• Kellie Olver

Friday, November 21, 2016

Fast Fixes

Having an unusually stressful Monday? Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to unwind after a busy and stressful first day of the week. 1. Take a deep breath. Most of us tend to breathe quickly and with shallow breaths when stressed. Taking a deep breath helps to get more oxygen into our brains, and can instantly reduce our anxiety levels. 2. Get outside and take a walk. This could be as short as a five minute walk. The fresh air along with getting your heart pumping can release endorphins that de-stress. 3. Take a bath. The solitude and warmth of the bath is one of the most natural relaxation tools we have. 4. Boost your mood with aromatherapy. Try lavender as a scent to unwind. 5. Last, but not least -- have sex. While you might not be in the mood for it, sexual activity can relax your circulatory, respiratory, and nervous system says Beverly Hills, CA internal medicine doctor Dr. Eva Cwynar.

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