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7 Mindset Shifts that Set You Free!*

7 Mindset Shifts that Set You Free!

How mindset shifts can help you get what you want at any age!

Everyone wants freedom. Freedom typically goes hand in hand with success. Yet, very few get it.

Why? Their mindset gets in their way.

This is why examining your life then incorporating conscious mindset shifts is the key to kicking your life into high gear and getting what you want at any age.

Let's start off with the basics: what is a mindset? A mindset is a belief about something. Your mindset therefore determines the outcome of your life: Success and Failure.

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What you think is what you get and your thoughts, the good, the bad and the ugly, set the tone for your mindset.

You may even become rigid and live by rules based on these mindsets which keep you shackled by doubt. Not very attractive is it? This is where mindset shifts come into play.

So, what is a mindset shift? A mindset shift is a change or a shift in an existing belief system.

A positive mindset shift is shift in a negative belief system (or thought) that has held you back from achieving all the things you want in life.

I have identified 7 Mindset Shifts that Set You Free to achieve all life has to offer! Incorporating the 7 mindset shifts will help you unlock the chains of what has been holding you back from getting everything you want out of life. I am living proof that mindset shifts do work and can change your outlook on life, transform limiting beliefs and set you on the path to life’s success and I will share some of my personal stories within this article. So without any delay. Let’s begin. Note: #1 and #7 sets the tone! 1. You don’t have to believe what you believe!

No Limiting Beliefs - Kellie Olver

Mindset shifts can blow away any limiting belief that is preventing you from achieving the life successes you want.

Let’s do a little review here. Mindsets are just attitudes or beliefs (mostly limiting beliefs) you have about things. And negative mindsets can sometimes get pretty ugly and have a direct impact on your present and shape your future. Bottom line: negative mindsets can limit your success potential.

The good news is you can choose not to believe them. Meaning, you can change your mind! What a concept! You don’t have to be stuck in a negative mindset nor let it define you.

Limiting beliefs are typically learned or adopted from someone else’s point of view. And these “someone else” people developed their belief system from someone else, who learned it from someone else and usually that someone else is oh so wrong in their mindset.

Let me tell you a personal story about me believing someone else’s mindset:

I used to believe it was hard to lose weight. I also used to believe if I ate any food, I would gain weight. WHATTTTT? Really? I believed that? Yes I did. Really and truly. And I turned those thoughts into my reality. Whatever I ate made me gain weight and I struggled with my weight for years. My weight fluctuated from 110 to 200 pounds for nearly 20 years. Now, where did I get that negative mindset from? My mother. She had a weight problem. She believed her thoughts and her words. She learned these words from her mother, who learned them from someone else. The negative mindset that was alive and well in my brain were my mother’s thoughts, not mine. She passed on her negative beliefs about weight to me as a child. I chose to believe her thoughts and then turned her beliefs into my very own limiting beliefs about my body and my weight. What was possible and what was not.

The good news? I changed my mind! I had a mindset shift!

It really was that simple.

I decided to believe something else!

I shifted what I falsely believed about weight, body image and the ability to lose weight! And that set me free to get what I really wanted in my life: freedom from the war going on in my brain about my body image; freedom from thinking my weight defined me; freedom from going on every diet under the sun.

My mindset shift about weight set me free and gave me a happier life!

2. Age doesn’t matter.

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Most people use age as an excuse for not getting what they want in life. They think they are too young or too old to succeed.

If that sounds like you, a couple a mindset shifts, including one about aging are just what the doctor ordered! AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER! The only person who believes age has power is you.

Good thing Colonel Sanders didn’t let age hold him back. He had a mindset shift at the age of 65 when he started his chicken business. For those of you who don't know, the Colonel's chicken business is the very successful international franchise, Kentucky Friend Chicken.

And here I am at the tender age of 56 starting out on a new venture of teaching the world how to think and speak, one word at a time, at an age when most people have believed the best is over and that there are no new vistas to conquer!

You can limit your potential if you believe that only the young can succeed.

