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Morning Habits Highly Successful People Live and Breathe By*

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There are very specific tactics the uber, uber rich and successful people live and breathe by to get themselves onto the red carpet and into the front row of success. It starts when the alarm clock rings.

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Success Daily Check List by Kellie Olver

Success looks so easy but I understand that success isn’t a piece of cake! It comes with consistency and hard work. Everyone paves his own path to success and this path is adorned with different accessories. Below is an overview of the Top 8 Morning Habits Highly Successful People Live and Breathe By every single day! 1. They wake up early

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That mantra of “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” your teachers and parents used to tell you repeatedly was not just an incessant advice elders threw on you. I took this seriously and I’ve unlocked tremendous benefits out of rising with the sun. So take the words of someone who has been an early riser all her life! Waking up early is one of the most distinguished habits of successful people.

You go to bed early and have a long, peaceful and fulfilling sleep. A comfortable sleep prepares you for next morning’s challenges and you wake up fresh with no baggage from the last day.

You also get some extra hours to plan your day and make yourself ready for challenges.

Upon rising, make sure to give yourself a great big glass of water and lemon to clear the cobwebs out. Even the Cleveland Clinic agrees with me on this morning habit. You can read all about it here.

Your morning habits can also include a 5 minute ritual that can help you look and feel 5 years younger in less than 5 minutes. It is common knowledge that highly successful people partake in personal care and take pride in their appearance. And of course highly successful people take action to look their best.

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Look and Feel 5 Years Younger in Less Than 5 Minutes by Kellie Olver

So, if you want to cherish success in your life, stop hitting the snooze button and get up early because that’s what many success people do. 2. Highly successful people eat a healthy breakfast

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A healthy breakfast is the key to a productive day and successful people know this secret! That’s why it’s one of the most common habits of successful people. Food is a fuel to your body and your body needs it most in the morning!

A refreshing breakfast full of nutrients provides you enough energy to enter into your day well-fed and mentally prepared.

Personally, I love to start my day with a protein-rich breakfast which includes Triple K, which sets a healthy stage for whole day and my body doesn’t get short on fuel. Even a cup of coffee is a great boost for your day! The New England Journal of Medicine has even determined coffee is a great way to keep the grim reaper from knocking on your door. You want to enjoy your success as long as possible, right?

So, say hello to breakfast and say goodbye to laziness! 3. They plan their day

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Successful people are well-organized and they work in a planned way! They craft their routine carefully and think before they act. And you know what best time to plan your day is? MORNING TIME! You have a crystal clear and well-rested mind in the morning. So, you can analyze and plan effectively. This saves you from any unpredictable situation that could create a problem for you. It’s like putting a stop to every unforeseen happening, right before starting the day! So, incorporate this with other habits of successful people I’ve listed and get results NOW! 4. They meditate

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Nothing is better than a clear mind to start a day. And what clears your mind amazingly? MEDITATION! It’s a mental therapy that takes you to a road of peace and happiness. It acts as a mind spam, filtering your negative emotions. Yes, meditation frees your mind from negative thoughts and brims it with positivity. Meditation also helps you in staying focused throughout the day. It works as an alternative of exercise and counteracts stress effectively. I always use meditation as a stress-coping mechanism and a morning session is so fulfilling and relaxing!

Successful people also start their day by incorporating this simple stress relieving strategy to kick out anxiety. A daily 15 minutes meditation session can help to keep yourself active and stress free. Embrace this as some of the most successful people I know incorporate meditation into their morning ritual.

I find the ancient morning ritual of Salutation to the Sun, is a perfect quick routine (a few minutes is all it takes) that incorporates meditative properties with gentle physical movement. I have created an easy to follow step by step guide that shows you how. Please click on the box below to download your free copy.

Salutation to the Sun by Kellie Olver

5. They avoid morning distractions

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You know what ruins a perfectly tasteful morning? Push notifications constantly pinging on your mobile! I’m talking about emails, Facebook and Twitter that infest your life without any break!

In old times, one used to wake up and do something productive but now first thing everyone does is to turn to his Smartphone and waste the most important time of the day on it!

What this means is: NO PHONES, NO EMAILS, NO SOCIAL. MORNING IS YOUR TIME. CLAIM IT AND OWN IT! Successful people keep themselves safe from this curse! They avoid morning distractions and focus their energies in getting ready for their day. Get rid of this reflex of checking emails right after waking up. Save it for later, first you need to get up and embrace one of the most consistent habits of successful people —making sure your day starts healthy! 6. They set goals and strategize to achieve them

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Morning is the time when you plan before starting your journey. One of the most distinguished habits of successful people (that has helped me in flourishing in my career too) is setting goals each day. I used to wake up, meditate to clear my mind and then set target for the day. It helped me in staying focused and achieving quickly. Successful people use this strategy to yield high productivity levels on daily basis. They set some goals daily and make strategies to achieve them. It keeps them focused and helps them in tracking their progress on a daily basis! So, set goals, prioritize things for yourself and make plans to achieve them. You’ll start flourishing in no time! 7. They take time for gratitude

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Gratitude is very important for a peaceful mind because only a mind at peace can lead towards success. Healthy habits of successful people include being thankful for what they have! Start your morning by counting your blessings. This ensures a positive approach and [1]science says optimism breeds good luck! Being thankful also fills you with contentment and satisfaction.

So, starting your morning by taking a few minutes for gratitude will change your outlook and boost your activity level! 8. They motivate themselves

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Successful people are passionate with high motivational levels. That’s their secret to success! I’ve tried to stay motivated all my life and my strategy is to counsel myself in the morning.

Before I start my day, I give myself a dose of motivation with a cup of Triple K! I read something inspirational or listen to motivational anecdotes. I tell myself that I need to stay active for the sake a productive day because that will bring me satisfaction. So, add a motivational punch in your morning caffeine dose!

If you need a little help getting motivated and staying motivated, I have written an amazing article on how to get motivated. Inside the article is a cheat sheet listing tips and ways to stay motivated for life. You can access the article and the cheat sheet by clicking on the box to get your download.

Stay Motivated for Life by Kellie Olver

There you have it! A list of 8 Morning Habits of Highly Successful People Live and Breath By, including, waking up early, eating a protein breakfast, NO SOCIAL or EMAIL upon rising, planning and organizing their day, giving thanks, meditation and even a daily dose of meditation.

What is great is that these 8 most effective habits of highly successful people are actions that you can incorporate in your daily life immediately to help ensure you start flourishing NOW!

If you would like a guide to follow, to get you going, I am attaching my morning success ritual, which includes over 20 easy to follow steps that will get you teed up for success and the red carpet like the celebrities you see every day! Just click on the box below!

Enjoy! And to your success!

Success Daily Check List by Kellie Olver

Till next time Kellie Growing Younger Every Day

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