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Hey Diva: Trying to Get Your “Stunning” Back?*

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Don’t fret too much. It happens to all us divas, but you’re still a diva on the inside, and with a few changes to your interior, you can revive dismal skin, and beat that weathered exterior that seems to have reared its crepey head overnight. You don’t have to turn in your tiara. You’re still stunning. You just have to work a little smarter to care for your skin’s well-being now.

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Do your skin a kindness by reversing some of the harm you’ve done, and I don’t mean by just slathering on all those lotions and potions you have sprinkled about. Sure, we must use quality topicals, but a cleaner internal system absolutely results in a swift wake-up call for your skin and will induce bang-up results toward getting your stunning back.

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Ingestible cosmetics, like lemon juice, whose flavonoids are packed with skin-healing antioxidants, not only deliver sustenance to your aging epidermis, but lemon juice can also aid in the hindrance of irritable bowel, constipation and even diabetes.

Kiwi fruit is also packed with antioxidants, as are blueberries, pecans and cranberries. So, go ahead and indulge your inner diva, because that stunning glow you are seeking and missing takes root beneath your skin.

Collagen for Youthful Skin: China and Japan Got It Right by Kellie Olver

Don’t forget about collagen. Your body doesn’t produce it like it did when you were in your 20s, but it needs collagen now —more than ever before!

Collagen is the blueprint of our connective tissue,

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supporting the configuration of the epidermis. It is unquestionably critical for a fresher, effervescent look. But cruelly, because enzymes decompose our collagen, and we no longer create enough of it, this makes our skin sag and appear less full and color-imbalanced. Dare I say, crepey skin. Other wise known as crepe paper skin.

Yes, all of that fun in the sun, smoke, environmental pollution and those late-night martinis have lent their evil hands in depleting your already-slow production of collagen. You can read more about the things that really accelerate the aging clock by clicking on the box below.

Top 10 Foods That Age You by Kellie Olver

Bone broth

In addition to beefing up your intake of antioxidants, ingestible collagen is a smart way to amp up the collagen your skin is thirsting for. You don’t have to drink a pint of beef broth (unless you want to) or swallow bowl-fulls gelatin concoctions. You can ingest collagen by way of your breakfast beverage with products like Triple K, which gives you 11 grams of collagen protein per serving. Many consumers find it makes a comforting bedtime beverage as well, and divas like you are delirious about the results! Eating red and orange vegetables (like peppers and carrots) as well as deep green veggies such as spinach and kale, rich in Vitamin A and C, can help partner with products like Triple K to sustain your skin’s escalated requirement for collagen. Starting today, work those antioxidants and collagen supplements into your nutrition regime. Do it for your inner diva. Awaken your stunning —by starting from within.

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