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5 Tell-tale Signs of Premature Aging*

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The tell-tale signs of premature aging show up in many ways: stiffness, aches, pains, lines, wrinkles, memory loss. Today, we will focus on the visible signs of premature aging —5 tell tale signs that somehow magically appear overnight right in the middle of your face, when you least expect it.

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When you spot your first white hair you invariably worry about how soon you would be met by your first wrinkle. Life in the twenty first century is not easy at all. Every day we battle pollution, fast food, toxins and stress. They take a toll on your health which then shows on your skin.

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There are many factors that speed up aging skin process the sun’s UV radiation is your skin’s greatest enemy as is the smoke from your cigarettes and vapes, your self-tanning products, poor diet and lack of sleep.

Your skin hints that you are prematurely aging but it is not always possible to understand what these hints are hinting!

That is why I wrote about the 5 Tell-Tale Signs of Premature Aging

This article will identify what 5 of the signs of premature aging are and give ideas on how to fix them. 1. Fine lines and wrinkles

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Fine lines mean full blown wrinkles are not far away. Fine lines and wrinkles are very strong signs that your skin is aging prematurely. They usually occur in your mid to late thirties. The collagen and elastin in your skin naturally break down resulting in fine lines. As time passes, these fine lines will turn into wrinkles, making you look older than you actually are. Fine lines are categorized by where they happen on your face. You may have: Forehead lines (on your forehead) Frown lines (Between your brows) Bunny lines (on your nose) Tear toughs (Under your eyes) Lip wrinkles (Around your lips) Chin crease (On your chin) Marionette Lines (along your Jawline) Mouth frown accordion lines (At the corners of your mouth) Nasolabial folds (Between your nose and cheek) Crow’s feet (At the corners of your eyes) The good news is you can reverse this process by taking a few simple steps: • Eat a lot of ‘beauty foods’ like pears, cabbage, gelatin and turmeric. This will clear your digestive tract which will increase your vitality as your body gets rid of toxins.

Collagen boosting foods work well too.

And don't forget gelatin, which is filled with Collagen Protein and all it's skin loving amino acids. Gelatin is one of the best beauty foods around.

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• Protect yourself from the sun. The Sun is the major reason that your skin begins to age prematurely[1]. Use sunglasses and a good sunscreen lotion when out in the sun.

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• Always keep your skin clean and well moisturized.

• Use good anti-wrinkle products. 2. Age spots

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Age spots are also known as liver spots. They are flat, grey or brown spots that appear on your face, neck and hands. More common amongst light-skinned people than people with darker skin, formation of age spots is accelerated by the sun. Melanin is the pigment that renders color to your skin. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation destroys the cells that produce melanin causing black spots or patches on your skin. Here are some options to get rid of your age spots: • Laser therapy – Killing the damaged cells by use of laser allowing new cells to grow [2].

• Dermabrasion – Sanding out the top layer of the skin by means of instruments and chemicals.

• Prescription creams – Topical creams that help fade the spots over time. Age spots are harmless. However, along with being a sign of premature aging, they can also mean skin cancer. Check with your doctor if the spot is itchy, tender, gets bigger or is a combination of colors. 3. Dry and flaky skin

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Aging makes skin more susceptible to dryness. Although, dry skin can affect anyone, older people are mostly seen to struggle with scaly or flaky skin problems. As you grow older, the epidermis or top layer of the skin begins to thin out. The skin cells that make this layer begin to reduce in number causing the skin to lose its capability of retaining moisture. When this continues for a long time, the skin loses it suppleness to become dry and flaky. As you age, even the sebaceous glands which produce natural oils can no longer function properly as this contributes to the loss of moisture in our skin. To avoid this, use a thick moisturizer from time to time throughout the day. This will keep your skin moisturized and prevent dryness.

Try my collagen boosting Avocado and Kale Honey Masque. You can get the store version for almost $100. I think mine is better. You can download the recipe for free!

Collagen Boosting Avocado and Kale Masque by Kellie Olver

Also make sure that you drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated at all times.

4. Dullness

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When a make-up artist is required to make an actress look older, he often takes the easy way by painting a constellation of brown spots and sun damage. Now imagine, if this can make a 30 year old actress look 70, what it can do for you! A major reason for dullness is damage from the sun. Just as prolonged sun damage can cause fine lines and age spots, it can also cause dullness. The ultraviolet radiations from the sun destroy the skin cells. The dead cells then form a layer on your skin making it lose its glow and appear dull. As a remedy you can: • Exfoliation! Use a gentle facial scrub or a peel mask to remove the dead cells and restore brightness.

For the rest of your body, try my DIY double sugar scrub. It is made with white and brown sugar and all sorts of other goodies!

Double Exfoliating Facial Sugar Scrub by Kellie Olver

• Use sunscreen while out in the sun to prevent skin damage from the ultraviolet radiations.

• Use skin care products rich in Vitamin A and C, as these vitamins help turn over old cells and promote the growth of new cells [3-4]. 5. Droopy eyelids and under-eye bags

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As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and droops all over. The effect is most prominent around your eyes. As the skin around your eyes begins to sag, you start to truly look old.

There are other things too which eventually develop around the eyes as you age: • Fatty tissue deposits that make your eyes look puffy • Dark circles around your eyes Always use a good sunscreen, protective clothing and sunglasses when you have to go out in the sun. And if you can help it, it is best to avoid the harsh rays of the sun altogether. Premature aging is a very common concern amongst the women today. As the market floods with anti-aging skin care products, even women as young as in their late-twenties are encouraged to use them.

It is true that you cannot control your natural aging process but we can sure curb the factors that cause our skin to age prematurely. Just follow the tips mentioned here and you’re all good to go!

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