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How to Conquer Fear: 6 Fast Fixes That Work*

How to Conquer Fear:  6 Fast Fixes That Work by Kellie Olver

Learning how to conquer fear is an absolute must do for everyone. Why? Fear keeps people stuck and cautious which can sabotage their ability to take action, directly impacting their level of success.

Get Unstuck in 30 Seconds by Kellie Olver

Don't get me wrong, I won’t say fear is something negative. Fear has been wired into our DNA since the dawn of man and kept us humans safe against the sabre-tooth tiger. Fight or flight came in real handy back then.

Even in today's world a "logical" amount of fear is okay and in fact necessary because it keeps us on the right track —it makes us look at situations and take stock.

An inordinate amount of fear, well that is a different story because you just might be too afraid of making a mistake and failing. And ultimately, paralysis sets in and that is not a good thing for you, your friends or your family.

Which is why learning how to conquer fear is a valid quest for everyone.

Fearful to Fearless – in 30 Days or Less – Part 1 by Kellie Olver

Below is a list 6 fast fixes, that will show you how to conquer fear once and for all.

Don't focus on problems

1. Focus on results, instead of problems This strategy is the secret of my whole successful career! Of course, I’ve been anxious many times because I feared to fail but once I started focusing on solution, things always looked better. It’s a way to keep you directed. It keeps the pressure off and saves you from anxiety. Focusing on solutions and working on it brings positive outcome and ultimate success. So, forget about how complicated the problem at hand is and start working for its solution. Face your fear step by step and mind it that it’s all in your head. With this attitude, you can keep the fear away and attain your goals efficiently! 2. Stay optimistic

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People often take pride in being pessimistic because they confuse it with being realistic. It’s good to be realistic but always thinking about what can go wrong brings no good! Keep an optimistic approach because pessimism reinforces the fear of the unseen and halts your success. Moreover, [1]science tells that optimism is a way to a healthy mind. So, no matters how awful things are at the moment, always keep the music of hope playing!

3. Be confident It’s another way of saying “have faith” or “believe in yourself”! Self doubt leads to fear of failure and anxiety, which ultimately affects your performance. So, believe in you abilities and constantly tell yourself in your head that you can do this. Repeat this mantra whenever you feel like having pessimistic thoughts.

If you are thinking right now that it is just not that easy to be confident, when you are not, I GET IT!!! Here is a way to get you on track to believing in yourself every day! You can boost your self confidence with my step by step guide spelling out 17 easy to follow tips on how to boost your self confidence by clicking on the word confidence, right now! 4. Make a list of your success

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Writing, or listing your success, past and present, every time you achieve something helps! It gives you a sense of confidence and you move forward by putting aside the fear of failing. You say it to yourself: "Look at everything I have done! If I can achieve all this, I can do the task at hand! No need to be scared of struggle at hand!" 5. Don’t compare yourself with others People often do this but don’t make a mistake of comparing yourself to others because it is a dangerous territory! It lowers your confidence, creates self-doubt and reinforces the fear of failure. You should compete with yourself only. Just worry about being at a better place than where you were a day before.

Fearful to Fearless – in 30 Days or Less – Part 2 by Kellie Olver

6. Counsel yourself

BE YOUR OWN THERAPIST! Notice a negative thought popping in your head? Stop yourself right there and flip the negative word to something positive. That’s how you can conquer fear!

Words and thoughts have a direct influence on how you think and feel and using them purposefully are an important element in how to conquer fear.

Identify your fears and face them! Counsel yourself with reasoning and optimistic approach.

I hope this blog, how to conquer fear, has given you the confidence to punch fear in the face! The 6 mental fast fixes to stop fear of failure have come in handy for me on many an occasion. In fact, I can say to you I have test driven these techniques into the ground!

Give it a go. This is your life. Don't let anyone stand in your way, especially you!

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Reference: [1]http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2894461/

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