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Awakening Your Spiritual Self: Are You a "Fully Functional" Human Being?*

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, ‘self-actualization’ is the highest point in climbing the mountain of self-growth. Carl Jung calls this theory ‘individuation’, while still other psychologists refer to this state as becoming a ‘fully functional human being’. Each individual will have a different sense of transformation, a truly unique and personal experience. However, there are some key ways to tell if you are reaching a state of enlightenment as reported by others who have experienced it.Here are a few of the different symptoms that have been noted in those enlightened few who have experienced a spiritual awakening of the highest level. You should note that while these symptoms can seem overwhelming, they fade with varying degrees of rapidity after your first phase of transformation.

Energy and Movement

While some individuals may experience a bit of fatigue after the first few days, one of the first indicators that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening is that your flow of energy will be greatly increased. After this burst of energy, you will quite likely need a few days to relax and recalibrate your chakras due to the fatigue you are experiencing. You may feel as though you are more energetic and feel younger after that first bit of fatigue or tiredness. Sleeping may be challenging as your body adapts to this new level of transcendent thinking and feeling, but these concerns will abate shortly.

Bodily Changes

If you experience shaking, feelings of hot or cold, or sudden sensations of stimulation, do not be alarmed. These are all standard feelings that you can expect after a spiritual journey of this type. You may also experience a burst of energy running through the body, or healing of a mental or physical damage that occurred in the past. Anxiety may bubble back to the surface from previous wounds, causing you to need additional time to heal and process. Additional energy, and a renewed focus on health and wellness are also a pleasant side-effect of this spiritual journey.

Symbolism and Symbiosis

Vast truths may open up to you, now that you are willing to look beyond the immediate and present and see the bigger picture and scale. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge puts additional pressure on the frontal lobe of the brain, causing more activity in the logical and thinking portions. Feelings of being at peace with your surroundings as well as meaningful dreams are all positive feelings that will occur.

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