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Glycolic Acids: 7 Things You MUST KNOW and 7 Things YOU NEED to KNOW*

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Glycolic acids work. Glycolic acids deliver the radiant, bright, smooth, glowing skin all women desire. And that is something to get really excited about. Believe. Which is why many dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin care professionals use glycolic acid in their practices. Because it works!

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Here I share with you seven things you MUST KNOW and seven things you NEED TO KNOW about glycolic acids, and how best to apply them to your skin for result that are sure to impress not only yourself, but also everyone you know. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know a plethora of information about finding the correct glycolic acids products for you. Better yet, you can formulate a real plan of action to be the champion of your own skin and achieve smooth, clean, bright glowing skin — at any age.

Let’s start off with the 7 Things You Need to Know About Glycolic Acids:

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1) Glycolic Acids are the Powerhouse at Shedding and Exfoliating Skin.

Glycolic acids are a real miracle substance in terms of making your skin appear younger and smoother. The FDA has stated that they’re marketed for: Smoothing out surface wrinkles and fine lines. Cleansing and unblocking pores. Improving skin tone and texture. Improving general skin condition. There are also some glycolic acid products that are recognized as drugs under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as they work as skin lighteners or acne treatments. So, you see, these miracle workers really do stand up to scrutiny, and they do actually work!

2) Glycolic Acid can be in the form of a Chemical Exfoliator or Physical Exfoliator.

However, chemical exfoliators go deeper than physical exfoliators as well as support skin renewal. Now this is the only time I want you to embrace the word “Chemical”. In this case, a chemical glycolic acid means the glycolic acid is no longer in its natural state, being sugar. The sugar has been broken down into its molecular or “chemical” compounds. Sugar in itself, would be considered its counterpart — a physical exfoliator. It’s crucial to exfoliate skin of any age, unless you’re a baby, to give your skin a younger, healthier-looking appearance. Dead skin cells build up on your face on a daily basis, and if you’re like me, you probably don’t have much time left at the end of a busy day to cleanse, tone, and moisturize as well as you would like. If you don’t clean your skin thoroughly enough, your pores can become horribly clogged with gunk, grime and makeup, leading on to dull, lackluster skin, as well as breakouts. Chemical exfoliators such as glycolic acid AHA products are so very successful in ridding your complexion of dead skin as they actually break the bonds between your skin cells, loosening up all that horrid old skin you’re carrying around on your face on a daily basis. And they’re easy to use too, not to mention that they provide your skin with completely uniform exfoliation! Chemical exfoliation is so much better than plain old grainy scrubs, and using a chemical exfoliator is responsible for making my skin glow like a teenager!

Glycolic acid chemical exfoliators also help to whisk away of the appearance of stretch marks. By deeply exfoliating the top layer of skin and with continued use, the skin can appear flawless. Stretch marks generally have striations within the first and second layer. The more you exfoliate, the deeper you go and the cleaner your skin. And that includes minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. As chemical exfoliants work by dissolving or ungluing, if you will, the dead skin cells that cling to your face, they do the job of brightening skin in a uniform way. You just don’t get that when you scrub your face. Yes, back in the good old days we all had to use physical exfoliants, but nowadays, no one needs to haphazardly slough off their skin. Of course, physical exfoliators, such as loofahs and sugar scrubs, have their place, if you’re really looking for deep-down exfoliation, now you know that chemical exfoliators go deeper. So, next time you go to pick up your sugar scrub, body brush or loofa, consider using a cream-based chemical exfoliator with a concentration of 10 percent AHA.

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3) Glycolic Acids Can Stimulate Collagen Yeah right! Every treatment claims to be able to stimulate collagen nowadays, but where’s all the proof? Well, according to a study published in Dermatologic Surgery: official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, glycolic acid can and does actively stimulate collagen production in your skin, making it look younger and plumper! Collagen is a protein that your body needs to be healthy and your skin needs to be beautiful. And if you want to give your skin a fighting chance, support your body’s internal production of collagen with a science based beauty from within drink, one that provides an abundance of collagen boosting amino acids to aid collagen synthesis.

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4) Glycolic Acids Can Reduce Sagging Skin Another claim that’s often heard from skincare companies is that glycocholic acids can stop you from looking jowly and saggy. How true is this? It’s very true, as a study published back in 2014 showed. Documented in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, the study investigated the effects of AHA’s in conjunction with vitamins B3, C and E on sagging skin. The conclusion that was finally drawn was that a skincare system containing AHAs as well as vitamins significantly improves your skin texture, elasticity and your wrinkles.

