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7 Miracle Health Benefits of Turmeric*

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I’ve always been a turmeric lover! The reason being because a majority of turmeric benefits including arthritis, diabetes and cancer, are medicinal and SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED!!!

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Turmeric health benefits (besides being a tasty spice) lies in curcuminoids- a bunch of bioactive compounds. The most prominent curcuminoid is Curcumin which does wonders in your body!! [1]Research shows turmeric powder has highest amount of curcumin- 3% by weight. Even with this little quantity, turmeric comes to brighten up your health profile!

So, without any delay let me list top 7 Miracle Health Benefits of Turmeric. 1. It keeps you young!

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Want to live longer? Who doesn’t! Anti-aging lifestyle is real and I’ve been managing it for years! With all the anti-aging agents I’ve tried, turmeric curcumin brings the most results. Science has also proved what I’m saying! [2]Research shows that turmeric helps in improving longevity and keeping you young. It has many anti-oxidants that neutralize the damage done by free radicals by compromising your cellular DNA and membranes. So, with turmeric, aging stays away. There’s another side of this anti-aging story! EFFICIENT DETOXIFICATION! [3]Research shows that turmeric improves the function of liver by making detoxification process efficient. This stops toxins from building up in your body and cells stay safe from damage. Hence, aging stays away! [4]It also improves activity of anti-oxidative enzymes present in your body naturally. So, it acts as a perfect anti-aging package! 2. Inflammation stays out of the picture

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Inflammation is necessary for your body to protect itself from foreign invaders. Wondering why on the earth am I advocating its stoppage then? While it’s crucial for you, it becomes a problem in itself when becomes chronic. Chronic inflammation brings negative changes in your body plus it contributes towards progression of many degenerative disorders. It also comes with symptoms like pain and tenderness. That’s why you need to take care of inflammation and to stop it; turmeric is your best bet! Curcumin present in turmeric targets biological molecules that trigger inflammation. [5]With its powerful anti-inflammatory effect, turmeric curcumin becomes so potent that it can compete with pharmaceutical drugs. How freaking wonderful!!! You can have all the anti-inflammatory effects you want without any side effects and awfully tasting tablets now! 3. It protects your heart

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Turmeric helps you improve your cardiovascular health. It has blood thinning qualities along with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All these characteristics imparted to turmeric by curcumin pave a way for healthy heart. [6]Research has also proved this claim! Turmeric also enhances endothelial function, which in turn improves vascular health. Anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin decrease the risk of Arrhythmias. It also decreases the incidence of heart attack. What else a healthy heart means? You have got it all with turmeric! 4. Turmeric stops spread of cancer Cancer cells are produced in your body as a result of mutation. Some of these cells are innocuous but others invade other body parts causing malignancy. Malignancy is what makes cancer scary! BUT TURMERIC HAS ARRIVED!!! Yes, turmeric has the tendency to rescue you from spread of tumors in body. But the main question is how it does that? [7]Research shows that turmeric has the ability to intrude with signaling pathways in cancer cells. This intervention leads to interrupted cell division and tumors stay limited to the place.

Source: Dr.James Meschino

5. It’s good news for rheumatoid patients

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One of the top 7 Health Miracles of Turmeric is its tendency to alleviate rheumatoid. Rheumatoid is a locomotive disorder that affects joints. It comes with pain and severe limitation of movement. [8]Turmeric is perfectly safe and effective for people suffering from arthritis. The reason is that it has many anti-inflammatory powers. These powers make it perfect agent for alleviating rheumatoid and symptoms related to it. 6. It helps diabetics Turmeric is a great locomotive! But there’s more to it! [9]Studies show it is 400 times potent than Metformin. Metformin is a pharmaceutical drug for diabetic patients. But turmeric also has a tendency to lower blood sugar level and that too significantly! So, turmeric can help you if you’re struggling with diabetes. It also reduces long-term complications associated with diabetes.

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7. It act as an anti-depressant Depression is a highly underrated problem. It can ruin your health and needs to be treated! Aging also speeds up if you stay stressed out or depressed so to maintain an anti-aging lifestyle, staying relaxed is necessary! If you don’t like popping tablets in your mouth just to keep yourself happy, I’ve a solution for you! TURMERIC!! Depression emerges due to low levels of some neurotransmitters in your body. Turmeric curcumin helps release those neurotransmitters (Serotonin and Dopamine) and restore their levels. These hormones elevate your mood and depression fades away. When you have enough supply of these happy chemicals, aging clock also slows down keeping you young! Above are top 7 Health Miracles of Turmeric that no one should miss out! So, grab turmeric powder now and enjoy its delicious taste and catchy orange hue! Til Next Time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

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