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Quench Your Body’s Thirst for Collagen*

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Collagen quenches your body’s thirst for resilience, joint lubrication, and fuels the connective matter amid our organs, so yeah, it’s pretty important. Our production of collagen declines after age 25, which can kick start nasty joint discomfort like osteoporosis. Without collagen, your skin will quickly be overtaken with wrinkles and a drab, dry appearance. Remember back in the day when our grandmothers made stock or broth from a chicken or cuts of beef? After leaving that stuff in the fridge overnight, the next morning we saw an ointment-like substance that had risen to the top. That was collagen.

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Since we wanna-be-skinny Americans have devised a collagen-free diet —with boneless, skinless everything — we must supplement collagen somehow, and the best way to do this is not by ingesting one of the millions of collagen pill brands out there, but by simply taking collagen straight up. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and increase the fat in your diet. You can get collagen in its purest form, and drink it in the form of hydrolyzed collagen gelatin, such as Triple K or other high-end brands that don’t skimp on the quality of ingredients.

Triple K Collagen Beverage

Hydrolyzed collagen gelatin is the lost link for people over 25 who tend to lean toward more of an inactive or deskbound lifestyle, and suffer with painful joints such as knee or foot pain, and trust me, without collagen you will not feel any better, because the protein in collagen is a life-sustaining element! When we are young, our bodies are thriving with peptides and amino acids (tinier than proteins). These elements are vital to the bodies regulation of cell function. The glycine content of collagen protein helps the liver to process food and drink, and helps the liver to filter toxins in our environment. We put a lot of bad things into our bodies, but tend to ignore our bodies’ thirst for collagen. Starting today with Triple K can help to reverse the ill effects from the deteriorating collagen our skin, bones, joints and tissue requires.

Triple K Beverage Blend

An extra bonus to quenching your body’s thirst for collagen is an uplifted state of attentiveness, lessened irritability and heightened energy. Collagen protein derived from gelatin easily dissolves in hot and cold liquids like coffee, tea water or milk. What I like about gelatin is that is blooms or swells when you add liquid. So when you eat it or drink it, it takes up more space in your tummy and makes you feel full. If you are looking for non blooming collagen, collagen hydrolysate it your solution with all the same benefits.

If you would like to read more about the difference between gelatin, collagen and collagen hydrolysate, you read all about it here. Your body is crying out for collagen. Do it a favor. It’s the only body you have.

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