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Knee Pain Relief: Frozen Peas to the Rescue!*

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6 everyday home treatments that work to give you the knee pain relief you are looking for!

Sore knees are a pain in the knee caps that affect young and old. That is why knee pain relief is tops on everyone's mind and why everyone is on the lookout to find as many knee pain treatments as possible.

Which brings us to my article: 6 everyday home treatments that work to give you the knee pain relief you are looking for. Especially the ones that work. Like frozen peas. Never underestimate the power of frozen peas!

Here’s the thing, whoever you are or whatever you do—a student, an athlete, a waitress, a doctor, a lawyer or a climber— you have to walk or run around for your work and your knees bear all the abuse!

No wonder we have even youngsters complaining about knee pain now days. Knee pain has always been considered a give-away of aging particularly in females because osteoporosis tends to prevail after menopause. Youngsters suffer equally and we need to put a full stop to it!

That's why I’ve come up with some easy knee pain relief methods or treatments. Many of them you already have in your kitchen or bathroom cupboard. If not, they are just a stone throws away.

Once you have read this article, run, don’t walk, and go pick up your favorite treatment (especially the frozen peas!) and soon your sore knees will be a thing of the past!

Pull out your dancing shoes cuz knee pain relief is on its way!! 1. Frozen Peas

Or, anything frozen. Ice chips, ice cubes and yes, even frozen peas are some of the oldest methods to relive any kind of pain. They had been used long before medicines were even discovered and have helped bring knee pain relief to so many people.

You don’t need to go to a medical store to get the required products. All you need is to open up your freezer and pick out something frozen! From ice packs to ice cubes in a plastic bag to packaged frozen peas or frozen fruit.

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You got it right!! I’m am suggesting "cold therapy" that people discard quickly just because it has no chemicals or medicine involved.

This simple mechanical technique works to alleviate your knee pain particularly if its onset is due to any trauma.

You can use cold packs available from the market or make one for you with ice and a plastic grocery bag. Keep the cold pack on the painful knee and compress it, or hold on the area with light pressure.

This constricts blood vessels in that area and enhances the threshold of pain, making you feel numb. The swelling due to inflammation also stays limited. Contrary to cold therapy, you can also use heat!

However, there’s a caution involved related to temperature of heat. Particularly if you are using moist heat, keep an eye on its temperature because excessively high temperature can burn your skin.

You can use hot packs available in market or make one for yourself in the microwave. A hot bath or swimming session can also prove helpful for hot therapy. The heat tends to dilate blood vessels around your knees and improves circulation. The muscle spasm also decreases and ultimately the sensation of pain is altered. So, now you can get rid of knee pain by a relaxing warm bath or a cold pack saved in your refrigerator! 2. Supplements Diet constitutes a great deal of treatment therapies that are effective in knee pain relief. A wonderful addition in your diet routine is the addition of supplements. These supplements are to provide sufficient nutrients to your body, to raise its defenses against knee pain and to improve health of your joints. I’ve tried several of them but found best results with these: - Triple K

Triple K Collagen Enriched Beverage Blend by Kellie Olver

Triple K is protein rich drink formulated a bevy of amino acids that are specific to support arthritis and arthritis pain. And arthritis pain can pop up in your knees.

Your knees hurt because collagen protein present in them wears out. Collagen protein is your knees elixir and when elixir starts degenerating, pain sets in. But TRIPLE K IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION!

This hearty drink is loaded with collagen derived from gelatin and has a delicious dark cocoa cinnamon flavor! Each cup of thick and creamy Triple K provides 11g of collagen. So, supplementing your diet with Triple K means ensuring health of your joints and keeping the knee pain away!

Triple K Collagen Enriched Beverage Blend by Kellie Olver

- Vitamin D Vitamin D plays major role in your Calcium metabolism and resultantly strengthens your bones and joints. The deficiency of Vitamin D leads to pain and other disorders related to joints. So, adding Vitamin D supplements in your diet can help in relieving knee pain. - Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate

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These fancy words are actually biological substances present in your body and make cartilage. Yes, the cartilage present in your joints is made up of these building blocks. With advancing age, cartilage in your joints, particularly knee joint (because it’s involved in movement excessively), wear out.

But supplements containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate provide building blocks to repair the damaged cartilage. Resultantly, your knee pain disappears and your joints stay healthy. These supplements are available in market and you can add them in your tea or other drinks. 3. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera has large amount of vitamins and nutrients including Vitamin B complex, C, E, Zinc and most importantly Magnesium! These nutrients make it an effective remedy for joint pain. You can make an Aloe Vera drink and drink it in place of your evening tea. Other than that, you can apply it topically on painful area in gel form. It fades away knee pain in no time! 4. Ginger


I love ginger tea, not only for its delicious taste but also because it keeps my knees safe from aching. Ginger is no less than a super food and contains many substances that help in alleviating knee pain. It also keeps inflammation out of the picture. [1]Science has also proven its effectiveness in knee pain. Nutritionists recommend that you take 4 grams of ginger in your diet daily for effective results. Add it in your curry or make a tea out of it! I use ginger in my daily juicing!

You will always win with ginger, a perfect at home solution for knee pain relief that really works! 5. Grapes Grapes contain Polyphenols that have strong anti-inflammatory properties. [2]Research shows that grapes have miraculous results in alleviating knee pain. They also limit swelling due to inflammation. So, grapes are like delicious pills for patients suffering from arthritis. 6. Turmeric

Turmeric-Photo by Laurence J. Clark at flickr.jpg

Turmeric has bitter taste and orange hue. But the most interesting thing about it is Curcumin. Curcumin is a bio-active substance and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces swelling and alleviates knee pain.

You can put turmeric in your curry but that quantity is not sufficient. So, I’ll recommend using it as supplement because turmeric powder is available in market. This magnificent herb has other benefits too and you can read them here: 7 Miracle Health Benefits of Turmeric.

Well, my friends, that just about does it for today. My top 6 everyday home treatments that work to whisk away knee pain and bring relief. I believe any one of the 6 treatments I have mentioned above will help to give you the knee pain relief you are looking for. Best of all they are easy on your body and your pocket book. And they really work!

I hope you have enjoyed this article! Pass it on to your friends or anyone you think might be able to benefit.

Till next time!


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Reference: [1] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24617168 [2] http://nationalpainreport.com/can-grapes-reduce-pain-and-improve-health-8823840.html

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