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Success: Definition of Success by Kellie Olver*

Success by Kellie Olver

Success is a word so frequently used, yet it’s hard to define. I am sure you have seen many people burning midnight oil to achieve said success. And perhaps you too have done a little burning yourself. All of this striving to achieve this word makes me wonder what success actually is? I mean, what are we running after! Everyone around you in office, house or gym talks about their success rate to a point that your head start aching. This always got me thinking about my definition of success. I say it’s highly subjective matter What is my definition of success?

I say success is when you’re doing something in your life that makes you happy and gives you satisfaction.

Some may think my definition of success is unrealistic or pie in the sky. I believe it is the most simple and achievable "baseline" that is essential not just for your entire being but also for your piggy bank. Fact of the matter is, [1]Science tells that success in life has positive impact on your mental health too. And when your mind is strong and healthy, better thoughts are in your head and better decisions made.

If we as human beings can adopt this simple mindset as the definition of success, living life would be a whole heck of a lot easier and can be the catalyst to achieving other forms of "success" in your life.

But not all people think like me.

Defining success in subjective terms means that it differs from one individual to other and this isn’t even surprising. Every person is unique with a set of priorities and you can’t expect what is close to your heart will be close to your best friend’s too. Let me extend it a bit for you. What makes you get up in the morning? Is it that you have to read your newly published column in newspaper? Or is it that you have to hit the gym to burn some extra calories? This is where everyone’s passion differs from one another and this is exactly why success has a different definition for everyone.

Daily Success Checklist by Kellie Olver

Of course reasons of satisfaction come in variety as well. What makes one person happy may vary greatly to others. All of this narrows down to personal goals.

If you want ‘success’ or even define it only, you need to sit down and think about your goals. Think about how you want to spend your life. Jot it down on a paper if you want to. Imagine where you want to see yourself after a few years! Once you’ve defined success, you can work for achieving it. What kind of personal goals can people have? Personal goals have no limitations. They can vary from materialistic and financial gains to spiritual happiness. You can define success in terms of a dream job or a happy family. Anything that you want. Anything that makes you happy. Even the goal of walking the dog every day. Yes, a simple goal, but an achievable goal, one that sets you up for more and different types of success.

How to Have a Successful Life Now - 2 Secrets to Success! by Kellie Olver

What hinders achieving success? Many factors can hinder your success. Fear of failing is top of it! When you have defined success and started working for it, fear is what you need to keep an eye on. If you want to achieve your definition of success, get out of your comfort zone and take risks to achieve your goals because they are totally worth it. Another factor that comes in your way of fulfilling your definition of success is fear of what other people think. Make effort to overcome this habit of worrying about other’s opinion because it doesn’t matter. This will give you peace of mind and control of your life, setting a stage for achieving success. Til Next Time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

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Reference: [1]http://www.journalnegroed.org/Climbing%20the%20Ladder%20of%20Life%20Satisfaction%20and%20Success1.pdf

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