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Mineral Oil is Good For Your Skin*

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I never believed my Mom when she said mineral oil is good for your skin. And I never knew the baby oil my mom used on me as a little girl was actually mineral oil with a baby fresh scent. All I remember is my mom slathering this heavenly scented oil on my little baby body. When I was 7 years old, I begged my Mom to get me my own mineral oil so I could continue the process myself. Now,


My mom used mineral oil because it kept my skin soft and supple.

This revelation shocked me because once I got into high school, all I heard was mineral oil is bad for your


Well, years go by, limiting beliefs change and mindset shifts take over. Now science tells us that mineral oil is good for your skin and that has to do with the molecules being too big to penetrate your pores and yet big enough to sit on the surface of your skin keeping hydration in and minimizing lines, wrinkles and pore size (make sure to go to point number 2 and 5 to read all about it!).

This got me into trying mineral oil one more time. Giving it another shot to see if mineral oil is as softening as I remember and what I found surprised me even more!!


All these myths roaming around about it not being safe are nothing but a hoax!!! I have been using a petroleum based product in my #1 Beauty Hack for years, and when I do, my skin looks fantastic. With zero negative health effects.

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Mineral oil is perfectly safe for your skin and it has various positive impacts on it as well. In this article I’ll discuss these effects in detail, give you the SCIENCE behind it, and encourage you to use it because mineral oil uses are numerous (you won’t like to miss out on them). 1. It softens your skin

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Mineral oil is an emollient. Now what’s an emollient? Any substance that makes your skin soft is an emollient and that’s the reason why mineral oil is used as an ingredient in numerous cosmetics. It takes care of the outer layer of your skin and renovates it, subtly finishing its hardness. No wonder babies have softest skin in this world! Yup, I can attest to that! 2. It keeps the skin hydrated Out of all mineral oil uses, this one is the best! It has solid science backing it and this simple quality provides immense benefits to your skin. First, let’s see how mineral oil does this!

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Your skin has a superficial layer called Stratum Corneum and its softness is what determines the quality of your skin. Stratum Corneum needs proper hydration for staying supple and mineral oil makes sure it gets enough of it! It doesn’t impact hardness of Stratum Corneum directly, in fact, it reduces the loss of water from this layer. With enough hydration your Stratum Corneum stays healthy and your skin stays supple! Mineral oil’s chemical composition also plays an important role in determining mineral oil uses. It has Alkyl chains with tight molecular binding. That means it has ability to form a protective layer on your skin like a palisade, through which water molecules can’t pass. This layer acts as a barrier against water loss and retains your skin’s moisture. Mineral oil uses this mechanism to relieve dry skin conditions and even eczema! Mineral oil uses also include scalp conditions like dandruff which emerge due to excessive dryness. So, mineral oil protects you from dryness and keeps your skin nourished! What’s bad in that?

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3. It reduces appearance of fine lines

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Wrinkles, fine lines and eye bags are nasty give-aways of aging but they emerge due to poor nutritional status as well. If your skin isn’t well-fed or hydrated, aging inflicts it in no time! But don’t worry, mineral oils uses have that area covered for you! They soften the Stratum Corneum by retaining its moisture which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines. I just gave you an anti-aging tonic, didn’t I? So, add mineral oil in your anti-aging life style and get your youthful skin back NOW!! 4. It’s non-comedogenic This is the one of the most famous myths that has ruined mineral oil’s name!! NO, MINERAL OIL DOESN’T CAUSE ACNE!!!

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In old times there was no such thing but a few years back a rumor emerged that mineral oil exacerbates acne. But science says opposite! Yes, [1]research tells us that mineral oil is in no way comedogenic. Its Alkyl molecules make a chain and they are too huge to clog the pores. They stay on the surface instead of penetrating deep into the skin. So, you can use it without any apprehensions because I’ve just hacked you a safe skin care secret! 5. It safe for your skin

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Another criterion to measure a skin care product’s quality is its safety. In fact, it’s one of the most crucial concerns especially in case of mineral oil. It’s perfectly safe to use because it doesn’t penetrate deep in your skin. [2]According to research its Alkyl molecules have a jumbo huge size so they tend to keep the petroleum based product, or as in this case, mineral oil, sitting pretty on the surface of your skin. This ensures maximum safety and guaranteed results.

One concern that emerges due to its low penetration is duration of time that it stays on the skin. Of course, if a product doesn’t penetrate, it can easily rub off from your skin. So, I want to clarify this misconception by introducing another feature of mineral oil. It has medium level substantivity.

Substantivity is an ability of product to stay on skin for a longer time. So, it has enough substantivity to stay intact for long time but not enough to penetrate. Tricky, isn’t it? It’s one of the distinguishing features of mineral oils that you can’t find in many other products! So, here it is! An evidence based article that proves Mineral Oil is Good for Your Skin. You have nothing to be afraid of because science is on your side!!

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