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Benefits of Strengthening Your Core*

Strengthening Your Core

Your core muscles support everything you do. From your abs to your obliques, and around to the muscle groups throughout your back, every move you make is facilitated by your core. You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about strength training for your core. Experts of all kinds, from medical professionals to anti-aging gurus (like me!), recommend building a strong core to support overall health. Benefits of Core Strength Training According to experts at Harvard Medical School, benefits of strengthening your core include: • Good posture – maintaining good posture allows you to breathe more deeply, which delivers more oxygen to every part of your body, and also makes you appear slimmer and reduces stress on your spine.


• Improved balance – the stronger your core is, the better your balance will be. Aside from allowing you to perform a wider range of activities, good balance decreases your risk of a fall. • Increased athletic stability – strength training is great for doing sports and other athletic activities. A strong core provides you with improved agility, flexibility, as well as protection from injury like ligament strains. • Relief from back pain – strength training for your core is often recommended as a treatment for back problems. When your core muscles are weak, your spine is forced to do more of the work, resulting in discomfort and potential injury. As you can see, core strength is crucial to general health and your overall ability to perform everyday activities of all kinds – from housework to your daily bike ride. Strength training makes everything easier and protects all of your ligaments, tendons, and bones from unnecessary strain.

Core Strength Training Exercises Here are a few of the activities that can help your core become stronger, leaner, and meaner: • Yoga – even the simplest yoga poses, like Warrior,

Warrior pose

Mountain, or Tree, strengthen your core. I recommend yoga as an effective tool for physical, emotional, and spiritual health. A strong, stable core is just a bonus of this practice. • Planking – yes, it was a cheesy trend in years past, but planking is actually a great way to engage your abdominal, side, and back muscles, making it the ideal core strength training move that you can do anywhere. • Seated leg lifts – doing modified crunches such as seated leg lifts protects your back from the stress of old-fashioned sit-ups while giving your core an intensive workout. If you’re looking for a way to improve your performance, endurance, and balance in all of your normal life activities, core strength training is the ideal solution.

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