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Top 17 High Protein Foods (Protein dense calorie smart)*

Top 17 High Protein Foods by Kellie Olver

High protein foods are the key to weight loss and all your anti-aging needs. Think beautiful skin, a toned body, strong muscles and bones plus happy hormones! Oh, and for all you doubting dieters out there, science tells us eating high protein foods induces satiety, meaning, you just might eat less when you are feeling full and satisfied and that can translate into fitting into your skinny clothes again.

Need more proof in the science department? In a study conducted at the College of Nursing at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, result findings supported that high protein diets for weight loss do indeed work! You can read the abstract of the article here.

So what does all this mean? Ya gotta eat protein to look and fee your best! The secret is to eat high protein foods that are nutrient dense with a high protein count compared to the amount of calories in the food of choice. (Please keep reading, all this is explained below!)

Sure, you can find plenty of food in your kitchen loaded with protein — (oh, please save me from another egg white!) but, most people, including me, stick with a few popular ones such protein shakes, bars and canned tuna.

So, I decided break-up the oh-so-boring routine with a cheat sheet listing the Top 17 High Protein Foods. I call this list the best of the best including foods that are protein dense and calorie smart, with more bang for your buck protein without all the fillers, crap and high calories.

You can gain access to the cheat sheet right now in the box below. The cheat sheet lists and spells out all the high protein foods plus includes serving size, calorie count and grams of protein.

Free Cheat Sheet High Protein Foods

The article below gives you greater detail about the food itself. So, let's get started! 1. Gelatin Powder:

First of all, gelatin is a food. Gelatin is pure protein. It is protein rich and calorie low. I will say it again. Gelatin is pure protein —protein rich and calorie low. Out of all the top sources of proteins, gelatin powder is the best!

Triple K Collagen Restore

• It’s full of collagen protein and serves as an amazing source for your protein requirements. It is an elixir for your joints because collagen protein is what makes your joints healthy.

Gelatin is animal protein (as opposed to plant, whey or soy protein) thereby providin an overbundance of of amino acids to your body, which enhance health and beauty of skin, nails and hair.

• Did I mention weight management —including curbing cravings, keeping you fuller longer and weight loss?

• Besides acting as a high protein source, gelatin soothes digestion and has so many other total body benefits. FYI: The reason gelatin is great for digestion is because it’s a great water-binding agent so it helps your food in passing through your gut more easily.

• I get my gelatin from my favorite high protein snack, called Triple K. Triple K is more than a snack in fact, it is an excellent source of protein with 11 grams of protein and only 60 calories! Triple K is formulated to help diminish your appetite and keep you fuller longer. Not to mention sinfully delicious this all natural high protein supplement is mixed with organic cinnamon and organic-fair trade cocoa!

Triple K Collagen Protein Enriched Beverage Blend by Kellie Olver

2. Parmesan Cheese • Proteins present in Parmesan cheese are in the form of amino acids, peptones, and pre-peptones, thus digestion is easy.

• Cheese poses a nasty threat for people striving for weight loss. Why? Fat. But Parmesan cheese solves that problem for you! It has a low fat content and that too in the form of short chain fatty acids, thus less harmful.

[1]Research shows that Parmesan cheese is lactose-free and has immense pro-biotic and pre-biotic effects. So, it’s certainly good news for lactose intolerant individuals!

I like Parmesan because it is hard, you really have to chew (great for satiety) and it is a bit salty. Also great to satisfy cravings.

3. Cottage Cheese

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• Loaded with calcium so with cottage cheese your bones stay strong and healthy! According to the US agricultural department, you can gain 125 mg calcium from 1 cup of low-fat cottage cheese. Plus, 1 cup has 203 calories and 31 grams of protein. WOW!

• Rich amount of proteins present in cottage cheese helps you in building and repairing your muscle damage.

• You can scoop it up and put on your salads or simply spread it on a crust of bread and have a delicious taste. You might want to sprinkle some slivered almonds or chopped walnuts on top. And don't forget the cinnamon!

Or, why not try a scoop of cottage cheese in half a cantaloupe! Another tasty treat!

4. Eggs

• Eggs have not only rich amount of proteins but also many vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E and minerals, Selenium and Phosphorous). In fact, eggs are considered the most perfect food if not the very top of the top of perfect foods!

• They have high amount of HDL- the good cholesterol so your cholesterol levels stay healthy.

• Eggs are good for your eyes! The reason is because they are filled with antioxidants like lutein- an antioxidant responsible for your retinal health.

• One large egg (yolk and white) has 78 calories and 6.2 grams of protein.