Hooray! 5) Glycolic Acids Can Minimize the Appearance of Crepey Skin and More.

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With all of the information above taken into consideration, it’s no wonder then that glycolic acids also take care of that dreaded crepey looking skin most of us succumb to as we age. Thankfully, though using glycolic acid creams, I no longer have to put up with looking old before my time. And there’s no reason why you should either! But there’s more to it than just the benefits of improving the look of crepey skin. Glycolic AHA’s give a person that glowing skin. A glowing lit from within look that looks gossamer and even luminescent. Looking as young as you feel is simple when you use glycolic acids in your skincare routine. 6) Glycolic Acids Are Effective Below the Neck Too. And don’t just focus on stopping your face from looking as though it’s aging. You want to think about other areas that can show those telltale signs of age — particularly your décolletage and your neck area. You can even slather on glycolic acid cream on your hands, arms, knees and thighs if yours are anything like mine were and were well past their youthful best! 7) Cosmetic Cream-Based Glycolic Acids Penetrate More Deeply As I shared with you earlier, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration say cream-based AHA’s penetrate your skin far more deeply than any other method of delivery. I love a good glycolic acid cream as it gives me the feeling of luxury on my skin, as well as the skin resurfacing and anti-aging effects I need. Bonus! Now, let’s discuss the 7 Things You NEED to Know About Glycolic Acids. It’s important to know a couple more things about glycolic acids: 1. They STING! The tingle does not last long, but that tingle is a good thing and a sign it is doing its job. And many women look for the “sting” and find the “sting” enjoyable! I Included! 2. Glycolic Acids encourage cell renewal and reveal baby new skin. You must wear a sunscreen! 3. You’ll note that your bathwater generally turns dark when using glycolic acids. That’s because of the shedding skin being lifted from your body by the water. I know, a little gross! 4. Sometimes the shedding needs a little help as it can be temperamental lifting off the surface of your skin, so it may be necessary to use a washcloth or physical exfoliator, like my sugar scrub, in the bath, to help the dead skin let go and get washed down the drain — that’s when you go from wow to WOW in the appearance of your skin! 5. The shedding from a 10% glycolic acid is not obvious. Meaning, you will NOT look like a snake shedding its skin. Not you nor anyone else will see flaking skin. What they will see is a gradual build-up of a youthful glowing skin. 6. Glycolic acids are great for sensitive skin! Why? Glycolic acids don’t contain physical properties such as grains of almonds which can aggravate the skin. 7. Expect quick refreshing! After one day my skin looked better! I looked in the mirror the next morning and was amazed! Here’s the scoop. You must use it. Daily. Hit and miss will not give you the amazing results you can see. The ones I am talking about.

For best results, use it 2 times a day. Start off slow, so that your skin gets accustomed to the glycolic acid. And look for beautiful, glowing lit from within skin in 30 days! And as you will always hear me say, drink your water, eat collagen boosting foods, take a 30 minute walk daily and sleep. All part of your reverse aging lifestyle! So, to round all of this information up, using glycolic acid creams with 10 percent of the active ingredient is both safe and effective too as it triggers collagen production in your skin. Finally, a beauty product that has all its claims backed up by science and facts, not fiction! Now, based on all this information on glycolic acids and AHA’s, I created an entire line of skin care called ReNuture - Crepey Skin FX Beauty Treatments with 10% glycolic acid. ReNuture Crepey Skin FX (for the body, eyes, and face) con a proprietary blend of organic botanicals and essential oils blended with 10% Glycolic Acid AHA’s to exfoliate and reveal brighter, younger, hydrated skin. Everything you need to be well on your way to target your visible signs of aging. It’s your outside solution to more beautiful, smooth, and younger-looking skin. To learn more about these glycolic acid beauty treatments, click here. So, to summarize, glycolic acids are your friends and one of the most widely used anti-aging elements tending to the needs of all skin, including both young and old. Softer, smoother, decreased blemishes, firming, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, fading age spots along with more hydration, thicker skin and yes, even collagen synthesis are just some of the benefits you can receive.

Footnote: Wear your sunscreen, sleep, drink your water, eat real food, laugh and see bright side of everything. All of these things combined will help you grow younger every day!

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