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10 Adaptogen Herbs for Stress, Anxiety and Anti-Aging*

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Adaptogens are old herbs for this new age- the age of stress, anxiety and anti-aging. And with that comes cortisol!

Reverse Aging by Kellie Olver

I’ve been a workaholic all my life and it becomes increasingly hard to maintain an anti-aging lifestyle when stress surrounds you this much! This is what made me turn to my solace-adaptogens. In my experience adaptogens are the best anti-aging and stress relieving natural products you can have. Science has also proved that adaptogens lower cortisol levels and reduce the after effects of stress. So, I’m listing top 10 Adaptogen Herbs for Stress, Anxiety and Anti-Aging below: 1. Ashwagandha root

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Out of all the adaptogens I’ve used, Ashwagandha is my favorite! It has been used for boosting immune system since old times and is known as “strength of the stallion”. After illness when your body still has to recover from weakness, Ashwagandha helps you get your strength back. But let me tell you; it does more than that! It helps the stallion in other ways too! Ashwagandha is an adaptogen and used for fighting stress. It lowers the level of cortisol in your body and manipulates it into feeling less stressed. [1]Science says it can be used in the treatment of adrenal fatigue. It also improves your brain health as a whole by alleviating anxiety and attention-deficit disorder. Your mood gets elevated because your dopamine and serotonin levels spike. So, you live happy and live longer. Yes, LONGER! [2]Ashwagandha is filled with antioxidants that reduce pressure inflicted by free radicals on cells. It helps in managing diabetes. In short, ashwagandha is a complete package for a healthy and anti-aging life style. 2. Shizendra Chinensis

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Shizendra Chinensis is famous among athletes and I say for good reasons! It’s an adaptogen that like any other good adaptogen, works two ways. YES, TWO WAYS! It helps in alleviating adrenal laziness as well as adrenal fatigue! So, now you have either low cortisol level or higher ones, Shizendra Chineses is here to help! [3]Science also backs this claim, so you have evidence based solution for your stress now. 3. Ginseng

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You might have heard about ginseng already. It’s quite famous adaptogen and people use it for various purposes. Ginseng comes in many types but Asian ginseng is the most potent. It improves your mental capabilities and strengthens your ability to fight stress. It also has a profound impact on blood sugar level. So, if you are a diabetic, ginseng is a double treat for you! It also fights aging by manifesting its strong anti-oxidant powers. Moreover, it releases Serotonin and Dopamine in your blood, which elevate your mood. When stress stays out of the picture, aging doesn’t get a convenient entry into your life! 4. Holy Basil

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Holy mothballs, Batman! Holy Basil has always been my favorite due to its distinguished taste! For those who are wondering what it is, it’s none other than famous TULSI!

Tulsi has been popular among Indians for its special anti-aging effects but it also serves as an adaptogen. It’s considered an Elixir of anti-aging but I would say it should also be called as an Elixir of peace because it fights stress like nothing else does! It also balances hormones in your body and increases general well-being. So, you can look younger and relaxed only by adding holy basil in your diet! 5. Rhodiola Rhodiola (golden root) has been a favorite adaptogen for Russians and I always wondered why! But the day I started using it, its secrets revealed to me slowly. It’s no less than a magic herb! It provides a buffering mechanism to damages induced by mental and physical stress. The key ingredient in its composition is a phytochemical named as Salisdroside. This potent chemical compound is responsible for its stress relieving and anti-aging abilities.

Check out what our very own Dr. Mercola has to say about adaptogen Rhodiola by clicking on the box below.

Source: Mercola

Rhodiola not only lessens the level of cortisol in your body-one of the roles of an adpatogen, but also enhances the production of stress-resistant proteins.

These proteins limit the stress related damage and protect your body once and for all! It also improves memory and general mental well-being. So, if you want to stay young and stress free, Russians have the answer for you! 6. Cordyceps These are nutrient-rich mushrooms loaded with qualities of a typical adaptogen. They keep you active and fill your body with anti-oxidants. 7. Jiaogulan

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Jiaogulan, also called Gynostemma, is not a joke! It’s one of the most potent adaptogen in the world.

The reason I’m saying this is because it has large amount of Saponins- compounds responsible for their amazing health benefits. These saponins are of 38 different types and each plays its own role in attaining anti-aging benefits and superior health for you. Out of all saponins present in jiaogulan, the most important one is Gypenoside. Gypenoside comes with staggering health benefits and most of them are scientifically backed!! It boosts testosterone levels in your body and lowers cortisol. That’s why it helps jiaogulan to work as an adaptogen! It fights stress by balancing hormones, all of which plays an important role in anti-aging. See below: [4]Research shows that gypenoside in jiaogulan also has significant cardiovascular and ANTI-AGING effects. It fights oxidative stress and prevents premature aging- a perfect pill for looking young! It also improves cardiovascular health by releasing Nitric Oxide in your body and managing blood pressure. Gypenoside also enhances endothelial health of your blood vessels. Thinking that’s all? NO! Jiaogulan also enhances your bodily defenses by boosting immunity. A strong immune system is one of the best tonics for your anti-aging goals.

So, make a jiaogulan tea and drink all these health benefits with it! 8. Eleuthero root

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Eleuthero is the kind of adaptogen that makes you feel better right after you eat it. It’s filled with bioactive substances that boost your immune system. They have immense power to suppress the levels of cortisol in your blood, which mean that it can effectively fight stress and fatigue. Eleuthero is also famous in herbal medicines for its benefits in heart disease. So, it not only keeps you stress-free but also protects your heart! 9. Licorice root Wondering what Licorise root possesses that other above mentioned adaptogens lack? Thymus protection! Yes, licorice protects your thymus from damage done by cortisol. Resultantly, your immune system stays healthy. 10. Goji berry

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People know Goji berry as a Chinese longevity fruit and I say they are right! Goji berry has many anti-oxidants which prevent aging in its consumer.

BUT what makes Goji berry an exceptional adaptogen is its power to improve endurance and physical strength. It makes your energy levels better and combat stress. A peaceful sleep becomes an achievable goal and hormones also stay balanced! Til Next Time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

* Disclaimer:

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