Change your mindset about aging and stop relating success with age.

There are 30 and 60 year olds who believe only 20 year olds can come up with new, amazing concepts and ideas.


It’s all about your mindset! If your mindset is dialed into leading a successful life, at every age, you will! Contrarily, if you think that since you’re past a certain age, you’re not allowed to flourish, you will get exactly that. Your life will be unsatisfied.

So, start designing your successful life NOW! The positive, constructive mindset shifts you put into place today will set you free to succeed and set you up for your successful, happy life tomorrow. It’s never too late, not even if you’re a century young!

3. Thinking out of the box.

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Those who thrive in life adapt to new thoughts and embrace changes open mindedly. So, why are people so afraid to think differently or try something new? Is it fear of failure? Fear of being laughed at? Fear of criticism? More often than not, we tend to stick to our old beliefs. We keep on viewing the world from our old pair of glasses, with tired worn out lenses rather than seeing new possibilities. It is ok to look through new lenses! Start thinking innovatively. Be creative and think twice when deciding upon a conventional way. It is ok to think outside the box. Creative thinking can be a way of life and need not be a mindset shift but a way of being. Worried about what will people say? DON’T BE! Because it doesn’t matter! Gossip mongers never stop. Moreover, those who gossip are no saints themselves. Everyone is messed up and faces his own set of failure or struggles, so it’s not worth your time to care about others’ judgements. Instead, focus on what you want. Make one of your intentions making each day better than the last. Yes, success is when your “this day” is better than your last one! So, dream big, be innovative and achieve your goals by thinking out of the box! 4. People are born better than me. Do you believe certain people are special and have some

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magical powers about them? Change this mindset immediately! This is not true. This is a myth! Not Bill Gates! Not Angelina Jolie! Not even world famous football (soccer to all us Americans) superstar Lionel Messi! Hey, even Oprah and Steve Jobs got fired. They are all ordinary human beings who have struggled to achieve in their lives. So, please, shift this mindset that those who succeed have some Svengali, hypnotic super powers that you and I don’t. Their only power is hard work and focus. They keep their eye on their prize and don’t let anything get in their way. They have done all the mindset shifts they need to get what they want and capitalized on the opportunities that came their way. They burn the midnight oil and don’t let anything stop them to follow their passions. Put your attention on your intention, what your dream is, what your desire is. Shift your mindset to what you want and how you are going to get it and see your successes appearing before your eyes. 5. Ordinary or Extraordinary?

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This is a continuation of what I’ve described above. If Bill Gates can do it, so can you!

Self-confidence is the foundation of a successful life. Believe in yourself that you are the extraordinary.

I would like to share another personal story:

I was told I was a waste of sperm and not good enough for anything or anyone; I was told I would always be fat and ugly and would end up in the gutter!

I, however, chose to believe something else.

I gave myself a mindset shift and choose extraordinary rather than ordinary and created a very different picture: an internationally recognized TV host in Canada and the United States; I travelled the world and hob knobbed with aristocrats and celebrities; I learned about business from some of the most influential business people in the world; and, overcame my self-doubt and fear of not being good enough.

I found it within my own heart to love myself. One of the best mindset shifts of all time! (Oh yeah, and I gave those Debbie Downers the bird one day when I showed up in a fancy pants limo and a designer jacket!)

You see, mindset shifts come in all shapes and forms.

Changing your mindset from thinking you’re too ordinary to do anything in life to extraordinary and believing everything is possible will set you on the road to success.

Shed the fear of failure. Being successful means shedding the fear of being wrong. Tell yourself that you can do it!

YOU CAN DO IT! Say these words out loud to yourself! LOUD and CLEAR!

Want to Stay Motivated for Life? by Kellie Olver

Your words are powerful and they can steer you into achieving your goals. So, repeat this mantra in your head whenever you feel your mind starting to shift back to ordinary from extraordinary. You’ll be halfway there by only thinking about it. Michael Jordan chose to believe in himself instead of listening to his high school basketball coach. Michael Jordan was CUT from his high school basketball team! If he listened to what his coaches said, basketball would be a very different picture today! Oprah Winfrey was told she had no talent and got fired from a TV news station. Walt Disney got fired from a newspaper because he was told he lacked imagination! Madonna’s first job in New York City was at a donut shop in Times Square —of which she also got fired!

