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How to Turn Thin Lips into Full Lips*

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I was born with thin lips. (Bad luck in the gene pool.) I always wanted full lips.

As good luck would have it, I ended up working on television for over twenty years with some of the best make-up artists and beauty mavens, soaking up every tip and technique I could, especially when it came to turning thin lips into full lips.

Thus is the genesis of this blog

Through the years, I tried everything I could to make my lips look bigger.

Injections were one solution, but they were painful and expensive. And sometimes you end up with really fake looking lips. Have you heard the term "Trout Pout"? I am here to say "trout pout" is not the most attractive look on the planet.

I tried drawing my lips on, to make my thin lips look fuller, but it seemed like I only ended up looking clown-like with an over exaggerated lip line.

I tried pumps that work like a vaccuum to give me bigger lips. I am sure you have seen gals posting their after shot on social media. Yes, they worked, but I ended up looking like I got stung by every single bee in the hive.

Back to good news!

With years of getting my make-up done professionally and my make-up artists/beauty maven's guidance, I’ve finally figured out a method that always leaves me smiling with my new fuller lips!

Using this simple system, you too can turn thin lips into full lips!

You don’t need any injections or surgical treatment. Everything you need are right there in your cosmetics box! You only need to use them wisely (the way I’m going to tell you) and you’ll be able to turn your thin lips into full lips!

1. Turning thin lips into full lips starts before you go to bed. Grab your 10% glycolic acid and rub all over your upper and lower lip including the skin above your lip and below. Top off with your moisturizer. Rub in. Go to bed. 10% deeply sloughs off the dead skin revealing softer, smoother skin and in my case, plumper lips.

In fact, Glycolic Acid (AHA) treatments can increase the production of collagen and fibroblasts! No collagen injections needed here!

The US National Library of Medicine published these findings from the Dermatology, Health and Science departments of Chonnan University, Korea. You can read up on the findings here.

With a 10% AHA cream, you are giving your lips a jump start to looking fuller and more voluptuous!

I use ReNuture Face FX with 10% AHA, natural and organic botanicals and essential oils, plus propriatory buffers to protect your skin while the AHA's do their magic. The product will sting. You want results. You want a product that stings.

In the morning, wash face and entire mouth area. Follow with your daily personal grooming routine, including a good dose of moisture.

Ready to go full lips or whole hog as I like to say? This system is the same system I learned and compiled from the best of the best to turn my thin lips into full lips!

2. Give your lips a little heads-up with a moisturizer

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Before you start the technique, no matter what time of day, your lips need a little preparation. It helps you make them even and paves a smooth foundation for further steps! Start by applying a little moisturizer on your lips. You can use a lip balm, facial oil or apply good ole Vaseline. Even Aquaphor with a cotton swab works. Let it settle on your lips for 5 minutes for maximum hydration. It also helps in easing dead skin cells and loosening dry skin that may be left over from your AHA treatment.

I’ll teach you to shed in the next step!

3. Exfoliate them gently with a tooth brush

Exfoliation has multiple purposes here and you need use a

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tooth brush for it. Now, you got to be careful about using a tooth brush because you can’t apply too much pressure. Your lips have a sensitive skin. Just use a soft hand (same like you use to touch your smart phone) and rub the dry skin off your lips by moving it in small concentric circles. It will even your lips and make them supple. Additional exfoliation before starting this technique improves blood flow and due to enhanced circulation to lips, they look slightly fuller. 4. Smoothen them with a foundation Once you are done with hydrating and shedding any left over dead skin cells, it’s time to apply a foundation. It provides another type of smoothing on your lips, setting a foundation —giving your lipstick something to grab on.

It doesn’t let your lipstick slip and your lip color stays put for a longer time! Isn’t it like building a foundation for real? 5. Make a cupid’s bow on upper lip with a highlighter

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Now it’s time to pamper your upper lip a bit! I would like to make it a bit shimmery to give it a unique glow! For that, I use a highlighter and dab it a little in the centre of my upper lip. It’s called your cupid’s bow and gives your upper lips an emanating glimmer. Typically I use TOUCHE ÉCLAT from Yves Saint Laurent. You can purchase it on-line at YSL for $42.00.

