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5 Reasons to Run to Mineral Oil*

Mineral Oil is good for your skin.

Why does mineral oil have a bad rap? Typically you hear the word mineral oil and you run away as far as possible. I know I did. So did my friends.

However, luckily things change. And so did my opinion of mineral oil.

And that is why I am going to give you 5 Reasons to RUN to Mineral Oil.

Once you hear about all the benefits and understand what all this negative horse hockey is all about, you might just change your mind. Like I did.

Did you know mineral oil is used in some of the most expensive moisturizers in the world? In fact Estee Lauder uses mineral oil in La Mer, the Soft Moisturizing Cream, which sells for $155 an ounce!

Estee sure knew best! Would you argue with Estee Lauder? I DON'T THINK SO!

So, the main question is why is mineral oil so notorious?

It is because of it's association to petroleum. That’s why it’s considered pore clogging and something to avoid. But I am here today to bust these myths for you.

First of all, oil (petroleum) is made by mother earth.

Oil is a natural product that bubbles up from the ground.

And, once it is extracted, the processing of the oil determines which grade is made that applies to various applications.

The cream of the crop pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade mineral oil leaves you with a clean, pure oil that is gentle enough to go on a baby’s bare bottom!

If it is good enough for a babies bottom, don't ya think it is good enough for us?

I am listing five health and beauty mineral oil benefits. I’ve tried them all and all of them work!

Also, please make sure to read #4 below. You will see the science behind mineral oil’s naturally occurring non-comedogenic properties!

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1. It alleviates constipation

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Mineral oil helps you in pooping! It’s a laxative used to alleviate constipation.

Constipation happens due to excessive re-absorption of water from stools in the intestine. So, all you need to do is to limit this re-absorption and mineral oil does the job nicely. Mineral Oil is a lubricant that makes a protective layer around stools. This layer of oil has hydrophobic qualities which limit re-absorption of water from your stool. It also provides bulk to your stools and aids bowl movements so, you can poop easily! You can take mineral oil in oral form or enema.

Mineral oil enema is readily available in drug stores and is mostly in the form of a squeezable tube. This squeezable tube helps you in delivering mineral oil directly to rectum. In oral form you can mix the liquid in water or any other liquid. So, run to mineral oil NOW because along with many other mineral oil uses, alleviating constipation is one that keeps your body healthy!

Constipation, its causes, remedies and role of Vitamin C by Kellie Olver

2. It gives relief from ear problems

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Mineral oil not only cares for your gut but also your ears! It can be used for minor ear problems like ear wax cleansing to major ailments like infection.

Earache is also relieved by mineral oil —who would have thought that?!— because mostly it arises from an infection. Everyone knows a little bit of ear wax is important as it acts as a barrier to protect your ear drum and prevent gunk from coming into your ear canal. Too much ear wax isn’t a good sign. Especially people like me who are conscious about their ear health. Excessive ear wax lodging in your ears can diminish your hearing and let’s face it, too much wax in your ear is aesthetically un-appealing.

But there’s a solution I’ve tried myself and it totally WORKED! You can cleanse ear wax by putting a few drops of mineral oil in your ear. It softens the ear wax and helps you in cleansing it easily. Once the ear wax softens, you can pour warm water in your ear and dislodge the wax. Say hello to clean ears! Mineral oil alleviates earache emerging due to external ear infection. Ever had swimmer’s ear? Ouchie, Ouchie, Ouchie! Yes, swimmers ear and I are well acquainted. Used to get it all the time as a child. Very painful. That’s what I’m talking about! It occurs due to accumulation of bacteria in your ear and you feel pain. BUT MINERAL OIL ARRIVES TO RESCUE YOU! A few drops of it do wonder. Don’t use it if you have a perforated or punctured eardrum. 3. It is effective for scalp conditions

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One of the most important mineral oil uses is its role in alleviating scalp problems. Dandruff, cradle cap or scalp psoriasis— there’s nothing that mineral oil can’t help you with!

Apply mineral oil on your scalp (preferably at night) and cover it with plastic shower cap. Even a simple treatment like this will loosen up dry scalp skin. It also helps in reducing inflammation. Besides mineral oil uses for scalp problems, it also aids in improving hair texture. This is due to its water retaining ability. Mineral oil limits loss of moisture from hair by enveloping its cuticles and creating a hydrophobic barrier. It’s a good idea to hydrate your hair before applying mineral oil. 4. It is useful in skin problems

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Mineral oil uses also include relieving skin problems. Having dry skin has always given me a tough time but the day I discovered mineral oil, things changed for me! Mineral oil has a tremendous quality to retain hydration and that’s what helps in staying skin supple. There’s a rumor about mineral oil being comedogenic. That means it causes acne but it’s a myth! [1]Science has proven that mineral oil has no role in exacerbating acne. It doesn’t clog pores of your skin. All it does is to retain its hydrated condition and keep it refreshed! Yes, it’s perfectly safe to use and helps in keeping skin moisturized. And a hydrated skin is a key to anti-aging. So, you need to add mineral oil in your anti-aging lifestyle to keep your skin away from drying or getting aged! 5. It helps you in getting rid of temporary tattoos

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Out of all the mineral oil uses, this one was unexpected for me. Mineral oil has a hidden power that relieves you from regrets! Don’t tell me you never had a tattoo that you didn’t regret later! Many people don’t make one because they fear they can’t remove it. For both parties I’ve a solution. MINERAL OIL! Mineral oil is a distilled product of petroleum and it can easily erase your temporary tattoos. Quickly. Take a piece of cloth and dip it in mineral oil. Rub it on the tattoo in concentric circles and you will see upper layer loosening up.

This is why you must run to mineral oil! 5 Mineral Oil Uses that can benefit you in your daily life! So use them NOW and get maximum results out of this natural substance!

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Reference: [1] https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/05/050531075410.htm

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