Professional Hockey player Ty Domi was told he would never make it to the National Hockey League because he was “too small”. Ty ended up playing the role of the Enforcer (tough guy) for the Toronto Maple Leafs —the player on the ice who goes after the big players on the opposing team! 6. Risks are not so risky! Just say YES!

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People avoid taking risks because they consider them irrational. But taking risks (#6 of the 7 mindset shifts) is extremely necessary to having an exceptional life. BECAUSE RISKS ARE COMPLETELY RATIONAL! OK, yes, risks ARE risky, but the upside to RISKS is that they have the capacity to drive you to the peak of success. My story: I took a huge risk and left my home and friends in California when I was 23 years old to move to Toronto for a 3 month job. I had $100 to my name and drove across the country by myself in a beat up old car with no radio. I made friends with truckers along the way who looked out for me on my 5 day journey. I slept in rest stops along Route 66 till I crossed the border in Detroit on my way to Toronto (which by the way, I had never been to before). The risk I took, setting off into the unknown, set me up for the rest of my life. I saw it as an adventure! Was I scared, of course I was, but the thrill of doing something new and meeting new people far outweighed the fear. My experiences have shown me that facing and taking risks make you adventurous and fearless. It gives you strength to face unseen circumstances. It helps you in staying optimistic and science says optimism improves your mental and physical well-being. So, it’s like a successful life with an extra shot of happiness and health! Risks are a doorway to a new arena! So, hop on to every opportunity that comes your way without fearing unpredictable consequences. Do your homework first. You can always say “no” AFTER you have done your due diligence. Taking action is the first step which unlocks the fear and shatters the cement that is keeping you stuck. 7. Failure isn’t a complete loss

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First off, let me be perfectly blunt. Failing SUCKS. And it is much more pleasant to succeed than fail. However, throughout my many endeavors, I have learned that in every failure there is a success. That is why this mindset shifts away every fear and doubt about failure.

I have had many successes and I have had my share of failures. Fact is I used to think it was impossible for me to fail! RUDE awakening! It wasn’t until I accepted failure as a part of growing that I started to see real success coming my way.

And that is why I saved failure for the last of the mindset shifts that will set you free so you can succeed and get whatever it is you want at any age.

Failure is a blessing in disguise and but a minor setback in your life which creates the platform for success.

Failure gives you experience and there’s nothing equal to experience in life. There are those that say Thomas Edison failed 1000 times. To quote Mr. Edison, “I didn’t fail a 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.”

Never take your failures personally! If you do, it becomes a problem!

Let me share an example of one of my failures and how I took it personally and what I did to overcome it:

I pitched my skin care line to The Shopping Channel in Toronto back in 2008. Let’s just say, I really messed up and I was devastated. I did not think I would ever recover.

However, that horrible pitch to the Canadian buyer taught me what to do and what not to do. And better prepared me to present my skin care line to QVC, HSN and ShopNBC, which by the way, enabled me to do 10x the business and ended up in a bidding war for my line.

Check out the video below as I share my story.

Everyone faces failure in their life. Failure is ok. It really is. It’s part of life. Just embrace it like you embrace success.

Ok. You have just completed 7 Mindset Shifts that Set You Free.

Everything from choosing not to believe what you believe, to knowing that every age is the rite age to succeed, to thinking outside the box, to knowing you are extraordinary, to knowing that taking risks are life enhancing and that really, failure is a blessing, not a curse. So what do you think?

I hope this article sheds some light on the importance of mindset, mindset shifts and your own personal belief system. Everything is possible when you put your mind to it. And if it takes 100 mindset shifts to set you free and grab everything you want in life, so be it! Enjoy the ride. Till next time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

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