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Lunge Into New Year's With Easy Exercises*

It probably comes as no surprise to you that the number one New Year’s resolution people make is to lose weight. If getting in better shape is at the forefront of your mind as we say goodbye to yet another year and dive into the next one, you’ll need some easy exercises to fit that goal into your busy life.

One of those ways is with lunges exercises. Lunges are one of the ideal all-around easy ways to help you keep that promise you made to yourself on January 1st.

Seeing as though this article is about easy exercises, lets make things easy for you and share with you the benefits of lunges, the how to do lunges along with an easy lunges workout to get you started.

Benefits of Lunges Lunges will give you a head start on all your weight loss and fitness goals. There are so many benefits of lunges, including: • They target multiple muscles – lunges not only give your lower body a thorough workout, they also help you develop balance as well as strengthen your core. • You can do lunges anywhere and anytime. Enjoy your favorite show while getting in shape, or even outside as your kids play at the park. • They’re customizable – you can adjust your movements to go deeper or more shallow depending upon your strength level. How to Do Lunges

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The basic lunge is easy and simple to do and uses your body’s own weight to create resistance and build muscle strength. 1. Stand up straight with your feet together, holding your core nice and stable, hands on your hips. 2. Take a large step forward with your right foot. 3. Steadily lower your body down until your right thigh is parallel with the floor. 4. Straighten back up by focusing your effort on pushing down through your right heel. 5. Repeat with the left leg. Change up your lunges workout routine by reversing the motion. Follow the same steps as for the basic body-weight lunge, however instead of stepping forward with your right foot, step backward. Then perform the rest of the lunge in the same way as you did above. Side lunges are great to include in your lunges workout as they add a flexibility component

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to your routine. To do a side lunge:

1. Start with your feet about hip-width apart, core engaged. 2. Take a big step out to the side with your right foot. 3. Bend your right knee and sit back a bit with your hips. Make sure that your knee doesn’t extend over your toes. 4. Keep your left leg straight, with your feet flat on the floor. 5. Steadily push back up to a standing position. 6. Repeat on the left side. The important thing to remember when you’re doing lunges workout is to use even, stable movement. Resist the urge to bounce in and out of the lunge – you won’t get as much of a muscle workout this way, not to mention it’s hard on your knees! Start with at least eight reps on each side, building up to 12 or more as your strength increases.

The more muscle strength you build, the deeper you’ll be able to go in your easy lunge workout. You can add a set of hand weights for even more resistance. Before you know it you’ll have toned legs, a perky rear, and a stronger abdomen. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you were successful in keeping your New Year’s resolution! Until Next Time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

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