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The Connection Between Yoga and Spirituality*

Yoga can help connect us to the spiritual aspects of our lives, and can be the holistic kick-start to happy living. Draw lines between the inner core of your being and your mind, breath and body. If your mind is often in conflict or thrown off-balance, if confusion and conflict rule your mind —these are all indicators that you would benefit from the balancing and centering aspects of yoga.

Begin Your Journey

The beauty of yoga is that it can be a launch pad for an internal journey of discovery, with calm breathing and pranayamas guiding your mind to get past worry and cravings, aversions and other desires that can grip the mind. Drawing the mind into the present and cleansing the mind of negative impressions can be gained by performing pranayamas.

The Connection Between Yoga and Meditation

Yoga poses and easy breathing exercises can help support the mental alertness, body balance and flexibility —attitudes and actions that you can carry off the yoga mat as well. Difficult postures teach us to breath equally at all times, and stretching past your limit shows that you can accomplish growth in all directions in your life, not just on the yoga mat. Stress can be overcome by realizing that you can do your personal best, and not need to compare that to the personal best of others. Physical and mental flexibility are two sides of the same coin —mental flexibility or a “can do” attitude allow the body to achieve greater feats of strength and flexibility, while physical flexibility can help us see that we contain within ourselves the ability to manage our minds, deal with our emotions and live our lives.

Balance, flexibility, clarity and mental alertness are all impacted positively by the study and practice of yoga.

Inner Strength from Spirituality

Living “in the moment” allows many people to find the spiritual in the everyday, moving the needle from reaction to response, and into the realm of connecting and defining a fresh and positive solution that moves you forward physically or mentally. In combination with yoga, meditation provides a deeper level of spirituality by supporting a wobbling body or stressed mind. Meditation can help provide inner strength when needed, and a full outpouring of love for those who need it. Sharing your love can help yogis reach even deeper levels of your consciousness, removing layers upon layers of harmful stress.

Let your spirit soar; revisit truths about yourself through yoga and look forward to a truly spiritual experience.

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