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Gelatin and Exercise to Improve Bones, Joints and Skin*


Our food shouldn't just taste good, it should help us feel good, and maybe look good, too! That's what gelatin, the right kind of gelatin, can do for you. With the kind of protein that is known to improve skin, hair and nails as well as enhance bone and joint health, a good gelatin can really help. But studies now show, we can do even better!


We all know we have to 'get moving': Regular exercise, and a non sedentary day to day lifestyle, are absolutely essential for healthy aging, and for looking as good as we can for as long as we can. Its a no brainer. But did you know that if you combine your exercise program with collagen-boosting gelatin, and add a little vitamin C to the mix, the results can be even better? A recent study by the National Institute on Aging carefully tested the effects of vitamin C plus exercise in bringing the critical amino acids in the gelatin into the blood stream of the test subjects. These amino acids are essential for 'collagen synthesis', the creation of new collagen in the body.

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Collagen is 30 – 40% of the human body and is vital to all aspects of well being. Aging reduces collagen in our skin, in our hair, in our nails and in our bones and joints, plus collagen depletion accelerates the signs of aging. If we want healthy aging, and maybe to look a lot younger than our years, holding off the decline of collagen is a very important way to go. So what did the study find and how can we use the results in our own daily lives? In the test, some of the participants drank gelatin mixed in a low calorie beverage, and enhanced with vitamin C. Some got a drink without gelatin, but they did not know it. Then they exercised and their blood was drawn. Human tissue was treated with the blood to measure the effects. Well, good news: exercise alone improved the production of the key amino acids we are interested in for collagen production. But there is more: the subjects who consumed gelatin showed as much as double of the key indicator that their collagen was being boosted. The bottom line: exercise is good for you! Well, we all knew that, and we are all doing our part, right? But there is more: if we really want to greatly improve the anti aging benefits of our exercise program, we should consider drinking collagen-boosting gelatin, and make sure we are getting our vitamin C, perhaps through a supplement. Give it a try!

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