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How to Poop and Make it a Big One*

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Admit it. You look forward to having a big poop first thing in the morning, don’t you. I know I do. Feeling lighter, cleaner and fresher are just some of the benefits of pooping. Especially when it’s a big one! Those little poops just don’t give the same satisfaction, now do they.

OHHH, how I love talking poop!

How to Poop Like A Champion by Kellie Olver

That is why this article is all about how to poop and make it a big one! We will discuss lifestyle choices that interfere with a positive pooping experience and give you simple and very effective remedies to help ensure you have a big poop, In fact we will show you how to poop like a champion!

I will even tell you the best way to sit on the potty.

Now, I know talking poop isn’t glamorous but pooping is really important especially for anti-aging. A big poop helps to keep you looking and feeling younger because it relieves your body from toxins and poisonous substances. It’s one of the best anti-aging therapies you can have. Anti-agers rely on big poops because they love the total body benefits such as beautiful skin fresh breath, de-bloating, mental clarity, less lethargy and weight loss a good poop can deliver. You see, when your body is clean on the inside, many things are possible.

Constipation, its causes, remedies and role of Vitamin by Kellie Olver

Problem is most people don’t know how to poop even though pooping is a natural part of life and the final step in digestion.

So, let’s dig in and shovel into some of the causes of little poops. Why your poop isn’t big.

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Lifestyle plays a big part. Some of the factors that keep you off your game from making a big poop are: • Anxiety and stress • Ignoring defecation reflex (meaning, holding it in) • Lack of fluids in your diet • Lack of Vitamin C • Change in toilet or eating habits • Medicines like antacids, penicillin, pain killers, antidepressants etc • Lack of exercise • Lack of fiber • All of the above which lead to constipation and ultimately to little poop balls. How can you make a big poop?

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Whatever the cause may be, there are some remedies to help you have a smooth move! Even if you are not facing constipation, you can use these tips to make a poop a wonderful experience. The suggestions are simple and easy to follow. For example, make sure you get enough water! Water will keep you hydrated, flush things through and help to make sure your colon is as fresh as a daisy!

Easy, right?

Use them and you’ll know all about how to poop! • Drink hot coffee It’s neither magic nor a coincidence that you have to take a poop break after your morning latte! It’s because coffee helps in pooping. It has some biological substances that trigger bowel movements and aid you in making a big poop. So, drinking hot coffee can prove helpful in getting your bowels moving and helping to eliminate toxins from your body. • Consume fiber rich food

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Fiber foods have been in the market as a constipation remedy for a long time. People are familiar with it and they run to them whenever they want a healthy poop. I’ll tell you the secret of fiber foods being a powerful laxative. They act like pipe cleaners and regulate your bowel movements. They provide bulk to your stools and help you to pass them easily. They have an ability to absorb moisture from your gut and retain it in your food, making it movable. So, eat more fiber foods to make a big poop!

Ever heard of an oatmeal breakfast? It’s healthy and full of fiber so, it keeps your guts moving which means a big poop! You can also add legumes, nuts and fruits in your diet. All of them have plenty of fiber content to make you poop healthily! • Hot water with lemon squeezed in it

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I’m not a coffee person so I need something other than coffee to poop big. So, this tip is for folks who don’t like coffee but want to make a big poop. I’ve found this remedy effective every time. WARM WATER AND LEMON TO YOUR RESCUE!!! A cup of hot water with lemon juice can do wonders for you! Warm water dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the gut. The more blood intestines receive, the more toxins they can absorb! So, larger the blood flow, bigger the poop! It’s simple as that. But why lemon juice? Two reasons: First, FLAVOR! It makes water delicious. Second, LEMON BEING A TRIGGER! It works as an irritant to initiate bowel movements and helps in making a big poop. It also increases alkalinity in your body and improves a sluggish digestive system. So, no worries if you can’t have coffee daily! Just have a cup of warm water with lemon squeezed in it. You can also add honey because it helps in healthy pooping.

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How to Poop Like A Champion by Kellie Olver

• Try Yacon root

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Now is the time to advise you to GO NATURAL! Yacon root is obtained from a plant full of fructo-oligosaccharides (big sugar molecules). They have to ability to absorb water in your gut and they work as a laxative. [1]Science also shows that Yacon root aids in healthy poop. Its caloric content is low so, you are safe in weight area too. You can add it as a supplement and enjoy healthy pooping! • Add parsley extract in your diet Besides yacon, there’s another plant that can help you. PARSLEY EXTRACT! [2]Science shows that parsley has a diuretic effect and it can be used to treat patients of constipation. Since it relieves constipation, you can use it to make a big poop. If you don’t want to consume fresh parsley, there’s always an option of parsley juice! Who knew it would be this easy? • Oranges can help!

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Oranges are full of two useful contents: FIBRE And Vitamin C! Both of these are helpful in pooping. Fibers add bulk to the stools and Vitamin C aids in bowel movements. It also retains moisture and fights free radical damage. So, not only Vitamin C works as an anti-aging therapy itself but also helps you in pooping which doubles the anti-aging effect. So, oranges can mean healthy pooping!

• Sweat it out! That's right! Exercise!

You might have noticed urge to poop after a treadmill session. It’s because exercise helps in making poop! It enhances circulation to digestive system and ensures maximum absorption. So, try to maintain a consistent workout routine. It brings many positive changes in your life and healthy pooping is one of them.

• Check your bathroom habits

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Don’t resist the urge to go! Don’t hold it in. Both a surefire path to constipation and little poops... Bathroom habits play an important role. You need to keep track of your defecation reflex and follow it! While you experience defecation reflex, your body initiates abdominal contractions. These abdominal forces help you in pooping. If you ignore this reflex and go to bathroom according to your own timing, these abdominal forces will be absent. In their absence it becomes difficult to make a poop. So, follow your reflex if you want to have a big one. Also try to make your bathroom environment relaxing and hygienic. It helps taking off stress and improves your toilet habits which lead to healthy pooping.

Well there you have it. Bet you never expected to have a glamour girl talk about pooping, now did ya? But as I said before, a big poop is essential to all your anti-aging needs.

So right now, why don't you take this article and head to the throne in your reading room. Have a seat, relax, and review some of the reasons why you cant have a big poop; next have a look at what you can do to make it a big one.

Constipation, straining and little poops will be a thing of the past. Then mark this day on your calendar. Learning how to poop and make it a big one will be a day you will never forget!

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