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Can Protein Make You Thinner, Happier and Younger?*

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Can protein make you younger and thinner, and happier with your life? May be. If you get the right type of protein, it can help to take your there!

Triple K Drink A 2 in 1 High Protein Snack - Lose Weight and Colllagen Replenishment

WHAT? What do you mean by “the right type of protein”? Isn’t a protein a protein? And what do proteins have to do with making me feel like I am thinner, happier and younger? Or to put it another way, “the King or Queen of the World”? Ok. I hear you. I was in the same boat, questioning every belief system in my entire being.

So let’s start at the start. The spark of organic life. Proteins. Protein are really the genesis of life.

Not to entice an extraterrestrial frenzy here but amino acids are the back bone of everything on our mother ship, planet earth. And to show you the importance of amino acids, amino acids have also been found in deep space/interstellar gas clouds! Bet you didn’t know I was a science geek! Beam me up Scotty! Fact is amino acids are a catalyst of life and every amino acid has a different job to do. These jobs define the end result. For example, let’s talk cookies. (Hear me out.) We all know there are chocolate chip cookies and then there are snicker-doodle cookies. Both are cookies, both very different in taste and calories. Both made with different ingredients. It is the ingredients that makes the cookie different. Same with apples. There are Honey Crisp apples and Macintosh apples. Gala apples and Granny Smith apples. Yes, they are all apples, but they are all made up of different combination of ingredients (amino acids and such) which ultimately define the color, the shape and yes, the taste of each apple.

Different Protein Sources - Kellie Olver

Such is the same with all proteins. There are different types of protein. There are plant based protein and animal based protein.

There is pea protein, hemp protein, spinach protein, black bean protein, banana protein, apple protein and soy protein. There is whey protein. Collagen protein, egg white protein and bone broth protein. All proteins, all made up with a different combination of ingredients, all made up with a different percentage of amino acids. And, as you now know, it is the amino acids that are the key to everything. I had never questioned proteins up until now. Nor did I think that getting the right balance of amino acids was necessary. A protein was a protein and something I had to have in my diet. I used to think protein was only necessary for muscles. It turns out consuming proteins does a whole lot more than muscle building and muscle recovery. Protein provides the necessary building blocks, or amino acids for our bodies to function —from metabolism to emotions to digestion. What I discovered was some proteins do a better job than others at performing these various functions. For example, whey protein does probably the best job there is for muscle recovery, while collagen protein does the best job for collagen synthesis. And the difference between the two is a different combination and percentage of amino acids. These combinations determine what job they are best at! What does this all mean? I learned I was missing out on certain amino acids that were necessary for weight loss, not to mention my skin, and my hair and nails.

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That is one of the reasons I started taking collagen protein, derived from gelatin as gelatin has one of the best configurations of amino acids that specifically target weight management. And skin beauty! And this way, I could WIN the battle of the bulge without sacrificing my skin. I mean, going on a die-t usually means looking 10 years older after the run of the die-t was completed. Of the 20 or so amino acids that make up all proteins, there are four that are especially important. Science shows that the Big Four of glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine are really key to collagen synthesis —that means rebuilding the stuff that forms our internal scaffolding, and our largest organ— that's our skin. If you are looking for one specific product that is loaded with the right amount and combination of amino acids in for collagen replenishment and beautiful skin, check out Triple K Drink. Triple K is a high protein supplement you can drink that targets weight management and address the needs of your skin as well!

Triple K provides you with slightly over 20% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein – and only 60 calories per serving. No wonder Triple K is deemed an excellent source of protein by the FDA!

Triple K also contains 19 out of 20 amino acids and supplementing your diet with Triple K helps you to provide your body’s needs for both essential and non-essential amino acids.

Triple K drink keeps you feeling fuller longer, diminishes your appetite, curbs cravings, subdues hunger, and can be your best friend for all your weight management needs.

Plus, with the overabundance of collagen boosting amino acids, including Glycine, Arginine, Proline and Hydroxyproline, in Triple K, you can rest assured Triple K drink is taking care of your skin, by replenishing your internal scaffolding helping to keep your skin looking youthful while you whittle your waistline!

Oh yeah, and it tastes good too!

If you would like to try Triple K for free, simply click on the box below for instructions…

Triple K Collagen Protein - Kellie Olver

So, if your scale tells you, you’re gaining weight, now is the time to check which proteins you are eating and what amino acids each is composed of. Make sure to incorporate a variety of proteins to ensure you are getting all the amino acids you need for optimal health. Say hello to these little friends and get your skin (both inside and out), weight and happy face back on track in no time!

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