Top 17 High Protein Foods by Kellie Olver

5. Greek Yogurt

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• Greek Yogurt is thicker and creamier than regular one and proteins are also twice in amount. So, Greek Yogurt is just like a treasure of proteins.

• It has rich amounts of pro-biotics, which keep your body and particularly your gut healthy.

• It has low amount of carbohydrates so weight also stays under control. 6. Tofu • It’s one of the top protein rich foods in the world. Using tofu as a source of protein lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

• It has antioxidants that prevent cellular damage and aging. They also control tumor growth in case of breast and prostate cancer.

• Please don't shy away from tofu. There has been a lot of negative press about soy —what tofu is made of— in the past. However, studies have shown that the right kind of soy has multiple health benefits. 7. Pork chops • Protein rich pork chops serve as an immense source of nutrients for your body. These nutrients are responsible for carrying messages around your body and other vital functions.

• Zinc is in abundance that plays important role in normal cell growth. All the mommies-to-be! Your baby needs zinc so have as much pork chops as you have. 8. Steak

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• Steaks are delicious and definitely fall into the category of one of the Top 17 High Protein Foods. They provide all the benefits one expects to gain from meat.

• Proteins strengthen the immune system and improve your bodily defenses. 9. Chicken breast • Chicken breasts help you manage weight because it fills you with satiety and gives a feeling of fullness.

• Along with being one of the high protein foods, it also provides iron which helps in healthy oxygen delivery in your body. 10. Turkey breast

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What makes Thanksgiving holiday a bit healthier? TURKEY BREAST! And it’s so full of proteins. • With rich amount of proteins, it gives you a feeling of satiety and keep your food cravings under control.

• It has lesser amount of calories as compared to other meats so your weight management stays in order too!

NOTE: To get your free cheat sheet with all the high protein foods discussed in this article with serving size, grams of protein and calorie count, please click on the box below. Tape the cheat sheet on your ice box or your bulletin board in your pantry. Take your cheat sheet with you to the grocery store as a check list of what types of high protein foods to throw in the buggy! You will never have to think about calories or trying to figure out your protein needs again!

Top 17 High Protein Foods by Kellie Olver

11. Tuna Tuna sandwich is always in my lunch schedule for the week because it tops the list of highest proteins foods. • Proteins present in tuna helps in growth and development of your body cells

• Omega-3 fatty acid saves you from heart problems!

• Yellow fin tuna is the most nutrient dense calorie smart. Meaning out of all the tuna's out there, it has the highest protein count per calorie. 12. Salmon Us Canadians are crazy about salmon! No wonder we are so full of vigor and vitality because salmon has the following benefits in store for you. • It has proteins in form of bio-active peptides and these are involved in regulating collagen synthesis in your body. Collagen is a high protein food that gives life to your joints so if you suffer from a joints disorder, salmon is your savior!

• It has anti-oxidants that can enhance the productivity of your anti-aging lifestyle

The Salmon are Running - The Benefits of Wild Salmon versus Farm Raised by Kellie Olver

13. Beans Beans are no less than a super food! • They are a top source of high protein foods which keep your satiety levels high and ensure your protein needs are completely met.

• They have fiber content which makes them easy to digest and a gut-friendly food supplement! 14. Lentils 26% of calories present in lentils are due to their protein content. So, I can fairly say they are one of the richest protein foods.

• They are good for your heart because their cholesterol content is “Good cholesterol”. 15. Nuts (Pistachios)

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Nuts and legumes are also like lentils! High protein foods! • They are full of proteins and amino acids which ensure a bright health profile.

• They are loaded with antioxidants which keep your eyes healthy and help you in managing your anti-aging life style because they prevent PREMATURE AGING! 16. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are little packets of proteins! Definitely one of the all time high protein foods.

• Pumpkin seeds have an amino acid Tryptophan which is responsible for the production of serotonin in your body. It improves your mood and general well-being.

• It has magnesium and zinc along with some anti-inflammatory substances. These nutrients keep disease away from you!

• Pumpkin seeds are also great for amping up testosterone levels in men. 17. Peas • They are rich in branched chain amino acids which help your body in building muscles.

• They keep you full and aid you In decreasing your belly fat.

Top 17 High Protein Foods by Kellie Olver

So, there you have them, all 17 High Protein Foods you can add in your diet! Remember, protein is so important for health and wellness, all your anti-aging needs including hair, skin, nails, muscle support and energy. Plus, let us not forget the need for high protein foods to support healthy weight management.

I’ve attached the cheat sheet in the box above. The cheat sheet lists portion size, proteins and calorie count so you can have variety and all the facts you need to know about your protein intake!

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