• Kellie Olver

Take Time to Give on #GivingTuesday


Giving Tuesday is an important concept, and one that you may not be familiar with. Once a year, we set time aside to be thankful for everything that we have in life: Thanksgiving Day. We also spend a significant amount of time right after Thanksgiving shopping for others on Black Friday and Cyber Monday —which is great! However, this year I’m asking you to consider a new tradition after giving thanks and getting your shopping done: Giving Tuesday.

Here’s some quick stats from last year’s #GivingTuesday:

• 700,000 people contributed • $116,000,000 raised online • Over 70 countries

Giving Tuesday started as a way to raise awareness for non-profits, and encourage people to set aside just a little to help those in need. Your contribution doesn’t have to be huge —even a few dollars can make a difference if we all chip in!

This is a great time to let you know that my super-special 50% discount is still in effect, so I’m asking that you take a few dollars of the money that you saved purchasing your Triple K or ReNuture and pass it along on Giving Tuesday.

I’ve selected several worthy causes to receive contributions on this new “holiday”, and I hope you will take a moment and do the same.

All goodness and grace to you and your family this holiday season!

Til Next Time,


Growing younger Everyday

P.S. - Find just the right option for #GivingTuesday by clicking here. Then drop me an email and let me know what you decided to do!

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