I also like Christian Dior Cheek and Lip Glow if you are looking for color. You can get it on-line at Dior or Sephora.com for $37.00. 6. Over-line the cupid’s bow with an appropriate shade Continuing the upper lip pampering, you need to make a new lip line! That cupid’s bow you just made on upper lip’s centre is going to help you! You need to over-line the cupid’s bow with a lip pencil that has a slightly darker shade than your natural lip color (so that it stands out!).

Start from the centre of upper lip (over-lining the cupid bow) and stretch it to both ends of the upper lip making a lip line. I won’t recommend a shade too darker than your natural lip color because it doesn’t give a realistic look.

So, tricky thing here is to choose an appropriate lip color (that stands out yet gives a realistic appearance) and make a neat lip-line with tapering ends. Use your hand carefully but confidently and you can draw a neat lip-line. 7. Fill the space between your natural lip line and the new one you have drawn Once you have drawn the new lip-line, it’s time to fill the space. Apply lipstick between your new lip-line and natural one carefully. Finally you’ve made a pout without the trout! Now it’s time to garnish it and next steps will guide you in that! 8. Use a darker lip pencil to contour your lips Contouring your lips makes your pout sexier! Use a slightly dark shade pencil to contour your lips and add a little drama! The reason behind using a darker shade is that it gives your lips a shadowy appearance. Yes, thin lips turn into shadowy, full lips! 9. Add a shadow under your lower lip with a darker colored neutral powder

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Shadow doesn’t stay limited to contouring only! Your lower lip needs some attention too and a darker colored neutral powder will do the job! Take a concealer brush and apply a little neutral powder beneath your lower lip to create a shadow. This makes it look fuller! 10. Fill your lips by applying a matte lipstick You have set a stage for turning thin lips into fuller and sexier! The boundaries have been set and now it’s time to apply lipstick between them. Use a matte lipstick to fill your lips. Avoid glossy lipstick because it can highlight your new lip-line too much to look realistic. 11. Dab a skin colored powder on lipstick to make it more matte To reinforce the realistic touch, I use a skin-colored powder to dab on lipstick. This translucent powder also prevents lipstick from smudging! 12. Apply shimmer but only in centre of both lips

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Upper two steps make sure, your lipstick has settled on your lips properly and it won’t smudge. So, now is the safe time to gloss it up a little! You can use a shimmery highlighter or an eye-shadow for glossing purpose.

However, apply it in centers of both lips only! Don’t, AND I REPEAT DON’T, spread shimmer all over your lips! 13. You can use lip-gloss but that too in centre only You can also use lip gloss for highlighting your lipstick but only in centers! (This is for people who feel more comfortable with a lip-gloss instead of powdery shimmers). Your lip-gloss should be slightly lighter in shade than your lip color. It gives puckered lips appearance to centre of your lips! 14. Use a concealer to clear harsh lines, if any! Your thin lips have turned into a sexy pout and now you need to do finishing! It’s understandable that some harsh lines might form near the edges. To make them look neat and finely drawn, you need to use concealer and dab it with a brush gently around the edges. 15. Apply a translucent powder to prevent smudging

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This is your final attempt to save your lipstick from smudging. Take a thin tissue through which a translucent powder can pass. Cover your lips with it and rub a brush, dabbed in translucent powder, on it! This will keep your lipstick off from smudging and ensure a longer stay! 16. Do the finger trick to keep lipstick off your teeth Another frustrating problem that girls face is their teeth getting stained with lipstick! I used to have this dilemma too. Especially every time I try to make my thin lips appear fuller. So, I’ve found a perfect way to fight that too. Once you’ve made full lips, do the finger trick!

Finger trick goes like this: Put your finger in your mouth. Close your lips around it and pull it out! This will help you in rubbing off the lipstick that might have gotten in your inner lip! So, now your teeth won’t get stained and your lipstick will stay longer. What else does a girl need? Following these steps will make sure you WILL be able to have the fuller lips you have always wanted. Once you get the hang of the technique, you will be able to turn your thin lips into the fuller, beautiful, voluptuous lips you have always wanted.

No, surgery, no expensive cosmetics —just a simple method!

Remember to take it easy, one step at a time. Once you get the hang of it it will be like riding a bike, easy breezy and a lot more satisfying! Thin lips will be a thing of the past! Till next Time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

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