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Brain Atrophy - 5 Ways to Avoid Brain Shrinkage*

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Brain atrophy doesn’t just happen to elderly people like you might think it does. Brain atrophy or brain shrinkage can happen to anyone at any age. In fact, it can be happening to you or your children right now.

And lets face it, shrinkage of any kind is not a good thing.

Question: What happens when your brain shrinks?

Answer: Loss of cognitive function.

Question: What causes your brain to atrophy?

Answer: Many things, including excessive sugar, alcohol, and a host of other things. Many physicians believe brain atrophy is a normal part of aging. And you know my motto on that one. What you believe and think is what you get! So cancel those thoughts immediately right now and please read this article!

Brain shrinkage can also be instigated by outside factors such as lifestyle choices which include unhealthy eating, smoking, and excessive alcohol drinking.

But there are ways to prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones.

I am listing 5 Ways to Avoid Brain Shrinkage to help you, your family and friends be proactive and start preventitive measures now.

Let's begin.

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1. One of the basic necessities in life is food. So when you make a lifestyle change, this should be the first aspect of your life you assess. And to avoid brain atrophy, you need to avoid high sugar content foods. Your body makes less insulin when your blood sugar level is down so in turn, you preserve your memory.

Select foods that have low glycemic load. Opt for berries instead of grapes or bananas because the latter have a higher glycemic load.

To make it easy for you when you go shopping I have created a Grocery Store Check List. The tasty selection is vast and you will find it easy to pick the best foods by following the list. Simply click on the box below to gain access.

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And if you want to take something from the counter, make sure it’s organic with no added sugar. Artificial anything usually has a high sugar content. 2. Again, when it comes to food, make the healthy choice. Eat fish that’s high in Omega 3 at least once a week. Omega 3 fatty acids functions to protect brain cells from damage that occurs with aging. One of the causes of brain atrophy is damage brought by stress and similarly, Omega 3 fats in brain tissue may shield our brain from such damage. For seeds, you can try Chia and Flax seeds as they’re exceptional sources of Omega 3.

Now, there are many more ways than 5 ways to avoid brain shrinkage. I am listing what I believe to be the easiest to incorporate into every lifestyle to make the biggest impact!

Like everything, please check with your physician first. Your medical or naural doctor is best suited to support your during this process.

3. Number 3 of 5 ways to avoid brain atrophy or brain shrinkage is to boost your brain with

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antioxidants. Not only is it anti-aging when it comes to beauty, but they protect your brain from shrinkage. More and more, people are re-discovering the importance of fruits and vegetables in their lives because of their health benefits including brain atrophy prevention.

Flavonoids and Polyphenols contained in these foods prevents cognitive decline in the brain. You can try Brussels sprouts, Spinach, Carrots, and Broccoli for starters. For a lovely end to your meals, berries are excellent choices for desert, like Blueberries or Strawberries. Make it green tea instead of coffee.

Walnuts are also a good choice. Check out what I have to say about this brainy nut by clicking on the box below.

Walnuts: Get a Dose of Healthy Benefits from Walnut Nutrition by Kellie Olver

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4. Take your vitamins. Nope, you can’t skip out on this. If you want your brain to function better and ward off damage, you need to supplement with vitamins. On top of the list is B complex. Take a daily dose of this multivitamin to cut down the rate of brain shrinkage.

Our very own Dr. Mercola reports B vitamins can reduce brain shrinkage by up to 90%!

Be warned though: do not take B vitamins more than the recommended dose as certain B vitamins can increase risk of Alzheimer’s. 5. Well! Last but not the least – stay active: physically, mentally, and socially. One way to make sure your brain stays healthy is to keep your body healthy. The physical activity results in improvements in mind and body coordination, which in turn stimulates the brain, warding brain atrophy off.

Social interaction keeps your brain sharp. I know sometimes it is hard to think of things to do with friends, so please, download my cheat sheet of 105 things to do to have fun! The cheat sheet is free and the majority of the activities are free as well! Just click on the box below.

Free Cheat Sheet 105 Things to do to Have Fun

It is fortunate that brain atrophy can be avoided. So let’s fight off brain shrinkage now! Start your regimen with my 5 tips in this article: Brain Atrophy: 5 Ways to Avoid Brain Shrinkage. Till Next Time Kellie Growing Younger Every Day

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