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3 Easy Techniques on How to Improve Your Eyesight*

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Wouldn't it be great to lessen your vision problems? And never have to wear prescription reading glasses ever again? Look no further! This article will guide your way by giving you 3 easy techniques on how to improve your eyesight!

I sit in front of a computer all day and discovered I was starting to have a little bit of blurred vision and headaches.

So, when the doctor said, "blame it on your age (NEVER), blame it on the computer (OK) and now you need stronger glasses (I REFUSE) and less time in front of the screen (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN)", I decided to dig deeper and find some natural ways to improve my vision! After all, my livelihood depends on my computer!

Luckily I found some easy techniques to improve my eyesight and now I am passing them on to you!

Let's begin! Palming- Your way out!

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Palming eyes is a tired and true way to improve your vision problems. Your eyesight worsens due to weakness of your eye muscles. Relaxing them can do wonders and palming eye exercise is an effective way to do this. So, let’s dig deeper and see what it has for you! Remember, this is a tried and true technique that really works.

It needs no instrument and you can perform it anytime anywhere you want. Here is what you need to do:

• Rub your hands to warm them a bit.

• Close your eyes and try to stop thinking about anything that bothers you. • Sit calmly and put your hands on your eyes. Place them in a way that your palms contour your eyes gently and your fingers cover your forehead. Base of your hands should touch your cheeks. • Once you have achieved this position, BREATHE! Try to keep your mind off from any stressful thought and breathe deeply.

• Keep doing it for 5-30 minutes. This simple exercise is an amazing therapy for relaxing your eyes and lessens the strain inflicted on them. Blink it and shed it!

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Blinking is the second easy technique on how to improve your eyesight.

I know what you’re thinking! BUT TRUST ME, BLINKING WORKS! There’s a whole rationale behind it.

People who watch TV or work in front of screen for a long time are prone to vision problems. Yup, that is me! WHY? BECAUSE THEY BLINK LESS!! I had no idea. I am paying attention to this now. Blinking provides lubrication to your eyes and prevents them from drying. It’s their food so making sure that your eyes get enough of it, it is another way of getting your vision back. Be mindful about blinking as much as possible while watching TV. You can also make a habit of sitting calmly and blinking for 5-10 minutes daily. The third and last technique on how to improve your eyesight is to eat healthy food!

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Your eyes crave real food. And by that I mean collagen boosting foods.

A Healthy diet is the ultimate solution. Without proper diet, your eye muscles will weaken and you will never be able to get rid of your glasses. Being a nature lover, I tired some foods for this purpose and found that:

• Dry fruits and nuts are elixir for your eyes. They contain vitamins and nutrients that strengthen your eye muscles and improve vision. Here’s a tip: soak 10-15 almonds in water for a whole night and eat them with an empty stomach next morning.

I have been soaking my nuts and seeds for over 25 years. (Orders from Dr. Helga, my Eastern European naturopath/homeopath for optimal wellness!)

Why soak? Soaking reduces the amount of phytic acid in nuts, seed and legumes and makes it easier for digestion and nutrient assimilation in us homo sapiens. Plus soaking unlocks the living growth enzymes, the life giving energy that your eyes (and body) love! • Carrots are your saviors! Yes, rabbits know what blessing carrots are and they use them well but it’s time you start doing it too. Carrots have a lot of Beta Carotenes in them which turn into Vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A is a key nutrient required for health vision. [1]Research also shows vitamin A deficiency can cause vision loss. So, make yourself a glass of carrot juice daily and throw your glasses away! • Oranges can help you! Oranges have Vitamin C in them and it plays vital role in improving your vision. • Green leafy vegetables, figs and amla also have beneficial effects.

Please make sure to download your grocery store check list featuring over 100 hand selected collagen boosting foods for you, your family and your eyes! You will never have to guess again!

Anti-Aging Collagen Boosting Grocery List by Kellie Olver

So there you have it. 3 easy techniques on how to improve your eyesight, which include palming, lots of blinking and healthy foods. There may be more, but these 3 techniques are your best and most effective start.

Your eyesight is important. Sometimes we neglect the simple, yet most important aspects of our body. We only value it and miss it once it has been taken away from us. Blurred vision and headaches are an amber alert and something to pay attention to.

Take additional action to improve your eyesight. Wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. Eat foods that have internal body sunscreen potential. Get a special computer screen which has shown positive results in protecting your eyes from the blue light emitted from the screen, which in turn supports healthy eyesight and relief from blurred vision and headaches. Also, study and learn how to prevent computers from causing more damage.

Finally, follow the above mentioned 3 easy techniques on how to improve your eyesight and watch how you ditch your reading glasses once and for all.

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