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10 Power Foods All Women Need to Eat*

10 New Power Foods for Women by Kellie Olver

It’s hard to stay energized especially when you have to manage your home and a job. Sound like you? Being a woman, I perfectly understand what it means to bring home the bacon and make the beds! And the struggles related to that which include weight management, stress levels, skin beauty and energy.

As women, we also need to choose and eat the best food to give us what we need to succeed and keep us at our best in mind body and spirit! So right off the bat, I want you to have my collagen boosting grocery store check list.

There are over 100 hand selected tasty and delish foods in all categories spelled out for you. All 10 power foods are listed in the grocery list below. All you have to do is grab the list and go shopping. So To gain access, please click on the box below to download your FREE copy.

Anti-Aging Collagen Boosting Grocery List by Kellie Olver

Sure, it is easy to grab and go, but grabbing and going the wrong food presents another issue- "the weight gaining thingie", as many foods, even "healthy fast foods" tend to pack on the pounds.

And then some nut bar has come up with the next latest and greatest power food for women confusing the matter a little bit more. Urggggg.

Like you, I have tried many, many power foods in this regard and plenty of them helped and plenty of them did nothing.

That is why I am making my list below narrow and sharing ONLY my pick of the litter.....10 Power Foods All Women Need to Eat that tackle many of your concerns including energy, weight management and stress levels. 1. Broccoli

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Yes Broccoli is a power food! Please, hear me out! Broccoli is so good for you! Broccoli is cabbage’s cousin but it beats cabbage in many ways. Its nutritional value is amazingly high and calorie content is equally low. So, you can have broccoli in your diet without facing the threat of weight gain. Talking about nutrients, broccoli has high amount of Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system.

Its high fiber content keeps your gut moving and minerals maintain your metabolism. The most prominent characteristic of broccoli is its cancer prevention. It has Sulfur compounds, which are powerful in their anti-tumor properties and you stay safe from any kind of malignancy in your body. So, here you go with your first punch of nutrition-broccoli! You can access it easily and eat it raw or cooked!

Check in with your belly when you eat your broccoli raw. Some people may get a little tummy ache. Normal. The solution is to steam your broccoli till your body becomes accustomed to this power food

2. Walnuts

Walnuts even look like your brain, why won’t they energize it? Walnuts top the list of power foods for women. Walnuts have Arginine —an amino acid that relaxes blood vessels and soothes circulation. It has melatonin that regulates your sleep patterns and elevates your mood.

(Didn't I say these power foods would tackle stress!)

And nothing gives more energy than a deep, comfortable sleep! Right? Right!

Walnuts: Get a Dose of Healthy Benefits from Walnut Nutrition by Kellie Olver

Walnuts contain a bundle of antioxidants but the most prominent of them is Gamma-Tocopherol. It’s a type of Vitamin E and it prevents premature aging by alleviating damage done by free radicals. They boost your brain power by enhancing memory and learning capabilities. [1]Science shows that Polyphenols in them improve brain health with age. You can also enjoy perks of walnuts by adding walnut oil in your diet. It has healthy fats so you are safe in that area too! 3. Red beans

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I can’t have my salad without red beans! They are another of my favorite power foods for women because they not only energize my brain but also satisfy my taste buds! Plus they keep me YOUNG! Red beans are loaded with antioxidants that fight aging. They have fiber that keeps your digestion smooth. Red beans also have a powerful property of inducing satiety. They give you a feeling of fullness and limit your snacking. A good way to keep weight under control, isn’t it? 4. Almonds

10 New Power Foods for Women - Almonds

Almonds. The king of nuts. They have power and they dispense it in your body well. No wonder they are symbol of hope and progression in the Eastern culture. Almonds have good cholesterol instead of fats that threaten your health and particularly heart. Almonds reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. They have Vitamin E as powerful antioxidant to keep away aging.

Anti-aging Foods – 21 Foods That Make You Look Younger by Kellie Olver

They also contain phosphorous, which strengthens your bones. So, ladies, no need to fret about osteoporosis! Almonds have arrived! 5. Avocado It’s true that avocados have dense amount of fats but WAIT! These fats are mono-saturated so they pose no threat to your weight management plan. Avocado oil is amazing, in fact, it can help you in losing belly fat.

Like other power foods, avocados are rich in potassium, iron and fibers. So, you can expect a lot from this tasty fruit!

Eat Your Way to Younger Skin by Kellie Olver

6. Greek yogurt

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Thick, creamy yogurt has always been one of my first choice for breakfast and snacks. It gives you freshness, high proteins and a lot of probiotics to start your day. Probiotics boost your brain power and improve well-being of your body. Greek yogurt is better than regular yogurt because it has twice the amount of protein. It also contains a lot of calcium for your bones so it’s especially useful for women. 7. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is another tasty power food all women should eat. First of all, it has a bundle of Vitamin C, which acts as an immense immune booster. It also has the ability to counter damage done by free radicals. Grapefruits also have other essential vitamins which maintain metabolism and energize you. You can use it while snacking to end your eating cravings.

But let us not forget weight management! And that includes weight loss! Grapefruit is filled with pectin and fiber. The old wives tale about grapefruit helping you loose weight and keep it off has some merit. Heck, haven't you heard of the eggs and grapefruit diet? You can access my blog featuring it and 4 other detox, weight loss jump starts here.

8. Salmon

10 Power Foods All Women Need to Eat - Salmon

Salmon is also a power food and number 8 on my list of 10 power foods all women should eat. But unlike others in the list, salmon has an additional bonus of omega-3's! This fatty acid protects your heart and keeps your body safe from diseases. Salmon is a fish popular for its super rich protein content. It has a little bit of a higher calorie level because of the good for you fats, and the nutritional level is high. Minerals like selenium provide an effective mechanism for skin aging.

The Salmon are Running - The Benefits of Wild Salmon versus Farm Raised by Kellie Olver

9. Whole grain Pasta

Who knew pasta could be a power food? But it is! You can binge on it now not only to end cravings but also to increase energy! Avoid processed pasta because the whole grain has Vitamin B in it. This vitamin B helps in converting nutrients into energy and keeps you active all day long! Fiber content is also available in whole grain pasta which increases your satiety levels and control excessive snacking. So, you can shed some pounds too with pasta. Make it a double treat by drizzling cold pressed organic olive oil on top before serving! For perks of olive oil, check number 10 on the list of 10 Top Power Foods Women Need to Eat.

10. Olive oil

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Pour olive oil all over your salads, fresh or grilled veggies for a tasty treat. Oh, yeah, and to stay active and healthy. There are many anti-aging oils for ageless skin out there and olive oil is considered one of the tops! Olive oil constitutes a bundle of benefits including increasing your energy levels and helps to keep you young by its powerful antioxidants.

Oh yeah, olive oil is a power food all right!

Note: Do not FRY your food in olive oil. The high temperature can cause the oil to oxidize-bottom line, cause inflammation which causes aging. It is ok to sauté on low heat for a short period of time.

If you would like more information on oils, including omega 3's and coconut oil, check out my blog on that very subject by clicking right here, on The Skinny on Fats.

Food is so important. It fuels us. It nourishes us. It takes care of us. Power foods take special rank because not all food is created equal. As women, we need to be very particular about what we put in our mouths because let's face it, we got so much going on and so many things to take care of.

I hope my article has shed some light on power food for us women. We are smart. We can get even smarter when we choose our fuel, our food, wisely. And in today's day and age, we need every edge and advantage we can get. Eating the 10 power foods listed, is a great way to start!

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