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Single? 5 Ways to Celebrate Yourself This Valentine’s Day!*

Valentines for Singles

You know the feeling – there are hearts and chocolates everywhere you go. There’s even an entire aisle dedicated to Cupid in your favorite grocery store. Yet, if you’re one of the 45% of Americans who are single, Valentine’s Day may feel like a holiday specifically designed to remind you of your relationship status. While you may not be able to remedy your single status in time for the big day – or maybe you’re even single by choice (hurray for independence!) – what you CAN do is redefine this Hallmark holiday so that it’s a positive experience that allows you to celebrate the joys of being you! It’s also a great opportunity to take a moment and revel in the love you share with others in your life. Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day if You’re Single.

Here are some fun and fulfilling ways to spend February 14th when you’re unattached. 1. Throw a singles party!

Singles Party

Invite all of your single friends over for drinks and appetizers. Who knows, you may even end up serving as an unwitting matchmaker! 2. Have a pajama day.

Rent your favorite movies, get some indulgent snacks and a bottle of wine, and curl up under a warm blanket for some YOU time. 3. Focus on service to others.

Nothing boosts your sense of self-esteem like doing for others.

If you’re not sure of where to volunteer your time, you can find opportunities through websites like VolunteerMatch. Or simply bring some treats to an elderly relative who may be facing a lonely day themselves. 4. Have a beauty boost day!

Beauty Day

You know all of those anti-aging treatments you put off because you don’t have time? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to focus on yourself and the things you can do to look younger and feel better. Put on a hot oil hair treatment, a beautifying face mask, and relax with a warm cup of cocoa. 5. Love yourself!

Make a list of all of the things you love about yourself. This is also a great time to reflect on the joys of being single. Alone time offers a wonderful opportunity for personal development and working on making sure you’re a fully functional human being. Beauty really is more than skin deep. If you want to feel and look younger, you need to focus on your physical, mental, and emotional health as much as on your outer appearance. Valentine’s Day provides the ideal inspiration for inner reflection and self-improvement both inside and out!

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