Why choose something that has an addiction profile when you have more appropriate option available? What benefits medical marijuana has to offer? Let’s move on to the medical benefits that weed provides because that’s the real thing. They will leave you in awe! Most of them are scientifically backed and research is still in progress to prove effectiveness of weed. The main point to notice here is that druggie marijuana can’t deliver the life giving, medical benefits because it doesn’t possess canabidiol and other non-addictive cannabis compounds!

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Some of the benefits and the science to back it up are listed below: 1. Alleviates glaucoma: Scared of a doctor popping fingers in your eyes? Enjoy a joint of medical weed! It prevents glaucoma and helps you in saving your sight! Glaucoma emerges when due to some physiological problems your eye ball gets extra pressure. It can lead to loss of vision, that’s why it’s critical to take care of it! [5]Science says that medical marijuana has the ability to alleviate glaucoma, when adjunct with standard medication. The reason behind it is the [6]ability of cannabinoids to reduce pressure by neuro-protective mechanisms. Now you see why medical marijuana wins in game of Medical Marijuana vs. Druggie Marijuana! 2. Helps Alzheimer’s patients:

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Alzheimer’s is a serious illness affecting your brain and particularly your memory. But what if I tell you that smoking a joint of medical marijuana (yes, not recreational marijuana!) can slow down your Alzheimer’s progression? [7]Science says that the credit goes to THC which reduces the accumulation of abnormal proteins in your brain. These abnormal proteins are responsible for Alzheimer’s. You can get THC through recreational weed too but its abuse potential is high so medical marijuana is the answer. 3. Reduces cancer spread: Cannabis (medical marijuana) also has the ability to fight cancer. It reduces the growth of tumor and [8]science backs this claim. THC present in medical marijuana helps in reducing the spread of cancer. 4. Anti aging effects: Marijuana targets aging factor in multiple ways. It affects your whole body and controls those agents that trigger the onset of aging. First is the BRAIN AGING! Although recreational or druggie weeds has psychoactive effects on your brain, medical marijuana can protect it. Yes, medical marijuana is neuro-protective and it delays brain aging in various ways. With advancing age, neurogenesis stops and new brain cells don’t form. With new cells not coming, old ones start wearing out and brain falls into the pit of aging. Your cognitive function slows and memory loss becomes real! But medical marijuana can save you from this mess. [9]Science claims that medical marijuana enhances production of new neurons so brain aging gets delayed!

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Cannabinoids present in medical marijuana manipulate your brain into secreting chemicals called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Don’t let these big fancy words mess with your brain. [10]Here’s a scientific research that supports this claim. These chemicals are involved in keeping your brain healthy and protected from aging. Cannabinoids are also NEURO-PROTECTIVE because they reduce oxidative stress in brain. Yes, [11]science says that marijuana delays brain aging because it controls free radicals that damage neurons in your brain. What else do you need when you have medical marijuana to protect you from getting old? [12]It also saves you from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which are give-aways of aging. So, isn’t it clear now? That contrary to recreational marijuana which messes with your emotions and brain, medical marijuana actually helps! It also controls your anxiety and stress levels. So, when your mind stays relaxed and anxiety never kicks in, its function also stays healthy. This factor also contributes in preventing early aging of brain. Marijuana also delays SKIN AGING! With advancing age, your skin loses its elasticity and becomes wrinkly and saggy. At that time all you crave for is something that can get you a bit of youthful look. In that struggle I’ve seen people, avoiding everything that has a bad reputation. But I say don’t stop smoking your joints just now! Because it will help you in keeping those wrinkle away.

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[13]Medical marijuana keeps the oxidative stress off. It reduces the amount of free radicals in your body and prevents cellular damage. With skin cells intact and healthy, aging stays out of picture. Medical marijuana’s anti-inflammatory magic also helps to keep so many other skin diseases at a distance. But this isn’t the end of friendship of medical marijuana with your skin!

Endocannabinoid System (ECS) present in your brain plays important role in cells of your skin layers (histiocytes). Medical marijuana targets this system by stimulating its function. So, recreational marijuana might give you pleasure but medical marijuana ensures a young and healthy skin! What will you choose among Medical marijuana vs. druggie marijuana? Of course the former one! Anti-oxidants (otherwise known as your body’s own personal body guard) of medical marijuana impact virtually every cell of your body. They protect them from damage done by free radicals with advancing age. So, you can say that medical marijuana cares for each and every cell of your body! 5. Helps with chronic pain: THC present in marijuana has profound impact on patients with chronic pain. The reason behind it is that THC stimulates brain into secreting neurotransmitters that relieve pain. Druggie weed also has THC but its quantity is too much to handle so medical marijuana should be preferred. So, there you have it! Benefits of Medical Marijuana and they are just few, there’s a long list of benefits that marijuana provides! Many claims to make a case about Medical Marijuana vs. Druggie Marijuana and undoubtedly, medical marijuana is what you need.

Stay tuned, the next article in my expose on Benefits of Medical Marijuana will focus on eating vs smoking. Till Next Time Kellie Growing Younger Every Day

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