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Moisturize Your Hands to Prevent Winter Cracking*

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Aging is inevitable –it happens to everyone. Over time, the components in the skin which give it that plump, youthful appearance begin to break down. Weight gain and weight loss, smoking, sun damage, and other environmental and nutritional factors can accelerate aging and cause you to look much older than you are. That doesn’t mean, however, that you must surrender to the effects of the ravages of time, like premature wrinkles or crepey skin. Take international TV personality and anti-aging expert Kellie Olver, for example. She has used products like ReNuture to heal and beautify her skin from the inside out, and you can too. Winter Hand Care

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Winter is particularly hard on hands. Oftentimes we neglect to wear gloves, or we forget to moisturize to prevent winter cracking. If you’re flirting with your 40s, then you also know that elastin and collagen breakdown become an even bigger problem in cold weather. These effects of aging contribute to thin, crepey skin, which is already at increased risk of cracking. So, how can you help minimize the damage that cold, dry winter weather can inflict on your vulnerable skin?

• Protect your skin from the sun. Even in winter, the sun’s damaging UV rays can compromise your skin’s health. Choose a moisturizer with SPF protection. • Avoid harsh soaps. Use a mild, moisturizing soap to wash your hands. This is especially important to prevent winter cracking of crepey skin because you wash your hands much more frequently during this germy season. • Dry your hands completely after washing them. Residual moisture dries your skin out as it’s evaporating. • Apply a professional strength moisturizer like ReNuture by Kellie Olver immediately after showering or washing your hands. This helps to seal in the moisture and heal and renew your skin cells.

You may find it hard to believe that you can actually slow down the hands of time and stave off crepe paper skin simply by using products like ReNuture and taking the quick and simple steps to protect your skin. Beauty experts like Kellie Olver are living proof that a youthful appearance doesn’t have to be out of reach, even when it comes to your hands. Take Control of Your Own Skin Health When you take the time to moisturize your hands to prevent winter cracking, you won’t just be improving your crepey skin during the cold weather, you’ll enjoy plumper, healthier, more elastic skin all year round.

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