5 Ways Fruit Smoothies Will Make You Healthier*

Smoothies come in a wide range of different types: fruit smoothies, veggie smoothies, green smoothies —or a combination of all of the above! These healthy drinks are a great way to get in your daily fruits and vegetables to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fruit smoothies in particular are beloved by both parents and children of all ages for their sweet, tart and cool taste and smooth texture. If your children are picky, this may be a great way to get the necessary vitamins into their daily food! Here’s some of the great benefits of fruit smoothies. Try one today —we bet you will be glad that you did!

1) Smoothies are Fast

You can cut up all the fruits (and maybe a hidden vegetable or two!) in advance, so you have everything ready to pop into the blender or other smoothie-making appliance. There are plenty of different options for creating your smoothie, you really don’t need to have a fancy or expensive blender in order to make them taste fantastic. They are also a great on-the-go or snack for after school and right before your kids go into their various extracurricular activities —both for you and the kids!

2) Easy Way to Get Your Fruits and Veggies

Having a hard time getting in your recommended daily allowance of all the food groups? It can be difficult to have a balanced meal every day, even one, so having a ready supply of the necessary vitamins and minerals that fruits and veggies provide with easy access can really help keep your family healthy!

3) Smoothies Improve Digestion

Blending up the fruits and vegetables in the smoothie allows the blender to do the hard work of chewing and processing the food, allowing your body to absorb even more nutrients. This can create a very healthy digestive system, which in turn leads to happy and healthy people! Investing in a good quality blender will assure that you’re getting all the good parts of the fruits and not have to filter anything out.

4) Smoothies are Kid-Friendly

Adding brightly-colored fruits like blueberries and strawberries can give smoothies a wonderful color, making them very interesting to kids. They will want to try them, and once they realize how tasty they are —they will keep coming back for more! If the fruits are a little tangy, you can always add a dab of natural honey to cut the tang and add a little sweetness. The honey can have the added benefit of helping with seasonal allergies as long as you choose local honey.

5) Fruit Smoothies Can Aid Weight Loss

If you’re looking to get rid of those last few pounds that have been lingering, try going on a smoothie diet for a few days! They can be very filling, and are a low-calorie meal that also helps you get the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need when you are on a calorie-restricted diet.

Stay healthy and happy year round with tasty and easy fruit smoothies!

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