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The Truth About Turmeric: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly*

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Have you ever wondered what gives an amazing aroma and flavor to the South Asian curries? The answer is turmeric. But flavor is only half of it as many people believe turmeric's health benefits far outweigh it's flavor.

Turmeric benefits include medicinal properties including stress and cholesterol reduction as well as possessing anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it belongs to the ginger family and is loaded with many nutrients. It contains Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Beta-Carotenes, Potassium and other vitamins. Who knew small root of turmeric could have so many health benefits?

The question is, "Is turmeric all that it is cracked up to be?". Or are all the benefits of turmeric a figment of the imagination?

That is why in this article will discuss The Truth About Turmeric: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, everything! So, read on.

Does turmeric offer any health benefits?

A one word answer to this question is YES!! Turmeric has a bioactive substance Curcumin. This yellow-colored compound is widely used to impart color in cosmetics and food industry. But let me tell you, its benefits go beyond it being a coloring agent. It offers a wide range of health benefits and I’m listing some (yes, these are only few!) below: • Anti-aging properties:

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Turmeric helps you in coloring up your anti-aging lifestyle! [1]Research shows that it alleviates oxidative stress in your body. The reason behind this is presence of many anti-oxidants in it. These anti-oxidants have the ability to neutralize free radicals produced in your body as a result of metabolism. It’s that free radical story all over again because it’s the main culprits that don’t want you to stay young!

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Free radicals are reactive oxygen species that damage your cellular membranes and bring aging closer. So, anti-oxidants present in turmeric put a leash on these free radicals and make sure you stay young a bit longer. Isn’t turmeric your best buddy? • Cholesterol reducer:

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Over-weight people are often scared to try new spices or flavors in fear of putting on weight but turmeric is none like other spices! It’s actually good news for people struggling with fat and high cholesterol level. [2]Research shows that turmeric is a cholesterol reducer. It reduces the level of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein), which is bad cholesterol for your body! So, now you can put turmeric on your salad without worrying about fat accumulation that usually comes with other flavoring agents! • Anti-cancer properties: Curcurmin present in turmeric is a life saver for cancer patients! It keeps these cancer cells from spreading in your body. • Anti-inflammatory properties:

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I’ve always wondered about perspiration while eating food with turmeric in it. It seemed funny that eating something spicy could make me sweat but now I know the reason! It’s due to turmeric! Not that it ever lessened my love for it; turmeric stimulates secretion of adrenal glands. It also lowers histamine levels and both these factor pave a way for anti-inflammatory mechanism. Turmeric reduces inflammation and swelling related to it. Other than these above mentioned benefits, turmeric also alleviates peptic ulcer, improves cognitive function, and saves your liver from toxins and whatnot.

Check out what Dr. Mercola has to say by clicking on the video below!

Source: Mercola

BUT!!! Is that all? Is there anything you should be aware of while using turmeric? Of course there is!!

So read on, because I meant it when I said this article will tell you The Truth About Turmeric: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! What’s so bad about it? Before I tell you any drawback of using turmeric, I want to clear one thing. Turmeric is harmful ONLY IF TAKEN IN EXCESS!! General side effects are pretty much same to those when you have curry in excess. You might experience diarrhea, upset stomach or nausea. There are some cases in which taking turmeric can go ugly. So, make it a part of your diet as much as you want but keep few things in your mind. • It’s unsafe in pregnancy

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Turmeric is likely safe in pregnancy if you take food seasoned with it but I would advocate its avoidance in excess. In medicinal amounts, turmeric can initiate a menstrual period so it might cause bleeding. It also has a tendency to contract your uterus, hence exposing pregnancy to risk. • It worsens bleeding problems Turmeric has substances that tend to make your blood thin. They reduce the ability of blood to clot and worsen bleeding problems. While this ability of turmeric can be manipulated to treat many blood related disorders, there are some drawbacks too. You can’t take turmeric with blood thinning medications. You just shouldn’t! [3]It strengthens their effect and wrecks your health instead of helping it. The blood thinning medications include warfarin, aspirin and clopidogrel etc. So, watch your turmeric consumption if you have bleeding problems. • You shouldn’t use it with anti-diabetes medicines Curcumin has a tendency to decrease your sugar level so diabetic patients should avoid adding it to their anti-diabetes medicines. This can result in fall of their blood sugar levels to a dangerous level.

Is Sugar Bad for You?

• Beware if you have GERD GERD is a digestive disorder in which you experience reflux of stomach acid. It causes heartburn and other issues related to it. However, the main point here I want to emphasize is avoidance of turmeric in case of GERD. The reason is because it tends to stimulate your stomach acid production and worsen the symptoms! Other cases in which turmeric should not be consumed include: • Kidney problems • Gall bladder stones • Endometriosis, fibroids or any other hormone related issues • Infertility • Surgery (because it can cause bleeding) • Iron deficiencies So, there you have it! Scientifically backed facts about turmeric!! Now, you know The Truth About Turmeric: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! I hope it will help you in managing your usage of turmeric as a spice! Til Next Time,


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