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Tame Those Crazy Pores*


Taking good care of your skin is one of the most effective things you can do to look younger. If you’re tired of fighting clogged, oversize pores, don’t despair. Switching up your skincare routine just a bit with the following anti-aging tips can help reduce the appearance of pores and make your skin softer, more supple and healthier. Can You Really Change Your Pore Size? The truth is that pore size is actually genetic. So to some extent, you’ve got to work with what you’re born with. That said, oil, dirt, makeup, and other impurities can stretch your pores out, causing them to appear larger. Aging can also cause your pores to get bigger. What can you do to tame those pores? Follow a few core beauty tips and tricks and you’ll be enjoying smooth, glowing skin and smaller pores in no time. 1. Keep it clean. Use a gentle cleanser every night. Never sleep in your makeup – clogged pores may stretch out while you sleep.

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2. Use pore strips. These are a very effective way to remove buildup from your pores. Just don’t overdo it – those with dry skin may be able to get away with once a week, while those with oilier skin may need to use pore strips more frequently. Later in this post I’ll give you a great – and cheap – homemade pore cleanser recipe. 3. Use an astringent. Astringents can tighten pores and smooth your skin. There are plenty of store-bought options, or you can use witch hazel or another natural remedy. Make sure your face is clean before using an astringent. 4. Exfoliate. Using products with alpha hydroxy acids


or fruit enzymes helps remove dead skin cells that could clog your pores. Exfoliate once a week to every day, depending upon how sensitive your skin is. In addition to these basic beauty tips, you should also use sunscreen, as too much sun can exaggerate the appearance of pores. Watching your diet can also help you improve your skin’s look and feel. Avoid too many oily or fatty foods, which can contribute to pores becoming clogged. Finally, use this fun and effective homemade pore cleansing recipe to pull out all of those unpleasant impurities that mar your skin. • Mix a few capsules or crushed tablets of charcoal with a tablespoon of white school glue. Why charcoal? It’s known for its ability to remove toxins, making it the ideal beauty tool. • Cleanse your face. • Smear the mixture onto your problem areas (or use as a full facial mask). • Wait for the mixture to dry, then peel off and enjoy your fresh, clean pores! Tightening your pores doesn’t have to be expensive or traumatic. By building these simple, fundamental steps into your beauty regimen you can look younger and feel more confident than ever.

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